Monday, 15 April 2013

Subho Nobo Borsho 1420!

A new year.
Filled with new hope.
That the days to come will be better.
That the moments coming will be filled with more cheer.

More of whatever we always wish for.
More of goodness and the good.
More of the happiness that we have been able to spread till now.
More of the goodwill that prevails.

Every dawn brings newness.
Every dawn brings a load of moments that we are handed with.
To fill them with everything beautiful, everything auspicious.

Every dawn gives us the power to create good.
The power to spread happiness.

May the New year be filled with many more such dawns for all of us.
And may we have the good in us
to be able to make each day brighter for those around us,
for those who want to be with us.

May the New year be filled with many such dawns
that make us good people,
going from good to betterment.
Always spreading laughter and smiles.
Always spreading love.

Thank you all for being with Kichu Khon all the time,
wishing, caring and staying.


  1. SHubho Nobo Barsho, S! May this year bring you lots of cheer, good health and contentment. Hugs to you, my friend

  2. Thank you dear Vani! Wish the same for you too. :-)

  3. Thanks Sharmila for your wishes....
    Tomakeo Shubho Naborborsher Preeti o Shubhechha!!

  4. Shubho Naboborsho! Hope to get many more new recipes of Bengali delicacies this year! :)

    1. Thank you Arunima! I'll try my best. :-)

  5. Tomakeo Shubho Naborborsher Preeti o Shubhechha (belated). Hope you had a great start and the bad throat is all good now.

    1. Aww .. you remember!! Thanks Lail! All good now. :-)


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