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Lahsooni Kadhi / Garlic flavoured curd gravy

Kadhi is a yoghurt or curd based preparation that can be enjoyed as is or used as a base for things like vegetables or pakodas to be cooked in. This dish is common in Gujarati, Rajasthani and Punjabi cuisine ... each having a different flavour due to the different seasonings and temperings.
Bengalis too make a kadhi of their own ... that is entirely different from the above three in taste and flavour.

The Lahsooni / Lahsuni Kadhi is a part of the thali ( full plate ) meals ... mostly Gujarati or Rajasthani ... in restaraunts. But ... yes, there is a but ... it is never served along with the other dishes in the plate.
The reason for this is many pure vegetarians do not eat onion and garlic ... hence this avoids any mixup.

The kadhi usually served in a thali is the white coloured and sweetish Gujarati kadhi. To get the Lahsuni kadhi, you will have to ask for it. Ask for 'Peeli ( yellow) kadhi' or 'Lahsuni kadhi' and you will get it.
I came to know about this because I have seen my husband do that. And insist for it to be served very hot ... tastes best that way.

(Updated : The shiny fat is from the curd .... after cooking ... not oil.)

I make this kadhi whenever I have run out of vegetables or dals ... i.e. whenmy pantry is empty. Or ... more importantly ... whenever I do not feel like being in the kitchen at all. And yet have to have some homemade food.

A comfort food at its best, this kadhi takes very little time to cook ... and the best part is you don't have to stand and keep watch ... does not demand any attention at all.

So if you are in the mood to be lazy, or are very tired, or desparately want to catch up with that book .... just set this on the stove and some rice in the MW or the cooker.
And go put your feet up. Your steaming hot dinner will be ready in a few minutes ... without any extra effort.

And the best part is it is healthy ... no masalas, almost no oil. :-)

This kadhi is different from the one I make for Kadhi Pakoda ... will post the recipe for that soon.

Need :

Curd / Yoghurt - 2 cups ( better if it is a couple of days old for the tang )
Besan / Gram flour - 1 tbsp
Garlic / Lahsoon cloves - 5 - 6 ( half crush in a pestle ... just one blow for each )
Hing / Asafoetida - 1 pinch ( you may add a little more if you love the flavour ) Haldi / Turmeric powder - 1 pinch
Red chilli powder - to taste
Water - around 4 - 5 cups ( you may want more )
Salt - to taste
Cooking oil - 1 tsp

How to :

Take the curd in a big sized bowl and whisk well till smooth. Add the besan, the masalas and water.

Add just a little salt ... we will add more later after the kadhi is done ( else it will become to osalty once the kadhi has thickened).

Heat oil in a deep wok / kadahi or pan (better if it is non stick). Do not make it too hot.

Add the hing and then the curd mixture. Throw in the garlic and set to boil.

Stir once in a while. Do not be impatient ... keep the heat on low all the while. If you are using a non stick vessel, you are safe ... there's no fear of it sticking to the bottom.

After it has cooked well ( the garlic should be well cooked and soft & the kadhi will be infused with its flavour ) and reached the desired consistency ( if you are having it on the side with rotis you can thicken it more ), adjust salt.

Remove and serve hot.

I love to sip the spicy hot kadhi like a soup. :-)

Goes best with steamed rice.

Go on ... enjoy a bowlful today!! :-)

In the past few months a lot of my blog friends have passed on some awards and tags to me. Since I was on a short break, I find it a little difficult to check out each and everyone for a mention here. But do let thank you all sincerely for having thought of me. Much appreciate it. :-)

Take care all !!


  1. Sharmila,
    lehsuni kadhi looks so delectable.
    kadhi ami besan er pakoda diye banae ,eyimni maa ke banate dekhtaam jeta abaar maa ekta Upian aunty theke sikhechilo banano.
    hugs and smiles

  2. I had kadi pakoda chawal a couple of times recently when I wanted something 'light'.

    I guess that's a Bengali's definition of 'light'... vegetarian and looks creamy LOL

  3. Sharmila, I love this and yours look very good. But this kadhi making has me all jitters, the curd and heat don't go well right and I am afraid that it will break. I have sung this song so long, I have to get down to it and make it.

  4. Terrific khadi and thanks for your inputs about different khadis. Looks great!

  5. :-) Harini!

    Thanks Jaya! :-)

    Thanks Kalyan! For any food loving Bengali this is light indeed ... and great for turbulent tummy days. Lol.

    Thanks ISG! That is exactly what the besan does ... stops it from curdling. And the heat has to be low all the while ( I'll update the post). Give it a try once. :-)

  6. Beautiful picespecially witht eh chillie one the side .

  7. We make something similar in Kerala too, but without besan :-)It's called pulissery. You are absolutely right, it's synonymous to comfort food :D Just loved the second click ,Sharmila !

  8. I like Pakori wali Kadhi, a big favorite in my home, never tried Garlic in my Kadhi though

  9. Sharmila,
    eiee kadhi preparation lahsoon diye amar jonno notun. Jodi-o-ba aami kadi bhalo basi na tobae onnora pachondo korbe.

    Nice pictures.

    ...and keep smiling...


  10. Never tried this version..Looks creamy and delicious..

  11. we often make kadhi pakoda, this one is new to me but simply looks delicious. love its creamy consistency.

  12. wow - looks wonderful...
    That green chili is adorable...
    Your pix are excelent as usual...

  13. Thanks Nostalgia! :-)

    Thanks A2Z! :-)

    Thanks Happy! Great to see you back here. :-)

    Thanks Gulmohar! The besan keeps the curd from curdling. :-)

    Thanks Sandeepa! The pakoriwali kadhi is milder & thicker ... the garlic here gives a strong flavour. :-)

    Thanks Gouridi'! This will be liked only by those who like garlic. :-)

    Thanks Tina! :-)

    Thanks Sayantani! :-)

    Thanks Somoo! I got a bunch of them recently ... so putting them to good use. :-)

  14. Same here Sharmila, I make kadhi when i run out of veggies. I am not very fond of kadhi ( i do like the soupy swetish gujrati one) but A loves the pakode wali. In his home they add a lot of garlic paste to the pakode wali one too.

    Love the picture in the spoon.

  15. Loved the beautiful yellow color and the flavored oil on the top. All i now need is some warm rice :-)

  16. Thanks Soma! Garlic paste in pakodewali kadhi? That indeed is new to me. :-)

    Thanks RC! That oil is from the curd ... this is an alomost no oil dish. :-)

  17. Hey Sharmi that is undoubtedly my favorite dish...well...donno if it comes first or second to sambhar dosa!! :)
    I love to make kadi with pakodas, but have never tried it with garlic. Will give it a try...
    The greeen chillies are so tempting...superb entry!!

  18. mmm..garlic favorite with rice, such comforting food. thanks so much for sharing and those yummy clicks..

  19. I first tasted kadhi at my best friend's house when I was around 14. They are from UP. I found it heavenly.
    You are right, kadhi is a comfort food for me and I always make it the north Indian way every time I feel homesick about Delhi.

  20. Kadhi ta ki sundor dekhte hoyeche go...Lahsoon flavour in anything is for me...worth to try

  21. Thanks Joyee! This kadhi is different ... not the one for pakodas. :-)

    Thanks Deepa! :-)

    Thaks Aparna! I learnt it only after I got married. :-)

    Thanks Indrani! Do give it a try. :-)


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