Friday, 5 April 2013

Shorshe Potol / Pointed gourd cooked in mustard paste

 There ... another week gone!
No posts. Too busy.
Well ... too busy doing what?
Nothing at all.
Except for coping with a bad cold ... that decided to settle in me ... not letting go.
Except for trying again ... honest trying ... to settle into a new place.
Except for getting wrongly diagonised, getting stuffed with a high dose of the wrong antibiotics.
And then getting a 2nd opinion and the hang of the ways of treating illnesses in a place by new doctors.
Except for missing my home, my city, my doctor.
Nah ... did nothing ... almost.

But crib I'll not.
Not until things go way, way bad ... as they wont to happen in my life.
So will keep the cribbing for later.
Anyway ... even if I do ... won't matter to nabady .... nabady at'll.
You see ... nobody reads my posts these days. :-)
Except for a few good old friends that this blogging world has given me.
So if you are here ... and you have read so far ... and are going to read on ...
you get a huge thanks from me.

I don't do much giveaways ... else would have given you a goodie bag too.
Maybe I'll just write all my worldly possessions ... including my newest accessory ... my inhaler ... to you.
Am grateful ... you see ... very grateful that you are here.

Today's post will be my very vegetarian dish ... the Shorshe Potol. 
The sweetness of fresh potol / parwal, the tang of fresh mustard paste and the sweetness of coconut ... 
this dish can happily turn a simple meal of dal and rice to something 
finger licking good.

I sometimes add the coconut to the soaked mustard seeds and grind them together.
Helps in 2 ways ... 
helps the mustard to get ground easily
and takes away the slight bitterness that the skin sometimes gives out.
But today's post has the coconut added separately ...
 only because I had freshly grated coconut at hand.

Need :
Potol / Parwal / Pointed gourd - washed, the skin slightly scraped and cut into 4 pieces
Potatoes - peeled and cut into medium sized cubes
Onions - chopped into small pieces
Mustard paste
Freshly grated coconut
Mustard oil
Fresh green chillies
Kalo jeere/Nigella seeds/Kalonji
Salt - to taste

How to :

Heat oil in a wok / kadahi.
Add the kalaonji seeds and the green chillies.
Add the chopped onions and fry till translucent.
Now add the potatoes and fry for a while.
Then add the parwal, salt and cover and cook till the vegetables are done.
Remove cover and add mustard paste and the coconut.
If needed add some water to bring everything together.
Cover and cook ... checking in between ... till the whole thing comes together.
Remember ... mustard paste, if cooked for too long tends to turn bitter.
So do not forget to do a taste check.
Remove from heat.

Serve hot, on the side with steamed rice and a dal.



  1. just hang on their girl...things are gonna be fine soon. it takes time to get adjusted to a new city. as am writing it here now with my mask on and my inhaler by my side am also planning for my next move, may be to another city, a new place where I will have to start all over again. but Crib I do. to friends like you. thats make life better, easy to take just hang on...we all are here to hear what you say.
    the sorshe patol is something I love. Maa makes with lal paka buro patol as charchari and I can finish my whole meal only with this dish. send me some virtually as am craving some right now and no way am gonna get it here.
    with loads of love.

    1. Thanks Sayantani! Ki boli ... am touched.

  2. Bad cold? Wrong antibiotics? Inhaler? Girl, you need a break! Go to Coorg or Mysore for a short trip. I've only tried potol once and liked it. It was a Bong curry too, I think, though not shorshe. Looks good!

    1. Was planning a trip to Mysore this weekend Vani ... would have pinged you. It's not happening.
      Trying mustard paste is indeed a little difficult if you are not used to the taste.

  3. Will surely try.... never tried mustard and potol combi...

  4. Hi,

    I came across your blog only recently through mysoreen..

    Honestly I can understand a bit of what you were going through when you wrote this post as I am going through that my self by leaving everyone in India and joining my husband in US..ouch life really feels lonely .. But blogs like yours keep me more closer to home...and honestly away from impending visit to the therapist. Kidding..

    Thanks for a lovely post .. U give a fresh lease of life to me..

    Thanks again and take care


    1. And beautiful people like you to me Ash.
      Much thanks for the warm words. Hope you learn to love life away from home. Life does give us jolts in the name of change, but hang in there. Am sure you and your heart will settle down too.
      Thanks again. Hope to hear from you again. :-)

  5. Daron Receipe....Maayer hather recipe mone pode gelo. Thanks for the awesome recipe. --- :-)


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