Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Rawa Idli

Idli is an all time favourite .... but one has to preplan .... soaking the dal, etc. When in a hurry, rawa idli comes to the rescue.

Very fast to make, it is the perfect menu for a lazy weekend's brunch. And is my favourite as it fits my way of cooking ... simple , fresh and fast. :-)

While the idlis get steamed, the sambar gets cooked too. In the meantime, if you have fresh coconut at home, just grate some and make this awesome chutney. Your plate will be ready in no time.

I had a packet of store bought cream of rice ... so used it. The idlis turned out real soft and fluffy.

Need :
For the idli : Rawa (for idli) or cream of rice, curd, salt to taste, a little cooking oil, baking powder (optional). 

For the sambar : Toor dal (washed well) , whole red chillies, sliced onions, curry leaves, mustard seeds, haldi powder, a little cooking oil, sambar masala, salt to taste, soaked tamarind or tamarind pulp.
If you want to, you can add cubed vegetables of your choice too
We had it plain .... since hubby made it this time.

For the chutney : Freshly grated coconut, a little toor dal, a little urad dal, green chillies, fresh curry leaves, a little cooking oil, salt and sugar to taste.

How to

The idlis : Mix everything with a little water. If the curd is not sour, add a little lemon juice. Set in idli moulds and steam. 

The sambar : Heat a little oil in the pressure cooker. Add the mustard seeds and when they start to splutter, add the red chillies and curry leaves. Then add the onions and fry for some time.
Add the dal and the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Add water and cook. 

The chutney : Heat a little oil and lightly roast the dals. Now grind all the ingredients into a paste.

And your brunch is ready ! :-) 


  1. Khob darun lagche specially coconut chutney ,I am little partial to that,hope you dont mind ..LOL..
    hugs and smiles

  2. Your idlis look very soft, fluffy and yum...

  3. I've never made this idli. It's a great option for instant idlis I think. Better than the prepacked mixes as those very high in sodium. Will have to give this try some time.

  4. wow..that looks yummmy.. irresistable :P

  5. Check this might want to participate in food photography event ! :)

  6. We just had it last week using MTR mix. has been my favorite since a long time. Will try out your recipe soon..thanks! :)

  7. idli looks veryyyy soft ,yumm

  8. The first thing that caught me is the beautiful photograph. Sharmila, the effect of light and shadow in the first picture looks great! The whole combination makes me feel hungry now for idlis:)

  9. I have been an avid follower of your blog....your recipes are simple and yummy. plus i like your writing style..simple and friendly. Two thumbs up!

  10. Not at all Jaya ... am glad you like it. :-) Do try it once.

    Thanks Usha! :-)

    Right Bharti! Do try it .. it is really fast .. and you can add chopped veggies too. :-)

    Thanks so much Swati! The only prob is I don't have any good snaps in my October posts. :-)
    But I'll try send something anyway. :-)

    Thanks Pragyan! Have never tried the MTR stuff ... if you say it is good ... maybe I'll try it once. :-)

    Thanks Sagari! :-)

    Thanks Sunnymommy! :-)
    It was late noon .. and I too loved the shadow of the window bars ... so did not shift the plate. :-)
    Am so glad you noticed and loved it. Luv ya! :-)

  11. Thanks so much Rakhee! It is nice words like these that have made my blogging worthwhile. :-)
    Do keep visiting. :-)


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