Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Chutney from leftover chashni

Am in the midst of cleaning the house .... a ritual I follow every year inspite of my house being extremely clean. My helping hand rolls her eyes every time I mention the word cleaning ... saying " Tai la sagala swaccha pahije !" ..... "Sister wants everything to be always clean". :-)

Bengalis clean their houses before Durga Puja ... and hubby's side do their cleaning before Diwali.
I do the job before Durga Puja .... serves both ways for me ..... and am more relaxed and get more time for making Diwali delicacies. :-)

But I have been dying to share this recipe with my blogging friends.
It makes good use of left over sugar syrup that we are often left with after all the gulab jamuns / rasgullas have been devoured.

I came across the word 'chashni' when I had spoken to my then would be sis-in-law on the phone for the first time . She described my voice to her brother (hubby) as 'chashni jaisi '. :-)

Learnt this from Sanjeev Kapoor's show on the tv. And it is just soooooooo good. Easy to make, tastes heavenly and lasts for as long as you want it to .... that is if you don't polish it off in a couple of days. ;-)

I guess this is called Saunth or Sonth that is usually served with chaats in Northe India.

I made rasgullas sometime ago ... so naturally made this after a while.

Need :

Left over sugar syrup / chashni
Equal amounts of jeera / cumin seeds and whole Black Pepper
A few whole dry red chillies
A little Hing / Asafoetida
Tamarind pulp ... soak tamarind in water for half an hour and strain out the pulp
A little salt.

How to :

Dry roast the jeera, pepper, chillies and hing in a heavy bottomed pan.

Grind them coarsely in a mortar and pestle.

Bring the chashni / sugar syrup to a boil ( if it is rasgulla chashni you will need to boil it for a while to thicken it slightly as syrup for rasgullas is thinner in consistency).

Add the tamarind pulp ,the ground masala and a little salt and boil for some more time.

If you want to you can strain it. Otherwise it is good as is.

Goes great with kachoris, samosas, parathas ...... whatever.


  1. I'm gonna have gulab jamun chashni left over soon. Will try it out then.

  2. wow thatz a neat dish .. very innovative ..

  3. OK, now I have to call you and hear your meethi, chashni voice!
    That is such an original & "sweet" compliment you got:)

  4. This is my first time on your blog and I really like what I see.
    What an innovative way to make use of leftover sugar syrup!!!

  5. Bharti
    I was thinking of you when posting. Do give it a try ... you won't regret it. :-)

    Notyet & Veggie plate
    Thanks! :-)

    You might hear a growl if I mistake you for a telemarketer. ;-)

    Welcome & thanks ! Do keep visiting. :-)

  6. now thats really a cool way of using it!..we at times mix in ground nuts and make another sweet!...

    btw will introduce myself when I call to hear your sweet voice ok...:)

  7. madam ji... how have you been ... give me your email id plzzzzzz.. and yeah its been ages i have missed out many stuffs of your blog after it vanished in between suddenly...

  8. Srivalli
    Thanks! :-)
    And I'd love to know the groundnuts wala recipe too.Do you have a post?

    So good to see you here again. :-)
    My id is kichukhonn@gmail.com.Do keep in touch. :-)

  9. Just like mithi chutney...gud way to use the leftover chashni now...thanks for sharing dear..or shall we say Chashni jaisi madhur vaani wali... ;)

  10. Chashni jaisi? Are waah waah waah waah, Are waah waah waah waah! Phir to aap bahot mithi ho:)

    I used to make sheera with the left over syrup! Don't make rasgullas anymore but I like the way you used up the chashni for something more usable!!

  11. Priti & Sunshinemom
    Thanks a lot! :-)

    And thanks to all of you for actually giving your time and go thru my ramblings. 'Chashni' was a new word to me,a bengali ... so I always associate it to the 'chashni jaisi ...' episode .. so wrote it down ...

    But you guys are too sweet to not only read it but also actually leave nice and humorous lines behind. :-)

    Love you all! :-)

  12. Wow.. good use of left over syrup.. I am going to have from Gulab jamoon soon and will try this out. Very innvoative

  13. Hi, I have been visiting your blog for quite some time now. I was searching the recipe for this chutney and found it here. Thanks!


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