Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Lau Bori or Bodi / Lauki & Bottle Gourd with Sun dried Lentil Dumplings

Even though I make lauki in a number of ways, I like this version for two reasons.
First, it is purely veggie and hubby likes it.
Second, it is made the Bengali way ... read ... it has the flavour of Paanch Phoron ( a mix of equal quantities of methi, mustard, jeera, saunf and kalaunji seeds) and also the boris / bodi / vadi.

Bori / Bodi / Vadi is nothing but sun dried lentil dumplings ... that are called Mungaudi in Hindi ... the name coz they are made usually from moong dal.

While peeling the Lau / lauki / gourd, if you keep the peels a little thick you can make a fry from them .... the Lau Khosa Bhaja. :-)

This dish is easy and fast to make ... and has a distinct flavour that goes great with steamed rice and dal.

Need : Lauki cut into small pieces, chopped onion, paanch phoron, chopped tomatoes, whole green chillies, tumeric powder, dried lentil dumplings / bori or bodi or vadi , grated ginger, sugar and salt to taste and a little cooking oil.

How to : Heat a little oil. Fry the bori / bodi / vadi / mungaudis till they turn brown in colour. Keep aside.

Heat a little more oil in the same pan. Add the paanch phoron and the green chillies.
Then add the onions and fry for some time.
Add the lauki and stir. Add tumeric, salt and a little sugar. Cover and cook for some time.

Remove cover and add the tomatoes , the fried bori / bodi / vadi and the grated ginger. Cover and cook till lauki is done.
Serve hot.

Non veggies can add shrimp or medium sized prawns to this dish instead of the bori.


  1. aahh..yum yum....choto bela theke ami lau bori khete bhishob bhaalobaashi..great to see it on the net. Great photography too Sharmila!

  2. Hi Sharmila

    Thanks a lot for your sweet comment.


  3. Sharmila thanks for this recipe....my friend Kranthi used to tell...mixing dried shrimps to lauki / ridge gourd.....but never had a clue to make them. Now I feel I could try ur version. SOunds very interesting.

  4. Looks good esp. the addition of the dumplings, but I have to confess..I'm a very unlauki person.

  5. I like lauki in koftas! This is new to me - another one going into that huge must try list!

  6. Lao bori aamar khob bhalo lage , kalke chingri diye lao korlaam ..

    this looks great and I liked the Khosa Bhaja also..
    hugs and smiles

  7. This looks interesting..a new veggie dish for sure for my "badi"s :)

  8. Curry looks delecious sharmila

  9. Sharmila,I love these delicacies and indulge myself when I am back home.Loved ur recipe.I love Badis.

  10. this is a new recipe for me .. looks very healthy

  11. again another of my hoem favs. But i use the Bong wadi when I make lau, not the mung wadi:-)

    real nice picture.
    ( "sun dried lentils" gives a bori s a different elevation:-D )

  12. Thanks Rakhee! Ami boro hoye veggies enjoy korte shikchi. :-)

    My pleasure Niya. :-

    Can use dried/fresh shrimps Malar. Just need to fry them a little and then add. :-)

    Me too Bharti :-) but there exists another half of me who is very, very lauki. ;-)

    Thanks Sunshinemom! Do try ,.. it is very simple. :-)

    Lau khosa bhaja ta try koro Jaya ... bhalo lagbe. Chingri diye lau amar ek bati chaaaai. :-)

    Do you have badis at home
    Pragyan ... esp so far away from home? You are so lucky! Do try :-)

    Thanks Sagari! :-)

    I know what you are saying Shibani .. mom cooked food on visits home are something out of the world anyday. And thanks ! :-)

    Thanks Deesha! :-)

    I used the bong bori Soma ... the moong one was to explain ... for people not familiar with the word 'bori' or 'badi'. :-)
    And thanks. :-)

  13. Hi Sharmi..

    Thanks !!!

    We're great fans of Bong cuisine. Our favourite sweet / dessert's channar payesh and mishti doi.


  14. Hmm Niya ... the universal mishti doi ... everybody's fav. :-)

  15. Another yummy delight ..easy to cook ..good to eat :)


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