Friday, 21 November 2008

Posto Bora / Khus Khus Vada

Posto / Khus khus / Poppy seeds is an absolute favourite among Bengalis. More than using it as an addition to gravies, it is used as a dish by itself. Inspite of being on the dining table, if not every day of the week ... at least 3 to 4 days in a week .... no one tires of it.

In fact, you may come across a Bengali who may not like fish .... but chances are you will never find a Bengali who not only 'likes' posto .... but absolutely loves it.

And if they have moved to a new place, the second thing they will look for is a place where they can get 'good posto' ... the first being , of course, a place where they will get 'good fish'. :-)

I depend on my visits home .... or someone visiting from home .... for my supply of 'good posto'. I had run out of it quite a while back and was craving some when our S said he was going home for a few days and asked what would I want from there. And I shamelessly jumped at the offer and asked for some Posto. :-)

So here's my first post on Posto ... Posto Bora .... or Vadas made from khus khus paste. These are shallow fried ... well not exactly ... just browned on both sides ..... with the minimun of oil and have very few ingredients.

Just two things to keep in mind .....

If the posto is not good, you will get a bitter taste. Good posto always tastes sweet and fresh.

Always add salt in small amounts to posto. Due to its mild flavour, it tends to get salty very fast. So always taste and then add salt.

: Poppy seeds / posto (soaked for at least 2-3 hours and ground into a thick paste), chopped onions, chopped green chillies, salt to taste and a little cooking oil ( preferrably mustard oil).

How to : Mix everything together except the oil.

BTW .... if you mix the oil too .... you can have just like that ... like a salad .... no frying. Tastes awesome. :-)

Shape into tikkis. Heat a non stick tawa. Spray a little oil and place the tikkis.
Wait till one side turns brown.

Then flip them over and spray a little more oil and wait till the side turns brown.

Crispy posto boras are ready. :-)

Great with steamed rice and dal!
Joyeeta had tagged me long back. It is here where I usually speak my mind. :-)


  1. Sharmila,
    Posto Bora , My fav..
    mokhe Jol asche!
    hugs and smiles

  2. Oh, I used to love these as a kid and I still's been years since I made it..going to make it soon, real soon! Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. Hey! this looks awesome:) I have also heard of posto charchari - do you make that? I didn't know poppy seeds could be made by themselves, without potatoes!! Amazing.

  4. Thanks Kitchen Flavours! :-)

    Jaya .. tumi nischoi bhalo posto sara bochor pao .. tai na? Khub lucky. :-)

    Pragyan .. I can understand. :-) Even I make these once in a while .. but is an absolute favourite. :-)

    Deesha ... thanks! :-)

    Potatoes are the usual combi with posto Harini ... and I'll make chorchori with posto once and post it for you. :-)
    But I'll have to get the right ingredients ... read vegetables for it .. which I usually don't et here.

  5. That looks great but how does it hold its shape/ I mean you grind it into a paste- then how does it become a tikki?
    How much poppy seeds did you soak?

  6. Bharti ... poppy seeds have a binding property .. you don't need to add anything to the paste at all. :-)

    Just make sure the paste is not too watery .. it should be like a coconut chutney in consistency.

    While shaping the paste into tikkis they may be a little wobbly in your hands ... but the moment they are on a hot tawa/pan, they solidify (if I can use the term). :-)

    For these four tikkis I had soaked 1 small katorifull of poppy seeds.

    The remaining paste in the grinder can be diluted with water (to rinse the grinder) and used in gravies / in aloo posto (I'll post this soon). :-)
    Hope this helps. :-)

  7. look yum and new recipe for me!
    join in the sweet event going in my blog!

  8. some thin new for me,..will try this...:-)

  9. ore baba re .. koto bochor aage ami eta kheyechi. I want them now!! bora s are just popping ut from ur pic.

  10. Thank you Srilekha! :-)

    Good to see you back Priyanka! :-)

    Thanks Soma! Ajkei baniye khao ... egulo to khub taratari hoye. :-)

  11. Thanks for ur support and kind words sweet heart. Its good that u I could trail back to you. Btn you have a great blog here. Poppy seeds ka vada...never heard b'4. Sounds very interesting...I love it. Your recipes are unique and very innovative...keep up the work, dude.

  12. That looks very tempting sharmila..I have never tried poppy seeds in vada!

  13. Welcome and Thanks Malar! Do keep visiting. :-)

    My pleasure Bharti. :-)

    Do try them once Srivalli. :-)

  14. Thanks a lot.
    This is a long time favorite.
    I am trying this for the first time since coming here.

  15. Thanks for leaving a line Sourav. :-)

  16. make me drool........your linkwithin is playing havoc.....have to go to all the posto posts now..

  17. This is an amazing recipe. Will try out soon. Thanks..


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