Friday, 13 February 2009

Vegetable Idlis

It is so true ... once you get a break from blogging ... however small, you find it difficult to get back into the grind. Grind? Yup .... right now for me it is.
Even though I do cook ... we all have to :-) .... I don't feel like going through the whole process of making the dish presentable and actually presenting on my blog .... which means ..... waiting for the right natural light, arranging, clicking numerous snaps, uploading, editing ... and finally on to the posting part.

And after my net connectivity problem, connection is extremely slow. So I have sit and stare at the screen ... willing it to be a wee, wee bit faster on its uploading. :-(

I find the writing and publishing the easiest part right now. Anyway, since these snaps were ready when I was having connectivity prob., am posting this very common recipe now.

When making idlis if I happen to have veggies in the fridge ( I make idlis when there is nothing else to make ... usually for weekend brunches) ... I just chop them up and add them to the batter.

This time it there was no time to make a sambar. So had them with my favourite Onion Chutney ... which is nowadays always found in my fridge.

Need : Idli batter ( Urad dal and rice, proportion 1:2, soaked and ground into a thick liquid consistency, preferably left overnight to ferment .... otherwise use a little baking powder to make the idlis fluffy ), finely chopped vegetables ( I just had beans, carrots, onions, green chilles ), a little salt.

How to : Add the chopped veggies and salt to the batter and steam in an idli mould.

Done! :-)

A bite, anyone? :-)


  1. Thats a great idea. my kids love idlis.. now only if i could add soen veggies in it too!! why did i nver think of it? Sharmila that shot with the chutney is awesome. monay hochey ei dhore mukhe diye di:-)Chuntney is looks delicious. ami bread ba roti te chutney diye khai.

  2. Amazing photography!! I wish I could have that idli with onion chutney right nowwwww!

  3. I know what you mean about falling off track and having trouble to get back on, with blogging. My postings are like that too - you'll see 3-4 quick posts when I'm enthu and when it dies, I'm MIA for months! :)
    Love the idea of adding veggies to idlies. The onion chutney looks wonderful, sharmila!

  4. Am damn sure this will be kid's friendly breakfast..looks gorgeous n eyecatching clicks..

  5. I totally understand you, I am now still trying to get back on track and what with the weather so gloomy. Love the idlies they look perfect, I like the look of the chutney too looks perfect

  6. Idlis making me hungry.Please trail back for my
    token of gratitude

  7. When I was at home, blogging was the only thing I used to do and now I hardly find time to check my mail. Love the idlis and onion chutney combo!


  8. Ki sundor lagchey, amar idli batter moteo bhalo hoy na.

  9. Thanks Soma! Ei chutney ta amar favourite .. ektu jhal jhal korle aro bhalo lage. :-)

    Thanks L! Take it. :-)

    Thanks Vani! :-) Blogging can be a boon and a bane at the same time. :-)

    Thanks Priya! :-) I hope it is .. minus the chilles. :-)

    Thanks Medha! :-) Gloomy weather can be a total let down. :-)

    Have one Yasmeen. :-) Thanks for the award. :-)

    If you are working full time then blogging has to take a backseat I think Siri. :-) And thanks. :-)

    Thanks Sandeepa! Idli batter e ektu baking powder ar lemon juice/vinegar add korlei dekhbe ekdom perfect hoye geche. :-)

  10. I LOVE idlis...but dont have an idli maker, maybe will try and make square idlis in any container, because this is tooo tempting for me :)

  11. looks perfect,..u can send onion chutney for fic orange,.:-)

  12. we both posted the same food at same's a telepathy...isn't it...idlis are looking yummy & click gulo beautiful

  13. That's a good idea Joyeeta. Do try it. :-)

    Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    It is indeed thought provoking Indrani ... so many people all over the world might be cooking the same thing at the same time and won't even know about it. :-)

  14. another creative twist,J? both look good:)

  15. colourful idies.. looks perfect & yummy.. Nice blog dear,.. very innovative blog..

  16. Those idlies looks so spongy and lovely.. nice idea of stuffing idlies with veggies. gr8 job sharmila.

  17. Thanks Rashmi, Srikar's k, Adlak's k! :-)

  18. Sharmila,
    resuming blogging after break is like arey ! baba abaar korte hobe :))..
    kinto enthu thakle onek golo post eksathe hoye jaye nahole onek gap thake...
    idlee looks delicious , very innovative way of adding chopped lil one will like it ..
    hugs and smiles


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