Saturday, 5 January 2013

Aloo Narkel Tikki / Potato & Coconut Patties

 I am on a roll. Posting left, right and center.
Rather ... posting one, two and on.
Or so you think.
The fact is ... yes ... I am rushing.Why? I don't know.
Or do I?
You see ... even when I have not been posting at all for the longest time, I have been cooking.
And serving food ... for myself and the family.
That is ... when I could cook at all. When I could finally get up; stand for long times.
When I finally got back my kitchen to myself.
In about one and a half years ... or maybe more ... I cannot remember much of those dark times ... of time.

And when I would get, even the tiniest of, spare time and I was not feeling drained, I would hold my camera.
Lovingly. Longingly.
Then came a day when I could actually click a photo again.

So when I was cooking, the recipe and steps would keep running through my mind.

I had hoped I would post again.
I hoped I could start Kichu Khonn again.
So I'd click whatever I cooked ... whenever I could.

As a result ... I have a bagful of ... well ... a folder full of snaps.
All ready and waiting to see the light of the day.
Any day.

So ... when I have started now ... I do not lack for photos.
And when I have photos, I can share the recipe too!

Hence I am on a roll. Dig?
Good. :-)

So here I am ... posting another simplest of tikkis.
The aloo tikki .... with a twist in the taste.

At home, Ma would make this on the days when we turned vegetarians.
No non veg on the table ... no clean plates.
Everyone ... mainly Bapi ... used have a pained look on the face throughout the day ... starting morning.
Even the day's  green grocery shopping would be done with complete lack of enthusiasm.
I mean, if you can't buy the best and the freshest catch of the day, if you can't have fish on your plate for lunch ... how can you be a true blue  Bengali ??
What absolute use does the day have at all?!

So Ma had to come up with something that would be eaten ... that would help to clear the air of mourning.
And this tikki was one of those many sides.
We loved it as is.
But if this was made at night, it would be dunked into a gravy of ginger and tomatoes ...
and it went very well with hot rotis.

Very simple and quick to make, these can be eaten as a snack too.

Need :

Boiled potatoes
Freshly grated coconut
Chopped onions
Chopped green chillies
Chopped fresh coriander leaves
Kalonji / Nigella seeds
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Cooking oil to shallow fry
( I use Mustard oil ... you can use any oil of your choice )

How to :
Mash everything , except the oil, together.

Shape into tikkis ... like so.
 Heat a little oil in a flat pan or skillet.
Let in the tikkis one by one.
Fry till both sides are browned properly.

Crispy on the outside and soft and melting inside.
Yes, that's how easy it is. :-)
 Serve hot off the pan.
Eat as a snack with your favourite ketchup or chutney.
Or on the side of a plate of steamed rice and dal.



  1. Good to see kichu-khonn up and running again ..and these tikkis looks delicious..hugs and smiles

  2. Oh I am so thrilled to see this... It was my Aei's (grand ma - you know your odiya of course) best dish for me... She would add a little bit of rice flour too I think... It is heavenly...
    Glad you are feeling good now... Take care...

    1. Thanks Somoo! Rice flour? Must try that too. :-)

  3. Nice! Sending you a fb msg

  4. Happy New Year! Sharmila. Nice to see you back and potato tikkis in any form are really welcome.

    Why the sugar for the carmelized look on top?

    1. A very happy new year to you too Indo!
      Well ... Bengalis tend to add a pinch of sugar to everything they cook ... can skip it ... it will brown anyway if kept on low heat when frying. :-)

  5. Shallow fry kore outside ta besh crisp hoyeche dekhte.. Looks super tempting...

    1. Deepa ... actually proper shallow fry o noye ... just a sprinkle of oil on a non stick tawa. Glad you like it. :-)

  6. Please continue being on the roll....let all those recipes flow...let all those pictures reach this page..make us happy!
    good to see this blog again...up and running...

    I could completely relate to one bit of your post..
    My Bapi has the same looks on his face on a fish-free day!!!

  7. Thank you Dayeeta! I'll try my best. :-)


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