Friday, 28 August 2009

Tomato Chingri / Tomato Prawns

( Vegetarians and Vegans can use any vegetable like mushrooms, cauliflower, even potatoes or paneer / tofu for this dish ).

After wading through gallons and gallons of vegetable broths, soups, purees and more broths, soups, purees ( I know, I know, they are healthy stuff ... but I have my health very much at place and I was not the one ill ... ) , I finally started to cook some decent meal for myself. Got some fish and eggs and .... well .... started to live again. :-)

The only thing that spares me from any guilt of having proper food right now ( read non veg food ) is that the other half is a pure vegetarian.

Anyways ... those of you who know me by now must know how I keep turning out something that I call a dish ... and then when at a loss for a name .... just name the main ingredients in it. Has always worked for me. ;-)

Whenever I get prawns and am not having guests, like I have said before, I eat them up as I am frying them .... nothing beats some garma garam fried prawns straight from the pan. ;-)

The few that get to save themselves from my chomping mouth get frozen to be stored .... and eventually are the ones that need some accessory to make them edible again. There are so many good prawn recipes ... but I do not like to go through any detailed process just to cook for myself.

So I chop up something this and something that .... and well .... something does come up. Besides, when it is the prawn that does the flavour giving part, nothing much is needed. :-)

Need : Prawns ( cleaned & marinated with salt and turmeric ), chopped tomatoes ( the more, the better), chopped onions, chopped garlic, chopped green chillies,
red chilli powder [ optional] ,
salt and sugar to taste, cooking oil ( I used mustard oil ).

How to : Heat oil in a wok / kadhai. Fry the prawns lightly and remove and keep aside.

In the same oil ( if needed, add a little more ), add the chopped onions, garlic and green chillies and fry well till soft.

Now add the chopped tomatoes, salt and sugar and keep frying till they turn mushy.

Now add the prawns and a pinch of red chilli powder . Keep tossing till everything gets mixed well.

Serve hot with rice / parathas/ spaghetti.

Am sending this to Indrani's Event on Fish.

C'ya all friends. I'll be back with more recipes later.

Also, many of you have passed on awards and tags to me recently. Thanks to each one of you for thinking of me. :-)

And thanks to everyone who has stood by us with your kind words. Luv ya all! :-)


  1. khub simple but tasteful recipe, Sharmila..thanks for sending it to my is ur hubby now?

  2. so happy to hear that you started enjoying life again.......but as you say you 'started living again' seems you are limiting yourself to just living...enjoy baby...the bad times always make you stronger.....need any i am.
    tomato chingri looks absolutely yum though my fave chingri is malai chingri n chilly prawns n tempura.....

  3. Hope both of you doing OK... I know what you mean about eating veg all the time... I eat veg on most days, but still enjoy that 1 or 2 non-veg mels that I have once in a while...
    Lovely east post. I love the pix...
    Awesome job...

  4. wooow...that is fab, u know as a kid, i used to loooove Prawns, dam i am a vegetarian now!!!
    Leme put the thought into anil, wud love to cook it for him!!
    hahahaha...proper food, yeaterday my temptation led me to make Egg curry ;)

    Eat ur heart out lady...garma garam fried prawns..i swear i feel like turning non veg rite now!! Prawns are one thing which make my mouth water till date!!Phew!!

  5. Looks nice but cant try , iam a veggie :)

  6. chingri maach dekhei emon khide peye gelo, je lunch e chingri kore dilam:-) both my kids love shrimp, tho hubby stays far away.. & i am glad about it. LOL.. amio ei tomato peyaj diye chot djoldi kore di, just to satisfy the cravings. never added that little sugar tho'.

  7. Such a delecatble dish, looks gorgeous!

  8. m glad you are back :) i have keep on trying to resist myself as i get tempted as at sight of food and then i wanna have remember my mom faced lot of problems..heheh :) sometimes its ok to let go and eat watever u feel me never resist a temptation :)

  9. Looks very tasty and delicious dear:)

  10. Lovely clicks:) looks very yummy and prawns r my favourite:)

  11. Ufff ki daarun hoyeche dekhte...amar bhishon priyo chingri mach, 2-3 bar malaikari try korechi, kintu dekhte perfect hoyni, ar bhojohari manna-r taste-o thik paini. eta ebar try korbo :) amar Ma tomato Rui kore...i love it ! :)

  12. That's one prawn curry..looks so gud and different

  13. Sharmila,

    Nice to see you posting again, prwns look great. Hope all is well at the home front.


  14. Hope you are doing well now Sharmila. I might use cauliflower in this recipe. Looks good.

  15. Am glad you like it Indrani. And thanks .. he is recovering. :-)

    That line was in jest Sangeeta. But yes, since it was the first time I was facing such a crisis all alone, I was a little too overwhelmed and scared. Much thanks for the words of encouragement. :-)

    Thanks Somoo! Yeah ... can't live on veggies forever. :-)

    Hey Rush .. turn into a non veggie temporarily, enjoy some prawns and then go back to being a veggie again. ;-)

    Thanks Chitra! You can try out the veggie options I have mentioned. :-)

    Khub taratari hoye jaye ebhabe .. tai na Soma? Sugarta ami praye shob khabarei diye thaki ... ar fry gulote colour bhalo hoye. :-)

    Thanks Priya! :-)

    Right Parita. And thanks! :-)

    Thanks Sireesha! :-)

    Thanks Sushma! :-)

    Thanks Tulip! Try kore dekho .. khub taratari hoye jaye. :-)

    Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Thanks Priti! :-)

    Thanks Rinku! Homefront is much better now. :-)

    Thanks RC! Do try it. :-)


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