Thursday, 18 June 2009

Easy Paneer Butter Masala

( Vegans can make this with tofu / boiled potato cubes / steamed medium sized cauliflower florets ).

Too many things at hand these days ... and every job demanding attention at the same time ... not to say nothing of the people around me ( I hope JKJ pardons me for using the line in such frivolous settings).

There have been a few things ... read major few things ... that needed to be done with in the house before the monsoons set in ( no sign of that yet ... still .... ). So we have been after the guys who were suppossed to deal with them, for over a month. And after days of unending calls (from us) , they all land up on one single day.

The house turns into mayhem ... we are banished to a corner .... and the sounds of hammering, drilling and breaking of bricks etc. made a din enough to drive wild elephants away.
And with my kitchen taken over, we were left to the mercies of home deliveries.

But I just could not stay away from my blog .... I must say this wanting to hear from you all on my posts is getting addictive. :-)

So while checking mails was sidelined ... or any other work for that matter, I wanted to post something. Luckily, the snaps for this dish were ready. So here's the dish that I made, as promised when I posted my homemade paneer cubes.

This recipe is very quick to make .... and easy too. If you have the paneer ready, then this is done in a jiffy. The butter here is just a wee bit ... just to give a flavour.
I have simplified it ... if you want an elaborate one, you can of course use more ground masala pastes like onion, cashew, etc.

Need : Paneer cubes ( around 10 pieces of small size ), a little butter, a few cloves of garlic[optional] , 2 big sized tomatoes, 2 black cardamoms,
a cupful of whey, crushed kasuri methi (dried fenugreek) leaves,
a little garam masala, salt and sugar to taste.

How to : Run the tomatoes, garlic and the cardamom in a mixer to get a paste.

Heat a non stick kadhai / wok and add a little butter. You can go overboard and add lots if you want to too.

Add the tomato paste and keep frying till it is well cooked and dries up. Now add the crushed kasuri methi and keep stirring for a while.

Add the whey and the paneer cubes. Cover and simmer till you get the gravy of desired consistency.

Remove cover and sprinkle a pinch garam masala. Cover and let it stand for a while for the flavours to absorb.

Serve hot with rotis / parathas / naan.
Another easy dish using whey is here. :-)


  1. Wow the paneer masala loos so good.

  2. anything butter masala gets my vote..your home made paneer is perfect!

  3. Yes, its really simple...looks gorgeous:)

  4. Yum Yum Yum... My mom makes this too and adds 2 spoons of fresh cream at the end. It tastes so good. Infact my frineds from work loved this and would insist I eat cafeteria food the day she sends this over...

  5. Paneer butter masala looks gorgeous, eyecatching clicks!

  6. I thought you were away on a vacation.

    That looks super easy and super tasty

  7. that spicy flavour.....

  8. Anything with paneer I am in!! looks drool worthy!

  9. baah...besh recipe taa!
    whey diye gravy toh khoob ii delicious n nutritious hobe, ekdin paneer banaate hobe ebaar !! :)

  10. That home made paneer looks great, Sharmila! As does the dish :)

  11. woow..this is tempting me hard...will have to keep a single day to try to make ur paneer and then make the paneer butter masala!!

  12. This looks simple, quick and delicious !

  13. Oh my..sounds crazy at home. I can just imagine all that noise. The gravy looks and sounds delicious. This is just what I was in the mood for today..

  14. Thanks HC, Rashmi, Chitra, Priya, KF, Parita, ! :-)

    Thanks Somoo ! For my dish fresh cream is optional too. :-)

    Thanks Sandeepa! Ekhon barir lokera esheche ekhane vacation e. :-)

    Thanks Joyeeta! Whey ta ami joler bodole use kori ... gravy ta besh creamy hoye.
    Paneer ta baniye janiyo amaye keno holo. :-)

    Thanks Vani! :-)

    Thanks Rush! You won't need a full day for it and you can try the dish with store bought paneer too. :-)

    Thanks Jyoti! :-)

    Thanks Bharti! Am still cleaning the dust and grime off stuff. Do try the gravy ... it is pretty quick. :-)

  15. Real easy recipe sharmila. I like your using of the whey which i never did before. I am trying this (with your paneer) when i have guests.

  16. looks simple and YUMMY...thanks for sharing!

  17. wow sharmila, this looks delicious. Hope all the work in the house went OK.

  18. the pics are soooooooooo good...

    just had lunch but the pics make me hungry again :)

  19. Thanks Soma! I use the whey in dals too. :-)

    Thanks MTH! :-)

    Thanks Mandira! Everything done with now. :-)

    Thanks Pinku! :-)

  20. That is a lovely dish to look at! I bet it is delicious......I love anything with Paneer!


  21. Paneer masala looks so good, inviting!

  22. very easy method, i end up adding onions, ginger and complicate things. this looks easy and delicious.

  23. Love the luscious red color of tomato gravy,I don't eat paneer quite often but my son loves it:)

  24. Hi, this was really simple...esp was the paneer was just put in the mixture...whenever I try to fry it before, the cubes all crumble a bit and release lots of water...

    And I liked the recounting of your busy days...

  25. Panner is my favourite food ... & your picture is inviting me ... Khub sundor lagche ......

  26. Thanks Trupti! :-)

    Thanks Malar! :-)

    Do try this way once RC .. it is very quick to make too. And thanks! :-)

    You can use this gravy for other things like potatoes or cauliflowers too Yasmeen. And thanks! :-)

    Right Sucharita .. paneer should never be bullied like I wrote.

    If you are making the paneer at home try my way posted here ... And thanks! :-)

    Thanks Dolon! :-)


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