Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Vegetable Pancakes

( Vegetarians & Vegans can use soy milk or coconut milk or plain water with a little baking powder for the batter. )

Before I start off with the recipe, first things first. A big Thank You !! to everybody for your heartfelt wishes, sweet words, praise and encouraging lines.
I am so glad I started this blog ... through which I got to know all you wonderful people out there. :-)

Today's recipe is a quick fix breakfast / brunch ..... filling as well as healthy. Instead of making the usual sweet ones, I made these salty and a little spicy. BTW I realised that the arranged shape in the first snap resembles a fish only after I uploaded the snap and saw it on full screen . :-)

Had some vegetables at hand .... threw them in. Made for a great brunch for vagabonds like us ... who leave the house at the begining of the day on every weekend and roam around like there is no tomorrow.
At least one meal of the day was at home ... that is my consolation when we hog outside the rest of the day. :-)

If you are not too inclined to use maida / APF, go ahead and use atta / wheat flour. I used eggs becuase I had some ... no problem if you don't want to.
And you can add any veggie you want to ... I used whatever I had at hand.

Need : Maida / APF, enough milk to make a batter of pouring consistency, egg/s , chopped onions, chopped / grated cabbage, grated cauliflower, chopped green chillies, frozen sweet corn, chopped coriander leaves, salt & sugar to taste, a little cooking oil.
How to : Mix everything to make a batter of pouring consistency. Add a tablespoonful of oil to the batter ..... that way it needs less oil to fry ... and does not soak up too much oil too.
Heat a non stick tawa / griddle and smear a little oil on it. Pour a ladleful of batter and spread it into a round shape .... ( well ... mine refused to be round .... so cut them up ;-) ).
They will be thickish due to the veggies ... so don't worry about spreading them too much.
Cover and cook for a while on low heat. Remove cover after a while and flip over and fry for some more time .... till they are brown on both sides.

Serve hot .... yes, they will turn soggy if kept for more than 15 minutes as the cooked veggies release water . :-)
Enjoy !!


  1. eta besh bhalo quick recipe! thik bolacho, kotahyo jabar aage chot pot kore pet bhore khawa.. & may be for my lazy dinner too. :-)

  2. thanks for appreciating Sharmila. :) I know its been long.. :)

  3. Gorgeous pancakes, looks amazing!!

  4. Hi Sharmila,
    Those cut slices really look like some heavenly fish pieces cooked in white sauce ;) LOL. liked the look of the dish and also recipe has options to it. Tha's what I like :)Thanks

  5. Wow those pancakes look really yummy.
    They are bursting with flavours.

  6. Wonderful veggie pancakes..the pic looks very inviting :)

  7. Veggies diye korini kokhono, veggies na diye crepes baniye tar modhye pur diyeo khub bhalo lage. Amar meye school e giye bole Indian pancake :)

  8. Ufffffff Sharmila!!!! eta oshadharon hoeche :) Reminds me of home made Mughlai Parathas! Tumi try koro na ekdin!
    Jibhe Jawl! Jibhe Jawl!

  9. First time here, veggie pancake is good idea.

  10. Wow what a dish and what lovely presentation... Just great! I am ready to eat the veggie fish...

  11. Vagabond-ing sounds like fun, and so these pancakes!

  12. Thanks Soma! Lazy dinner sounds perfect. Aro bhalo jodi baire brishti hote thake. ;-)

    Thanks Navita, Priya, Happy Cook, Parita, Jyoti, L, HCOF ! :-)

    Thanks Suparna! I do try to give options so that everybody can try my recipes. :-)

    Thanks Sandeepa! Indian pancake er darun idea ... leftovers diye try korbo. :-)

    Welcome here A2Z! And thanks. Do visit again. :-)

    Sometimes it gets from fun to funny too Bharti ... when we hit the highway and end up at the nearest beach / hill station! ;-)

  13. Lovely!
    I make these too but without eggs and add some suji to the batter too...

  14. Eta ddarun recipe,Sharmila,sounds great..tumi ki fish baniyecho pancake piece diye?..r u craving for fish?..... LOL

  15. hi sharmila....it's a fav dish of mine but your's looks so good....nice pics........also saw your mung halwa recipe on bharti's blog....was just thinking it can be only a bengali who roasts mung dal.......:D tomar blog ta khoob bhalo laglo.

  16. Looks so gud....nice clicks

  17. great idea sharmila...kokhono baanai nii eirokom pancakes! aar try korbo bhebe aar hochhe naa, ei pic ta is too alluring, aamake ekbaar try korteii hobe.
    maida'r bodole jodi shuji use kori tahole kirom hobe...uthhapam hoye jaabe kii?

  18. Sharmila,
    veg pancakes khob bhal hoyeche...
    hugs and smiles

  19. Its a quick and a filling breakfast... not to forget the healthy mix in the quick breakfast!!! looks very delicious!!!

  20. pancakes look yum nd healhy...Advay will luv them,..will mke for hum soon,..

  21. Love this veggieful pancakes:)

  22. Beautiful pancakes Sharmi..Easy for lazy bf's no..yum yum..:)

  23. Thanks for the idea Sharmistha! :-)

    LOL Indrani! No, not right now. :-) The fish shape was unintentional .. upload korar pore bujhlam shape ta. :-)

    Welcome here Sangeeta! And thanks! The dal needs roasting anyway ... dry/ wet paste for the halwa. :-)

    Thanks Priti! :-)

    Thanks Joyeeta! I think suji diye korte paro ... will be more crispy than this. :-)

    Thanks Jaya, Ramya, Prinyanka, Yasmeen, Varsha ! :-)

  24. Oh wow health bhi.....taste bhi.....

  25. These pancakes look amazing. I love savory pancakes. And with all those veggies it's pretty much guilt-free eating too.

  26. Hi.. I am a new blogger...
    thanks for the recipe..very nice blog

  27. looks so healthy and yummy.. will give a try soon. nice one sharmi.

  28. Hi Sharmila...
    This pancake looks like a hearty mini pizza! Great idea...Thanks.

  29. Love this pancake..worthy try!!

  30. Hi Sharmila

    Thanks for all the recipes. I am a graduate student in US and have been very health concious since I landed here . I dont know how I came to your blog, but since then I have been following it regularly. In fact It is on my igoogle page!

    your recipes are ideal for busy graduate school life here and they are healthy too. I am thankfult to you for sharing it.


  31. Thanks KF, Vaishali, ATW, Priya, Chitra! :-)

    Welcome here Hari Chandana. And thanks! :-)

    Thanks Sikandar! For letting me know that you find my blog nice and helpful. Nice words like these keep me going.
    Good luck for everything. :-)

  32. Hey lovely dish. You have a beautiful space here. I am here for the first time and impressed. :) Keep it going. should be here frequently..

    Take a look at my space when u find time.

  33. Sharmila! thank u v much for sharing a lovely recipe with all bloggers! I enjoyed visiting your blog...became a follower...

  34. Thank you Nithya and Indira! :-)


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