Monday, 8 March 2010

Eggless Vanilla Muffins

I have been craving for some plain vanilla cake for a while now ... like the ones that were made in my childhood ... with eggs, vanilla, lots of cashews and cherries. Just could not make the time to make one.

A few evenings back I found a little time at hand ... and wanted to munch on something. But there was nothing at home except some biscuits and bread. Nah ... did not feel like having them. Again felt like having a slice of cake or a baked cookie.

So just got up and walked into the kitchen. Mixed up some flour with a few other things thrown in ... and I had a mix to bake!
Now what do I want ... a cake or a cookie ?
Cannot make it into a cake ... I ran out of baking powder. Cannot make it into a cookie ... it was too sticky ... had no intention of adding more maida ... means more oil ... and more baking powder ( I had just the empty bottle now ).

So decided to drop them into a muffin tray and see how they behave.
I had once seen Nigella make something like that ... mentioning that the muffin batter does not have to be too smooth ... so went ahead. Whatever will be, will be. If not anything, it will be edible at least. I mean how wrong can a sweetened mix baked well go wrong? ;-)
And that's how I got these. :-)

Need :

Maida / Apf - 1 and a half cup ( a medium sized tea cup )
Baking powder - 1 tsp ( I ran out of bp ... so do not know if a little more would have helped or not)
Baking soda - 1/2 tsp
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp
Sugar - 5 to 6 tbsp ( you can grind it to a powder too ... I did not)
Salt - very little ... just a pinch
Chopped candied cherries - around 2 tbsp
Cooking oil - 3 tbsp
Cold milk - just enough to make the dough ( very little actually )
Butter - just a little ( 1 cube will do )

How to :

Pre heat oven at 100 degrees C.

Except the milk, mix everything together and knead well.

When everything has mixed properly, add a little milk to mix some more. It will turn into a sticky paste ... do not do anything other than just to bear with it.

Just make sure there are no dry lumps of maida ... the batter should not be very smooth.

Line a muffin tray. Scoop out a spoonful of mix and gently drop it into the slots in the tray.

Bake at 100 degrees for 20 - 25 minutes. ( I always bake cookies and muffins at a lower temp to be on the safe side ... have not tried baking at high temp like a pro yet). :-)

Brush a little butter on the top of the muffins and bake for 5 more mins.

Remove and cool. They will harden a little after cooling.

Wonderful muffins ready in a jiffy! They were airy inside, not too chewy, not too dry. Perfect! :-)

They are best when warm ... so run them in the MW for a while before serving.

Enjoy with tea or coffee.
Since it is already very hot here, we had it with tall glasses of cold coffee. :-)

Well ... for those who have been asking me to add something new to my Travelogue, I finally got to post a very short trip and a wee bit longer trip there. :-)

TC folks !!


  1. Must be delicious..Never attempted baking muffins :(

  2. So true, mix sugar, flour, butter and nothing can go wrong really. They actually look good with the embedded cherries.

  3. First time here...

    Haven't tried muffins so far...
    Thanks for this eggless muffin recipe

    Will soon give a try

  4. Love the cherris in them and they look delicous.

  5. You are very brave to try baking with what is on hand. I take exact measurements and try it and sometimes even they are big flops..
    The muffins look so good!

  6. kano eta post korle boloto ebare amakeo kichu banate habe. kadin holo weight loss mode cholchilo kintu ei easy breezy muffins dekhe aar bodhay se jor rakhte parbona. asadharon dekhte hoeche lal cherry gulo khub lobhonio.

  7. yaar itna padh ke yeh banana toh mushkil hai...bus yahi kar sakta huun ki bhagwan ko prarthna karun ki aisi biwi mille jisse yeh sab banana aata ho....

  8. Eke bole creativity...bhalo khoob bhalo! I am impressed :)

  9. Thanks Chitra, ISG, Aruna, Happy, Somoo, Rahul, Joyee! :-)

    Thanks Sayantani! This does not have too much of fat or sugar ... ekta try dao ... beshi weight gain hobe na. :-)

  10. Sharmila,
    Butter+sugar+flour and add some cherries ..bas garam-2 evening snack ready ...
    hugs and smiles

  11. cute misti muffins. Love the simplicity and the little red dots!

  12. hi :) loved the adventurous trip towards the muffins...a big salute to women...who can turn just about any ingredints at hand into heavenly delight!!
    Great going there dear :)
    Nice travelouge...hadnt heard of this place b4, seems a peaceful and beautiful place for a holiday....

  13. guess what, I ambled into work with a cappuciino frfom CCD. Welcomed by a colleague who had saved a bite of a chocolate chip vanilla muffin which she had baked

  14. Sharmila, tomar muffins gulo lobhoniyo hoyeche. jodi garom garom oven tekhe kau dito tobe sofate pa tule mogia mogia khetam. Bhalo holo kichu notun korle ar amader karar sujog dile.



  15. No matter what you post, you make every thing seem so easy and the pics are always gorgeous.
    These muffins look like they can be fed to a hungry bunch of kids. My house is always overflowing with them! Thanks a bunch.

  16. Sounds healthy and yummy yummy.

  17. Thanks Jaya! Ja bolecho! :-)

    Thanks Soma! Yep ... simple alright. :-)

    Thanks Suparna! Yeah, that place has become our fav now. :-)

    Thanks Kalyan! As I always say ... lucky you. And you don't even have to face the oven. :p

    Thanks Gouridi! Chance pele nischoi baniye debo. :-)

    Thanks Aparna! I repeat what you say ... wish we were neighbors ... I love to cook and feed ... and if they are kids all the more pleasure. :-)

    Thanks Tina! :-)

  18. Tumi ki shundor pot pot bake koro, ami eto procrastinate kori baking je ki bolbo

    They really look very pretty

  19. Hi Sharmils, First time here. Muffin looks yummy and healthy !!! Drop @ sometime when u find time.

  20. wow, this is cool ..never tried the eggless version..loved it

  21. Looks beautiful, crunchy and very tempting...

  22. Thanks Sandeepa! Tomar oi pound cake dekhle kintu keu bolbe na tumi bake korte hesitate koro. :-)

    Welcome Sashi! And thanks! ;-)

    Thanks Deepa! :-)

    Thanks Malar! :-)

  23. Sometimes I crave something simple and vanilla-ish too, the muffins look inviting !

  24. Sharmila I must say I just came across your blog by accident, but am hooked on ever since....your recipes are lovely & love the fact that you are experimental….thanks for sharing them…I will surely try out at least one of them soon. And shall def write to you & tell you how it turned out… till then waiting for more…

  25. Sharmila - I just tried these today. I made one change - added 1.5 tsp baking powder instead of 1 tsp. I think I added a bit too much milk - a tbsp or 2 would have been enough, I must have added more than that, so I had more of a moist, cake-like consistency compared to your pics.

    Very tasty and all but a couple are left, thanks very much for sharing, will be making this again.

    1. Vaishnavi ... Yay! Am so glad you liked them. Me too love the cake like sponginess. :-)


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