Monday, 28 January 2013

Mooli ke Parathe / Radish stuffed flatbreads

 After ranting for the nth time in my last post, I was feeling pretty ashamed.
So have decided there won't be any more ranting ... 
at least not for a while.
I'll try to stay focused. 
Try ... I said.
Winter is still around ... even if the day and night temperatures are swinging like a clock's pendulum.
And so are the beautifully fresh winter vegetables.
One of the best seasons to have different kinds of parathas and fried food,
winter becomes even more enjoyable when you have fresh vegetables to cook with.
I make all kinds of parathas during winter.
Usually for dinner.
And stuffed parathas rule.
A good stuffing encased in wholesome wheat, they turn out to be very filling.
All you need is some achar/pickle or a raita or plain ketchup.
And you are full in no time.

No spending too much time in the kitchen ... that too in this cold.
And I sometimes do not turn on the kitchen exhaust.
Love the warmth and fragrance, of parathas frying, spreading through the house,
enveloping one with a sense of coziness.
Making a house feel like a home.
In no time, I am curled up on the sofa with a plateful of hot, fried and tasty paratha.

The mooli or radish is one thing that is best enjoyed in winter.
I am not too fond of this vegetable for the usual reason ... the smell.
But lately have learnt that the smell is a lot less in baby radishes.
Earlier I used to grate and squeeze out the moisture.
But now that I get good baby radishes, there is a whole lot of moisture.
So I needed to cook it with the spices to dry it out.
And then used it as filling.

 Need :
Fresh mooli / radishes
Ajwain / carrom seeds
Haldi / turmeric
 Red chilli powder
Fresh coriander leaves, chopped
Oil to fry
Dough of atta / wheat flour
Some use cumin powder and garam masala ... I do not.

How to :
Wash and peel the mooli.

Use a not too fine a grater. I mean it should not turn the mooli into a paste.
Make sure you use fresh radishes. If using from the fridge and they have started to dry out, cut them into pieces and soak them in water for a good while.

Now heat oil in a flat pan ... 
( do not use a kadahi if possible ... an open pan helps in drying out the moisture quicker)
Add the ajwain and the grated mooli.
Stir for a while.
Add the rest of the ingredients and keep frying till all moisture dries out.
If it has too much moisture and turns into a lump ( happened to me once) ... 
just add a spoonful of besan and keep frying.
Will dry out in no time.

Take small balls of the atta dough and stuff them with the filling and roll out round parathas.
Well .. I should just  say parathas.
For one who cannot roll out perfect round ones, I must not have too much of expectations.

You can check out the stuffing, rolling and frying of the parathas from here.

Heat a tawa or a griddle.
Fry the parathas with a little oil till both sides are browned.

And ... enjoy!
Serve hot though ... with some cold raita on the side.
Or salad. Or pickle.
I have recently been introduced to the taste of Thokku ... 
so enjoyed mine with some spicy Mango thokku on the side.

Long live winter. Just don't last too long.
Cheerio all!

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  1. Sharmila, I made aloo paratha yesterday. I have never tried with radishes. Got to try it and your egg bhurji paratha too.

    1. Indo ... love aloo paratha anyday! That egg bhurji paratha was done on an impulse but was great. :-)

  2. Sharmila - thanks for the recipe. I make mine with daikon radish (not the same I know, but these are the ones I get here). Will try your version soon.

    1. Good to see you here again Vaishnavi! How are you? :-)

  3. Ooh,nice one. I have a big radish in the fridge,just the right recipe. Yours looks so delicious. Will try.

  4. Wonderful presentation Sharmila. Delicious Muli ki parathe.

    today's recipe:

  5. Sharmila di,
    So happy to see your posts again. Have missed reading them.

  6. Dont like radishes....but pics of your grated radish looks so pretty and delicate! And loved the single stalk of dhonepaata adding the much needed green!

    1. Much needed green ... how true Sharmistha. :-)
      Yeah ... I am getting some very good radishes this season ... was a huge problem getting the moisture out ... they are so kochi. :-)

  7. Yum, I do love mooli parathas and now you have me craving them! I can't remember the last time I bought a radish. Putting these on my to-do list.

  8. Actually I grate and squeeze the water out and then knead it with dough with spices..pur bhore banai ni..darun chobi sab kota ..hugs and smiles


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