Friday, 8 May 2009

Tried and loved No Knead Bread

Here I am ... trying my hand at baking ... again. This time it is bread. When I saw Soma's No Knead Bread, I was tempted to try it.

It was actually her little daughter who had made it. Knowing I will not have the time in the immediate future for such a beautiful project, I did not dilly dally and set about making it the very next day.

And as anybody, whose baking recipe I choose to try, knows ... I was a real pain in the neck with lots of questions. Hats off to Soma for explaining with patience. :-)
Thank you Soma! :-)

I followed her recipe ... made no changes at all.
And what a bread it turned out to be ... perfect! Had a crusty top ... and a tough bottom ... and slightly chewy texture. I think it would be perfect to soak up gravy with.
We loved it! The plate looked like this after I brought out the first one .... hold your breath .... in 5 mins. :-)

I made two small balls from the dough .... the first one is the first snap. And the second one is below ... which turned out even better .... I guess because the oven was already so properly hot.
And yes, I made it in a small sized heavy iron kadhai / wok ..... as I did not have any ovenproof pot. It worked very well .... as you can see.
And yes, follow her instructions ... when she says it has to be covered ... it has to be covered.
Here's the second one ... which I decided we will have in a more civilised way.

Civilised? Ruthless, barbaric ... was the way we both fell on it. I was weilding the camera too ... so got a far lesser share.

I had tried out Soma's Roasted Garlic too. Had some cloves left .... so grated them into the butter. Tasted awesome!

Thanks again Soma ... for such wonderful recipes ... and this wonderful breakfast. :-)

( See the garlic in the butter? )
Enjoy all !! :-)


  1. Yaaaa!! ki shundor crack korechey! Thank you thank you! & I can see the holes too!! barbaric is the way we have when our bread comes out.. just the right word LOL...
    kintu tomar garlic butter dekhei ebar amar khete ichey korchey.. eta taratari korte hobe.. onek ta kore freeze e rekhe debo.. darun idea.

  2. Soma ... kokhon theke tomar commenter jonne wait korchi ... ekhon daat baar kore haaschi ( am living the word barbaric now ) ... :-)
    Grin er ki kono emoticon nei? :-)
    On a saner note .. I want to thank you too. :-)

  3. bread looks so soft and puffed up... no wonder the plate is empty soon...

  4. bread looks great! wish I could bake too...

  5. Hi Sharmila,
    Yo've got just like the original one :)I envy u for this ...;) just kidding glad u got it super perfect and the roasted garlic too! wowie hearty breakfast girlie :)lovely snaps.

  6. Nice Texture on the bread and nice way to make it.I can see plate has a small peice and some crumbs,must be yummy for it to be finished.

  7. Nice bread ... Crispy crust and a soft bread inside.. Looks awesome!

  8. This looks beautiful! I made it once with whole wheat flour and it was a disaster... I am glad it turned out nicely for you.
    I need to check Soma's blog too... you both have done an excellent job baking it.

  9. I've been wanting to try this too..looks so good Sharmila..:)

  10. Thanks Ramya, Shreya, Suparna, Avisha, Anusriram, Anudivya, Varsha, Vani! :-)

  11. What a beautiful bread, Sharmila!! Ghar ke bread ka swad..ummmm:) No wonder you are left with that teeny weeny bit only!!

  12. Looks just perfect and ready to eat...and the melted have me drooling!!!

  13. Achha....Microwave er convection mode e eta ki kora jaabe?
    Tumi kirokom oven e korechho?

  14. Good going girl! Beautiful bread. I love no knead and your came out just perfect.

  15. Oh and I have to say, I love that new profile picture. Forgot to mention it last time :-)

  16. Thanks Harini! :-)

    Thanks SGD! Convection e hote pare tobe I am not sure crust ta thik hobe ki na ... browning er jonne grill korte paro.
    Ami ekta iron kora te regular oven e korechi .. the actual recipe was for a heavy duty ovenproof covered pot.

    I was surprised I could do it Bharti .. and was ecstatic, to say the least. :-)
    And thanks for mentioning the snap. :-)

  17. wow! perfect looking bread.
    and someone's looking lovely:)

  18. Oh here it is !! :) Hehe...really barbaric :P
    ami ei link ta add kore dilam amar post-e :)
    tomar baked goodies gulo satyi-i darun...cookie ta banabo er pore...:)


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