Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pyaaj Posto Bhaja / Onion & Poppy Seeds Fry

Have been down ... ill ... for the past so many days. Viral. All I am supposed to do now is to gulp down medicines dutifully .... and no cribbing. I did try visiting all the blogs I usually visit ... but was feeling too weak.

Today felt like sitting up a little ... so am posting this. Hope to get back to all the beautiful blogs and recipes soon. :-)

This is something that I always make whenever I get to make Posto paste.

Even if I am making the very delicious Posto Bora or our family favourite .... the Dankheer, I do keep a little of the paste aside and make this bhaja / fry.... that too after having a tough time deciding whether I want to have it Kaancha / raw or to fry it.

Simple, yet delicious.

Need : Posto or Poppy seeds paste, sliced onions, chopped green chillies, salt and a little cooking oil ( I used mustard oil ).

How to : Heat a little oil in a wok / kadhai. add the sliced onions and green chillies. Fry for a while.
Add the posto paste ... if it is too thick you can dilute it with a little water.
Add salt and keep frying till it turns dry.

Goes great with hot rice and dal .... but only if you have not already polished it off before it reaches the dining table. :-)

I'll be hopefully back a little after the Bengali New Year. So here's wishing everybody a great Baisakhi and Subho Nobo Borsho !!


  1. Sharmila,
    recipes looks easy and I am sure it taste great with garam bhat..
    take rest and relax..
    poila baishaker subhecha ..
    hugs and smiles

  2. Hi Sharmila!! Your recipe looks great!!! Posto onion combo amar favourite khabar :) Poila Baishak er Subechcha agaam pathalam:)
    Kolkata-e bibhotshow gorom...tai rannaghor-er trishimanae ami nei :D
    Taratari bhalo hoe otho...tomar post-er jonno oppekhaye roilam :)

  3. So sorry to hear you were sick Sharmila, my kids were down too the week before. Nothing like plenty of rest, go wild with your imagination and creativity while you are resting :-)

    Posto bhaja khoob bhalo dekhachhe, aamar purono diner kotha mone pode gelo.

  4. Viral leaves you down and weak...with a queer taste in your mouth after all the medicines....get well soon!
    Posto ...mmmmmm...Daroon....
    Poila Boishakher shubhechha in advance....

  5. Sharmila, asha kori ekhon shorir bhalo achey. the viral gets u down real bad... totally drained.. Rest nao:-D

    shorir kharap niye o posto r bora bhajcho? ma cholay jabar pore ar eta khawa hoye ni.. ami majhe majhe knacha posto kori, shorsher tel ar knacha lonka diye. amar boro tao khete bhalo bashe..

  6. another posto delight..sigh..wish i could get posto here. All your posto recipes look so darn dellicious

  7. HI Sharmila,
    Bengali New Year greetings to u n ur family! Wish you a speedy recovery!
    The phosto Bhaja looks delectable...thanks for the easy recipe.
    Take care.

  8. I'm pretty sure I would polish it off before it it ever reached the table. Hang in there Sharmila, virals are annoying. I was down too last week and it's BORING. Hope you feel better real soon.

  9. tk cre dear,...these crsips look yum,..

  10. Hope you're feeling better soon Sharmila. Take good rest and have your hubby make you something heart warming and comforting to eat ; )

    Love and hugs. Take care

  11. umm........pyaj posto garam bath diye, it...take care of you and shubho nababarsho-er shubhechcha tomader dujanke

  12. Thank you all dear people for your good wishes. Am recovering well and hope to be in the kitchen soon. :-)

    Poila Boishakher Subheccha tomaderkeo. Wish you all a Shubho Nobo Borsho (Auspicious New Year) !! :-)

  13. the fry looks crisp and so tempting.Happy Baisakhi.Hope you feel all better soon.Take care:)

  14. anekdin bade online elam.aar esei amar favorite dish baniecho dekhchi. garam bhat aar bhaja peyanj posto...aar tarpare jomie ghum. aha!

  15. Oh do take care of yourself...fry looks yum!

  16. hope you are feeling better sharmila... shubho nababarsha to you and your family!

  17. Fry sounds new to me. Looks yum. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  18. Thanks so much Yasmeen , Homemaker, Srivalli, Mandira, Kitchen Flavours, Sandeepa! :-)

    Am feeling much better now. :-)

  19. Hi Sharmila,
    I tried this recipe out but it turned out nothing like yours. I am sure I have made a mistake somewhere. Could you please give me a more detailed recipe, with proportions and all?

  20. Thanks for trying it out Rashmi. :-)

    Can you be more specific as to how your recipe turned out to be so that I can say if there was any mistake?

    One thing I can say is the quality of posto affects the dish ... most of the time the posto that we get is not of good quality.

    This recipe actually needs no proportions .. just a balance of onions and posto paste.

    You can write to me at kichukhonn{at}gmail{dot}com.

  21. i like it raw ....sweet n nutty as a salad or chutny........but this makes a more presentable side dish at a get together i guess....

  22. Dear Sharmila
    ami ekhon tomar sab recipe explore Korchhi..ebar eta banabo..emas-er posto-r duto quota baki achhe..( max 4 times a month as it is adictive)
    Bhalo theko

  23. Thanks Sangeeta! :-)

    Thanks for leaving a line here too Mr.Ghosh! Always great to hear your views on my recipes. Janaben kintu kemon laglo. :-)


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