Thursday, 24 February 2011

Doi Kopi / Cauliflower in Yoghurt Gravy

... & Au Revoir.

As promised in my last post, here is the vegetarian version of the wonderful dish called the Doi Maach.

Not much is needed to be done ... it is pretty quick and easy to make.
Just as we fry the fish first and then add, so is the cauliflower fried first.
Just make sure that you do not fry it till done ...
it will cook in the gravy.
The frying part is to give the florets that crispy brown colour.

I am not repeating the recipe again. 

Right now I do not feel like writing much,
but I have something to say.

Ever since I started this blog, I have been hooked to it.
I have loved sharing not only recipes, but also small pieces of my life here.
I have found some very good friends too.
And I love my blog so much.

But now I seriously feel that blogging is jinxed for me.
While all these years I should have blogged numerous recipes and my experiments, it has
been the other way 'round.
I have been forced to take numerous breaks.
Unwanted breaks.
And since all were health related issues ... I had no choice.

 And every time you all have stood by me, supported me with your strong words 
and encouraged me to be back.

Which is why am feeling so bad to say that I may not blog again.
At least not for a very long time.
I'll keep the hope alive in my heart though.

At first I thought I'd just stay quiet and disappear.
But could not.
Because I am selfish. I need all your prayers.
Because I am scared. I need all your positive thoughts.
Because it would have meant I am ungrateful ... which I am not.
Not after the deluge of mails and comments and good wishes that I got on my last break post.
Hence this post.

There are a few friends I have made here who I cherish a lot;
who are very special to me.
And who, I, know will worry and start to mail me.
To them I request ... Please don't.
I hope I do not sound too indifferent  or rude ... but really,
I can say nothing now.

Just stay well dear friends.
And take care ... very good care, of yourselves.

Love you all.


  1. Looks creamy. This is new to me. sounds good ..

  2. Doi Kopi looks gud and don't worry about the breaks..what matters is every time you are back keep hanging there :)

  3. Dear Sharmila
    How are You? I am off blog and very rarely get a chance to read. I had a dream trip to Athgarh, Cuttack and Bhubaneswar!
    Very nice dish ! I also read the the fish and Doi..I take note of using a dash of besan..thats great!
    But the best thing is, while reading the Doi Machh, I saw the Karela was published long before I got into blogging.. So the Doi Karela in next in my menu when my MIL visits in few days.
    Take care..will miss you on blog...but the consolation have left enough great recipes for me to enjoy and by the time I finish with all of them u will be back for sure
    Bhalo theko
    Ushnish da

  4. creamy n delicious gravy....

  5. Take care, Sharmila.

    ...a follower with prayers and positive thoughts for you.

  6. Sharmila,
    I really love reading your posts and feel sad everytime you take a break,but I know it must be something pressing enough to make you do this...

    Anyway, I hope you get well very soon and come back to deluge us with your lovely posts:)

    Take thoughts and prayers are there for you!


  7. As usual we will miss you a lot, Sharmila. But I know you will come back. Take care of your health. Get well soon and remember around the world you have lots of wellwishers you will be praying for you.

  8. tk ur time and come back,,,thnks for this yummy recipe,.tk cre dear

  9. HI Sharmila
    We wish that you take good care of yourself and our prayers are always with you.Would be waiting for you. Till then let me try preparing your doi maach recipe and relish it.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  10. Our prayers are always with you.
    Hopefully you will be back soon. I was thinking of sending you a mail but stopped myself after I saw the last few lines.
    Take care.

  11. Dear all ... thank you for your wishes.
    Much as I try to, I cannot tear myself away from Kichu Khon and all of you.

    And I really did not mean to be rude ... God knows how much I cherish all your mails and wishes and encouraging words.
    But the truth is I just cannot say anything at all right now.
    Just that am not well.

    And will not be able to log in or write at all.
    Hence the request to not to send any mails.
    Please do not mind.
    I promise to update you all as soon as I have something bright and better to tell you.

    Thanks again dear friends.

  12. Dear Sharmila,

    I was so happy to see you back. Your recipes shall be cherished. Shall keep you in prayers, take care. warm regards.

  13. Sharmila,
    Take care and come back back whenever you feel will be missed a lot..bhalo thekho..hugs and smiles

  14. So wonderful and refreshing. Love this greve. Love the way you have pictured them! Fantastic!

  15. hope everything gets well again... take care of yourself! I am not regular either , so didnt see your post...
    take care...

  16. Now I understand it Sharmila as now I can relate to what you said in this post. even am going through a very stressful and depressing time and I feel bad to write about it and announcing yet another break. take your time girl. I will pray to God to give you peace and happiness and dont forget to keep me in your prayers. am in desperate need of that.
    but with all these would request that make occasional post to keep in touch and let us all enjoy your beautifully written pieces. you will be in my heart for always.

  17. Even though this looks yummy, I like the non veg version (especially when it is fish)

  18. I visited your blog after quite a while and was sadly depressed to see that you are taking a break again! Little worried too. Whatever it is I hope you get well and get back soon. How I hope that there was something by which we could help!Your blog will remain a treasure trove of recipes for me.Take care dear.

  19. That looks just superb.... and i have a event running in my blog. do participate:)

  20. this is excellent. Ma was asking me to make this for a while now.. but over the phone I could somehow never understood the recipe. Will follow yours when I am making it :)
    First time in your blog and glad to follow you. Don't know many Bong fellow bloggers :) Would really like if you share it with Hearth and Soul Hop. I am co-hosting the event :)

  21. Take care Sharmila! I made your doi Kopi and it came out great. Thanks for the great recipe.

  22. Hey, just noticed this are signing off? Even if you don't keep up your blog, can we please stay in touch on Gmail? Your's is probably the blog from which I have tried so many recipes and have written to you once before saying as much :) [remember, patisapta and stew etc?]

    However, do share your gmail id so I can still keep in touch with you :)


    Sayantani (esskay)

  23. Thanks everybody! :-)

    Mandira ... am so glad you liked it. :-)

    Sayantani ... I'd love to come back again ... as soon as my health permits. My mail id is on my profile. :-)

  24. This looks like a beautful recipe :) It's sad that I just found your blog and you taking this very long break. Well, better late then never. :)

  25. You can go thru my blog and try out some recipes till I come back Kankana. :-)

  26. this looks fabulous delicious looking curry

  27. Take care Sharmila..and get back soon..

  28. Hi Sharmila,
    Don't take it to your heart, health comes fast, then anything else... bhalo theko aar take care of yourself, first..I know, we r so attached to our blogs like our own children, can't stay away...There are some awards waiting for you..PL. collect

  29. Valli, Indrani ... thanks girls! :-)

  30. This sounds to be a different recipe.... Looks so good and yummy!!!!

  31. Hope you are doing good, Sharmila...and yearnng to see you back - real soon !


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