Monday, 26 May 2008


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Amongst the different kind of Ghugnis that I have ever tasted, the most memorable
ones are Shankar babu's ghugni and a cook's mangshor (mutton) ghugni.

Shankar babu had a small shop in our locality ...the last in a line where there was a kirana shop and a tailor's shop.The smells of these shops have a very dominant place in my childhood memories. Shankar babu's ghugni's smell used to waft around the whole place ... could never make out the concoction. The elders used to insist that it is the gutter nearby that is the source of that smell ... but for us youngsters, it was that heavenly ghugni ... bubbling away in large, blackish aluminium vessels.

The helping hand at Pishemoshai's (Uncle ) house ....made the most wonderful mangshor ghugni ... small pieces of mutton in matar ( white peas ) gravy ... heavenly!
Every time he made it, he made sure to bring some over for me.

Most recently had a very simple Ghugni in a small stall in front of the Konark temple in Orissa. It was late morning and we were starving for breakfast.
The simple ghugni served with hot maida luchis / puris were like manna from heaven.

Tried making that simple recipe at home ...and till date love it every time. Have said goodbye to any other masala for ghugni henceforth.

Need :
Dry White matar / peas, whole red chillies,
whole jeera / cumin , a pinch of haldi / turmeric,
a pinch of sugar, salt to taste,
grated ginger and some cooking oil ( I use Mustard oil).

How to :

Soak white matar halfway (will take around half an hour).

Heat oil in a cooker. Add whole red chillies and jeera. Do not brown the jeera.

Add matar, haldi,salt and a pinch of sugar. Fry.

Add the grated ginger and enough water and cook for 2-3 whistles.

Cool and open cooker.

If needed add a little more water and bring again to a boil.

Simmer for some time.

Goes great with Luchi / Puri / Parathas.

Enjoy !!


  1. Hi,
    Some really nice and different recipes you have here..came thru swati's blog.
    I love ghugni ever since we first had it in CR park, a bengali ilaka near my house in delhi.

    BTW, what does the name of your blog mean? Sounds so lyrical...

  2. Hey,
    I made it your way today and we all loved it.Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Wow Belle from Delhi!Am so glad to hear that you all loved it.And I love the way you not only leave appreciative comments, but also actually try the recipes out ... and then come back and tell me about it.Gestures like this make my blogging worthwhile. :-)

  4. Dear Sharmila
    Mator dal bhijie , bhabchhi ki recipe use kori...jodi over boil hoe jae ( which is the case always) , then I can through it...but if it is OK what to do?
    let me try your way
    bhalo theko

  5. ushnishda,
    if you cook the matar on high flame for 2 whistles, it won't get overcooked. cool the cooker and open ... if needed you can always simmer it again for a while to get the right consistency.
    you will like this recipe only if u like simple flavours ... or you can try the usual onion+ginger+garlic combo.

  6. Very nice ghugni recipe dear. thanks.

  7. Sharmila, tomar ei ghugni recipe aajke try korlam. Aami generally ghugni anek masala diye bani ... aajke bhablam tomar moton kore banai. Khub bhalo hoyechhe khete ... matorer ekta nijeshow taste aar gondho esechhe. Bhalo theko aar tumi taratari blogging e phire esho ...


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