Monday, 1 June 2009

Peanut Sauce/Dip/Chutney

Whenever we visit our favorite South East Asian restaraunt, I look forward to their peanut sauce more than the food .... which of course I absolutely love. I have noticed that they usually serve it with the starters ... mostly grilled / barbequed stuff ... or with the dimsums or momos.

But I like it so much that I ask for it even if we are having rice and curries. And the guy serving us would smile indulgently and set a small bowl in front of us.

Early this weekend when we were enjoying a dinner there, I decided to make this chutney (yeah ... am a desi ... so it will be chutney ;-) ) at home.
So the both of us tried to identify the ingredients in it by taste and smell.
We pretty much zeroed in on the ingredients.
The waiter was good at nodding his head at our guesses ... he was nodding 'yes' a little too much ... so I am still in doubt.
Trade secret I guess.

And in case you are wondering ... the chutney did not taste of any of the stuff that is usually used in SEA food.

So I set off to make the chutney. The only difference is I did not add the onions and added less chillies as the ones I have at home are spicier. Hence the whitish colour ... while theirs looks reddish.
And the quantity of peanuts should be much more than the coconut ... I guess the coconut is used to give a mildness to the sauce ... and a soft texture.

Need : Roasted peanuts, garlic, a little ginger ( the waiter mentioned galangal ), a little freshly grated coconut, dry red chillies, a little salt & sugar to taste ( I did not need the sugar as the coconut was very sweet).

How to : Grind the coconut, garlic first in a mixer. If you don't want even the teeny bits of peanut in your mouth, then add the peanuts now. Make a paste ... add a little water if necessary.
Then add the chillies and give a couple of more whirrs. Not too much.

Done! This is a great accompaniment to almost anything. I stored in a medium sized jam bottle in the fridge.

It has been pretty windy the whole of last fortnight .... with the nights turning positively chillier.
Today morning saw a very thin sun ... and already the clouds are taking up their places in the vast blue. Am looking forward to the monsoons ... but just thinking of what it would do to the light that I so much depend on for my snaps .... makes me shudder.
I mean ... just look at those two snaps ... :-(

Ciao folks !!


  1. Peanut chutney looks very nice and tasty.Adding Garlic and ginger adds more flavour.
    Do drop in some time to my blog with your valuable comments.
    Updated your blog in my blog roll.

  2. Eita list e rakhlam. besh versatile byapar.. shob kichutei use kora jaye. ami bhat diyeo khayi, use it as dip, marinade & most conveniently as a sandwich spread. works great for packed lunches.sounds like a part satay sauce & part south indian chuntney.

  3. Whooo, love this with idly or dosai. Looks delish.

  4. yumyum says the gril who feels like tasting the peanut sauce

  5. delicious!!! I used to do that with Olive Garden Alfredo sauce.... I make it at home now :)

  6. Loved this peanut sauce, sounds delicious !

  7. The chutney looks very tasty I love this one!!! I use green chilies, shall add in red next time!!

  8. I love your peanut-cocunut sauce/dip... I think it will go great with our desi dishes like Idlis too...

  9. hi Sharmila,

    It goes well with almost the nutty taste, I ditto with ramya on the chilie thingie

  10. Peanut chutney looks thick and delicious..nice one

  11. Thanks Chaitra, Soma, Priya, Sandeepa, Malar, Rush, Shampa, Ramya, Usha, Ramya V, Bharti, HCOF, Suparna, Parita! :-)

    Sandeepa ora Thai o serve kore.

  12. Awesome! My mom made (still does) fantastic chutneys. Everytime I asked her about the quantity of the ingredients, she would say Oh a bit of this and a little bit of that.Irritated me to no end. I am not an instinctive cook and I need the exact proportion.
    Your chutney looked yummy.


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