Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Heartfelt Thanks ....

This post is to say two small but hearfelt words .... " Thank You "!!

( The cookie snap is from my draft. I'll make a proper post on it later. )

Since I usually do not write much about my family ... except for some trivial things in passing, I did not write the reason for my break in my last post.

As a result a lot of people, in all innocence, have wished me a 'happy break'. So I mentioned in just one line the reason for my break in the comment section .... i.e. the other half is ill.

And was overwhelmed at the response!

So many people wrote to me .... wishing me luck .... boosting morale .... saying encouraging words!! People from the blogging world, people I know personally, people I do not know at all ... everybody.

I had no idea so many people followed my blog so closely!

And the lurkers ... never again shall I crib about lurkers not leaving a line on my posts. So many of them wrote to me wishing me everything well !!

I sincerely thank all of you who have bothered to write, chat and call in this trying time. It really helps a lot to know there are people out there thinking of you when you are in difficulty.

Thank you so much for your warm words and prayers and for giving me so much courage!!

It is really unfortunate the way the city is under seige ... the swine flu scare is all over ... which is keeping us out of hospitals ... inspite of a required surgery in the offing.

So many innocent and ignorant people struggling to find a hold on this health scare. So many children ill or dead.

Life looks dreary and grey and dull. My writing is haphazard ... I have a thousand thoughts in my mind .... yet can't write properly.

Here's hoping for a better day soon. Till then ... take care all. And thanks again, dear friends .... just for being there with a kind word.

That's all that is needed in these trying times.


  1. Take care Sharmilaa...! Our prayers are with you both.

  2. Hey Take care Sharmilaa ..God is there !will pray for u dear!

  3. Sharmila I am really worried now;-( I hope everything is ok with you guys.

  4. Sharmila,

    I am a regular reader, but do not get the time to post comments. I am so sorry to hear this news. Hope to hear that things are better soon!


  5. Hey..i hope family and kids are well too...are the kids still going to school? Hows SGD doing? no news from her too?
    please keep us updated...its great to know u are well and jolly, i hope nothing..abslutely nothing gets u down!!
    Have Tulsi..its my newfound discovery today ad im propagating that!

  6. Hope things are fine with you and your family, Sharmila. I must have missed details, but hope you get back to your usual cheery self.

  7. Dear Sharmila, hope you are better soon.

  8. Sharmila, hope things work out for you and your family soon ! Take care...

  9. Take care Sharmilaa, pray to God to give you enough strength to handle the situation and hope to hear things are ok from you soon.

  10. I know Sharmila, situation is so bad here in Singapore,too..I'm just stuck at home with my two babies..scared to go out to the market, public gatherings...feeling so helpless....will pray for your hubby...Don't worry. He'll get Well soon..& let us know. Have lots of fluid & vitamin C

  11. Sharmila,
    Hope everything gets fine soon. All the best with the surgery. Yeh, the swine flu has created a terror everywhere, and Mumbai is in a very bad state :(.
    The cookies look awesome, all I want to say is waiting for the recipe.
    Take care.

  12. Take care sharmila..I know things are looking so scary here too...few schools have declared closed..but for how long ..hope things get better soon for wishes for a speedy recovery to your hubby

  13. I am so sorry to hear that. Reading news abt swine flu in India is making us very worried, everybody is there. My prayers are with both of you, hope the surgery goes well and i pray for his speedy recovery.

  14. Hello,

    Just passed on a Super scribblers award to you!

    Hopefully this will spur you to writing again. Take good care of yourself and stay safe

  15. hey dear do take care, everything will be fine, lots of luv and hugs to you..

  16. take care dear and keep us updated ...
    and it;s true that you get to know about people around you in the tough times n never go by the comments , count the good vibes.
    BTW you can see my post here
    hope it's of some use for you...

  17. Don't worry , everything will be fine dear with you & your family ... Take care & will pray to god for you ...

  18. take care dear Sharmila. All the best for his recovery. Keeping you and your family in my prayers and thoughts.

  19. How are you holding up ? I know it is so difficult when near and dear ones are sick... My prayers are with you...

  20. Hope everything is going well with you and your husband.
    I received some awards which I would like to share with you. You deserve them much more than me. please collect the awards from my blog :) thanks.

  21. Sharmila,
    Visiting your blog after more than a month and reading about your husband's ill-health.
    Hope he's getting better.
    My prayers are with you.....

    take care and wish your husband a speedy recovery....

  22. Hi Sharmila,
    Just sent you a mail at your gmail id. I would be happy if you can kindly reply to it.

  23. achha's something to divert your mind...any suggestions beyond bora/ fry on what to do with eelish roe

  24. Sharmila,
    nice to see your comments on my blog..I missed you and your comments so much these days...aar tomar hubby kemon achen ekhon? Sab thik ache to?

  25. hello sharmila...hope things are better now...wishes for a speedy recovery!


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