Saturday, 6 April 2013

Crispy Kumro / Crispy fried Pumpkin slices

 It rained last night.
Washing away all the dirt, the hurt, the pains.
Washing away all the nooks and corners of life, of our days, of our hearts.
Blissful rain.
On a parched soul. A tired soul.
A soul that soaked up the cool and the soothing spray with much thirst.
And when it swiped an already wet cheek with a much wet palm of air, the soul found a resting moment.

It had been a long, tired day.
With some hurt sprinkled on.
So the rain brought a sense of calm. A sense of peace.
And I found solitude ... after the longest time.
In the quiet of the night, I found my thoughts back.
Had been flowing along aimlessly too much these days.
Letting people and life take me along.
Where ever they went.
Tonight ... in the soothing sound of the pouring rains ... I found my thoughts back.

 Have been bobbing on the waves of life a little too much recently.
No directions, no path ways.
Do not know what I have been waiting for all these days.
Trying to settle in ... in life ... is way too difficult.
Especially after change.
So realised a little too late.

But that is what life is all about.
Lulls you into a sense of familiarity ... a sense of belonging.
And then ... wham!
Wakes you with a jolt .... calling you 'worthless!'.
'Go make a name, do something!'.
That is life.
But my jolt was a cushioned one.
On a cooling, rain soaked night.
So here I am ... ready to face another day ...
but this time with solitude.
A solitary soul on a solitary path. :-)

 These crispy fried pumpkin slices are the tastiest in the list of simple foods.
Fried here is healthy fried.
Like a sprinkle of oil on a tawa.
Flip these around a couple of times and you have the crispiest slices that have a natural sweetness of the pumpkin inside.
Coating vegetables with rice flour, instead of besan, is common in Orissa.
It is know as pithau bhaja there.
That way, they stay crisp longer. Even after they have cooled down.

Need :
Pumpkin - thinly sliced
Rice flour - enough to coat the slices
Salt - a little
Oil - to fry ( I used mustard oil )

How to :

Mix everything together, except the oil.
Heat a flat tawa and smear it well with a little oil.
Use very little ... the pumpkin slices will release back the oil after they are fried.
Place the slices on the tawa and cover.
When one side has lightly browned, flip them over and cook the other side too.

Serve hot.
Great on the side of any meal.
Or on their own with a hot cuppa, on a rain soaked evening.


  1. Nice and delicious recipe.. looks great !!

  2. Hugs and eitake sei porer bhaja bole na ? Kumro ache baritey

  3. I usually dont comment on blogs because I read one too many! So it becomes a wee bit tiring. But this post made me...beautifuly captured, those lines speak to me! It's raining here in Dubai today after 4 long years, in my neighbourhood in anycase, and I didnt realise how thristy i was for it...everything you say is so true for me going to share your post, with credit link ofcourse. :) Thank you, I coulodnt have said it better myself even if I was a poet.

    1. Harshika ... I'd rather you did not 'share' my post. I don't want credits. The words are from my heart and very personal and I'd prefer my readers stayed happy just reading them. Not copy and paste on their own blogs.
      Am not the sharing kind ... so please don't. Thank you.

  4. Have been reading your blog for more than a couple of years now. The recipes are obviously good but I read more because I like your emotions and rants and other stories.
    Hope you work things out and stay strong :).
    Best wishes!

    1. Hey Rima ... thanks! You love my rants too?! Bless you. :-)


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