Thursday, 14 May 2009

Doi Morich Chicken / Chicken in Yoghurt & Black Pepper Sauce

( Vegetarians can use Paneer or Cauliflower for this dish. Just add a little water too along with the other ingredients .... as these do not release much water by themselves to cook in.
Vegans can make this with coconut milk. )

This is a real quick dish that I came up with when I was in no mood to go through the process of grinding onions and other stuff for the usual chicken curry.

I had some curd and made the whole dish with it. And no oil too. The little droplets shimmering in the snap are actually whatever fat the curd and the chicken had.

This turned out to be very flavourful (don't go by the snaps :-)) and was made in minutes.

You can increase or decrease the amount of Black Pepper according to your tolerance level.
I love spicy stuff ... so dunked in a good amount.

Another thing .... when this is cooking, you might find the aroma of garlic a little overwhelming ... and you might be tempted to add some garam masala powder or any other stuff to get rid of the smell.

But don't .... after the whole thing gets cooked ... the smell will disappear. All you will get is the lovely aroma of the cooked curd and the black pepper.

Need : Chicken ( or paneer or cauliflower ( a little bigger than medium ) pieces, curd, coarsely crushed black pepper, crushed garlic, salt and sugar to taste.

How to : Mix everything together and let it sit for some time in the fridge ( I left it for about an hour while I finished a chore).

Dunk in everything in a kadhai / wok ... preferably non stick .... and cover and set on slow heat.
Simmer till done.

If you are making with paneer / cauliflower, do check for water at times ... add some if needed.
You can make it slightly dryish too ... tastes even more better.

Enjoy with hot plain rice / rotis !


  1. Sahrmila,
    eyi tato khob bhalo hoyeche ...mone hoye ekto chicken stew :)) ..butter diye garam-2 khete khob bhalo lagbe..
    hugs and smiles

  2. As promised, a comment :) The recipe is so simple and yet I have a feeling it will be quite well flavoured. This proves that stuff that tastes good can be simple to make if you use some imagination. And oil free too. I will try it out. How much curd did you put? Do you think a touch of coriander or curry leaves might help...Kalyan

  3. Thanks Comella! :-)

    Right Jaya! Butter with spicy pepper! Thanks. :-)

    Thanks Kalyan! :-) I used 1 full cup of curd for 4 pieces of chicken ... but it depends on how sour the curd is.
    If it is too old ... go easy on it coz even the sugar will not be able to balance the tartness.
    I have not tried with the leaves ... but am sure they'll add a nice different flavour of their own.

  4. Hey Sharmila this dish looks very tempting and so simple to make!!! spicy too I am bookmarkingt his!!!

  5. Tempting chicken dish looks yummy!

  6. Chobi ta dekhei bhalo lagchey sharmila, besh flavorful soup er moton. we love garlic & blackpepper is a great combination. gorom gorom bhaat diye darun lagbe..

  7. Tel e te kichu debo na ? Khub easy ar bhalo lagche

  8. Sounds so great,mom used to make something like this with Pava(Goat legs ) and it tasted heavenly in Stormy rains or bitchy winter .I can feel the aroma around ,just looking at this :-)

  9. have me drooling!
    Tomar chicken ta dekhte stew er moto laagchhe!! Amar freshly ground pepper daroon to try this dish!!!Tumi ki ekkebaare oil daoni?

  10. Hi Sharmila,
    Yumm.. blend of yogurt and pepper seems a hit :)

  11. I like the combination. I think it would probably better to add paneer towards the end though, too much cooking might crumble it, no?

  12. Thanks Ramya, Priya! :-)

    Thanks Soma! Eta dry o khub bhalo lagbe. :-)

    Thanks Sandeepa! No oil at all. :-)

    Thanks Alka! :-)

    Thanks SGD! No oil at all. :-)

    Thanks Suparna! :-)

    Right Bharti. Simmer till you get the desired consistency , then add the paneer and simmer some more. Not too much of stirring too. :-)
    And thanks!

  13. Very healthy recipe, Sharmila...tomar snap dekhe jibhe jal asche

  14. You know I have to 'paneerise' it:)

  15. ok, I'll definitely try..we use Nesltel provita curd

  16. Looks great and delicious...

  17. Nice combination of spices with the yogurt... I don't make chicken at home, but would love to try with some TVP

  18. looks yum,..nd quiet easy too

  19. Thanks Indrani! :-)

    Go ahead Rashmi. :-)

    Nestle will do very well Kalyan. :-)

    Thanks Sireesha! :-)

    Thanks Anudivya! :-)

    Thanks Priyanka! :-)

  20. Ei recipe ta aami onek onek baar baniyechhi...I love the fact that it cooks in its own oil. Aami marinade er shaathe ekta capsicum blend kore dii...jaate end result ta ektu greenish hoy. aamar capsicum er flavor taa besh bhalo laage alongwith the fact that it makes the gravy a little thicker when serving with rotis!!

  21. love the recipe, really tasty looking chicken curry

  22. Yummy recipe. I tried it out today. It was so simple, cooked in a jiffy but so tasty. I also added a few leaves of fresh mint along with the yoghurt. The combination of curd, pepper and mint came out very well.

  23. Thanks Joyeeta for the idea! But I don't like capsicum. :-)

    Thanks Shreya! :-)

    Thanks Madhu! This dish has a very distinct flavour of its own and for that you should try it without the mint sometime. :-)

  24. Hi Sharmila,
    I loved the simplicity of this dish..and top of that oil free..fabulous .I would definitely try this.

  25. wow this is beautiful sharmila...the picture you have put up looks so tempting!
    i make a variation of this recipe with thick slices of onion & slivers of ginger & garlic...
    one day i made this dish in the oven & forgot to put oil.but when i tasted it i could even feel that oil was not there! and thats how ive made it 'oil-less' ever since :)

  26. Thanks Anon ... yes, chicken and curd both have some amount of fat ... so makes no diffrenece if you do not add oil. :-)

  27. Hmm. Sounds lovely. Maybe I will add some greens in too… since that is waiting for some attention in the fridge.

  28. Sounds yummy ! But if U could tell us how much garlic & curds u used & for how much chicken KHUB bhalo hoto
    THANX for the recipe !

    1. Depends entirely on your taste.
      If sour, use less curd.
      If you like garlic use more. Otherwise a moderate amount will do.
      Say - for 2 leg pieces, you can use 1 cup curd and around 6 medium garlic cloves.

  29. Nice blog.very helpful with all easy and wonderful recipe


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