Monday, 22 December 2008

Crispy Chole / Crispy Fried Chickpeas

This version of Chole is spicy and tangy... and slightly dryish too.
It is fast to make, especially if you have the Chole boiled and stored beforehand.
I used a masala tea bag while cooking the Chole .... no .. I do not use any cooking soda / baking powder while boiling them .... and miraculously that distinct smell of boiled chole disappeared.
I served it with Aloo tikkis ... which I can make real fast these days ... thanks to my aloo mix.

Need : Kabuli chana/ chickpeas ( cooked in a pressure cooker with a little salt & drained of all water ),
lots of chopped onions,
chopped ginger,
chopped garlic,
chopped green chillies,
dhania powder,
amchur powder,
red chilli powder,
chana masala powder,
a little oil,
a little rice flour powder,
salt and sugar to taste.

How to
: Heat a little oil in an open heavy bottomed pan. ( Do not use a kadhai ... the chole need to dry up fast).

Add the chopped onions, garlic, ginger and green chillies. Fry well.

Add the boiled chole and stir well. Add salt and sugar.

Add all the powder masalas and keep frying till dry.

Just before removing from flame add a little rice flour .... the flame should be high ... and keep stirring.

Remove and serve hot. Do not cover or keep for a long time ... else the crispiness won't last.


  1. I too make this the same way except for the rice flour addition. Will try adding it next time - I love the tang in this! Your plate of Puri chhole is looking so very tempting - I hear it sizzle:)

  2. chat pata... the cholay looks really good. I think that color came from the tea bag? typical punjabi color. My hubby could eat everyone's share of this alu tikki & cholay:-)

  3. Hey this looks good. I like the fact that you don't use soda. What do you mean by your aaloo mix...i'm intrigued.

  4. Looks delicious and such a pretty color, have never tried using a tea bag in chole though I have heard of it....will give your recipe a try the next time I make chole :-)

  5. That looks very tempting Sharmila. Never heard of rice flour in chole before.

  6. Thank you Sunshinemom! But no puris. :-(

    Thanks Soma! Yes, the colour is becoz of the tea bag. :-)

    Thanks Naina! Aloo mix is dehydrated readymade aloo mash. :-)

    Thanks Usha! Do try it. :-)

    Thanks Bharti! The rice flour gives a light and crispy coating to the chole. :-)

  7. this looks like nice version of chickpeas,...will try ur version next time i prepare,...:-)

  8. i'll have two plates of those, please:)

  9. just exploring - loved this - will make - reminds me of college days when this was a staple from a local thelawalla!

  10. hi sharmila, you have a wonderful collection of recipes. My friend recommended ur blog. Both of us are new to blogs but lov urs & the recipes. We are both new to cooking and have been married recently. The chole looks exactly like my mum's. I have tried but not with gud results. If only u could post the measurements too, it will b gr8. Desperately want to try out some of ur recipes.... Thanks bobby

  11. Hi Bobby!
    Thanks for liking my blog and leaving a line here. :-)
    What measurements do you need? The onions, ginger , garlic and all the rest of the masalas can be used as per your taste ... the amchur powder too should be used sparingly else it might make the dish too sour ... as for the rice flour ... you can use a teaspoonful for a cup of boiled chana. Again ... you can increase or decrease as per your taste.
    Hope this helps. :-)
    If you have any other questions do not hesitate to write to me at kichukhonn{at}gmail{dot}com or leave your email id here with your query and I'll get back to you.

  12. Thanks sharmila. My mum gets fed up with me coz i am perpetually calling her 5-7 times the day i cook. She has no patience for me and a shouting for not learning to cook. Thanks a lot. Will get back to you the day i cook. U r a sweetheart. Bobby

  13. Hi Sharmila, thanks a ton will get back to u when i cook next. My mum has no patience. I call her atleast 5-7 times the day i cook and she looses it. Well its funny and i get it from her for not learning to cook. But u r a sweetheart. Thanks.

  14. You're welcome Bobby. Like I have said before, you can write in any questions you have to my email id and I'll be glad to help. :-)

  15. Hi Sharmila, tomar ei recipe ta aajke try korlam (without the teabag). Khub bhalo hoyechhe ... tobe choler color tomar moton hoyni. Ashakari tomar pujo bhalo ketechhe. Hope you come back to blogging soon.

  16. Madhu ... the colour comes from the tea bag. Makes no difference to the taste if not used. :-)
    And I do hope to come back to you all again soon. :-)

  17. Came across your blog while searching for bengali recipes. Never was interested in cooking till I got married and my bihari husband turned out to be a good bihari cook.Am learning a lot about bengali cooking from your blog.Hope to entice my hubby with them.

    Always liked the range and subtlety of bengali flavours. No other cooking has such variety.
    Thanks a lot.

    A Bengali Bou ;)...


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