Saturday, 26 January 2013

Puli Pithey / Coconut stuffed Rice dumplings in milk

 Much as I want to post regularly, things seem to keep getting out of hand.
I am appalled at the way my time management has gone out of the window ; or the door or my balcony.
All I know is it is not where I left it last.
Nothing seems to be in my control any more. Am so tempted to write 'no more' here!
See ... that's how much I have changed. :-|
It has taken me a lot of time to get back my kitchen.
Now that it is behaving and happily churning out simple, daily dishes, I thought I'd get started with the blog.
For that one needs to click photos.
How else am I to serve what I've cooked ... albeit virtually?!
It is another thing that I still use my photos as proof ... to prove my cooking and photographing ability ...
... to myself.
And now, after all that storing of photographs, storing of recipes in my mind ...
... when I finally start posting again ... I find myself at a dead end.
Complete lack of zeal.
To write. To upload. To arrange.
To make a post on this hugely simply laid out blog seems an effort.

Why am I writing this here ... of all things??
Well ... see ... because I just don't know what to write.
I just wish I can ... again.
Till then ... dear readers ... I guess you'll have to put up with this nonsense.
I know all of you love me; love Kichu Khonn.
But I also know that I'm asking for too much. :-)

 So, while still a lot of photographs languish in my folders, I'll just get over with this post of Puli Pithe.
I recently made these and want to share with you all ... before winter passes by.

Actually, I'd amde a post on this long, long back.
When I was a new blogger and a new cook.
When I was new to photography ... especially food photography.
So new that I could not give the pulis their authentic shape. So had made them in rounds.

But I call myself an expert now ... at least in the kitchen.
It is another thing that all I can cook up is homely food ... nothing exotic, nothing glamorous.
I mean ... not even the most glamorous of evening wear is going to successfully clothe my dishes
and make a plate look like a ... say ... beauty queen.
You can still see that lone black pepper or the jeera
or the colour of just how much frying have my onions gone through.
Nah ... no red carpet for my plain Jane dishes.

And it is another thing that I have not gone beyond a few pithes when it comes to traditional cooking.
But let us not dwell on that.
Especially when I have dished out these lovelies for you. :-)
And this time ... in all their traditional shape and glory.

Where I was enthusiastic enough to click a few steps of the process too.

And if you still can't make these beautiful moon shaped pithes, worry not.
You can make them round .. and they'd still be a winner.
And so will you be.
Serve warm or cold.
And stay warm ... winter will soon begone. :-)


  1. And how you steal what's in my mind so simply and effectively!! I wish I had some of your skills in cooking though. Tempting can tell they are soooo delicious.

  2. Sharmila...posted my recipe of Puli pithey..and linked to your puli pithey recipe!
    Your pics are lovely!

    1. That's sweet of you Sharmishtha! Will hop over right away. Thanks. :-)

  3. Puli pithey korini try kokhono. Koto rokom pithe koro tumi. Chobi upload etc. amaro khub lazy laage, oi kore onek recipe i ar post hoy na. Ek kaaj koro recipe ta shudhu ar tomar moner kotha likhe post kore dao, chobi shomoy pele dio

    1. Sandeepa ... I was already feeling ashamed of this ranting repeat :p
      No pics post are too tempting ... tahole toh at least 2 posts everyday hobe. Moner kotha lekha thamano mushkil. :-)

  4. tempting pictures... would love if someone served them to me! No still dare not attempt them yet! Years to go before I try them. But I will enjoy them virtually here....

    1. Somoo ... these are all for you. Pick up that plate. :-)
      Seriously ... these are not too difficult or time taking .. try at least once ... for the kiddos. :-)

    2. Sharmila....I love Puli Pithey but all these years dreaded making them and kept procrastinating!
      But gathered all my courage and took the plunge yesterday....and as you said, realised it's not too difficult and neither too time taking ...took me around 2 hours from scratch to finish!
      Mondo na, bolo.. :) :)

    3. Ekdum true Sharmistha. Takes even lesser time when you make the stuffing a day or 2 earlier. :-)
      I do it in batches ... the stuffing, the milk and the dough on the day of pithe making. :-)

  5. Sharmila, your random thoughts here are as welcome as your mouth watering recipes! :) So please do not think what to write or not to write! Just keep on sharing whatever comes to your mind. Its lovely to get a glimpse of your kitchen as well as your beautiful mind!


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