Sunday, 2 August 2009

Plum Jam ...... & a wee little Break

Last year, when I had made the Tangy Plum, I was experimenting and had no idea it would be such a hit. I had played with it so that it was not the traditional jam .... and neither was it a chutney.
Everybody loved it. I heard several 'encores' and had wanted to make it again ... but the plums had suddenly vanished from the market .... almost as if somebody had snapped a finger and made them disappear.

So I waited a whole year for them to arrive. This time I did not repeat the earlier recipe ... I just dunked in everything with loads of sugar and some ginger ( the earlier recipe had them too).

And yes, I removed the stones this time.

Need : Halved/quartered and pitted plums, sugar ( I can't give a measurement here ... the amount will depend on how tart the plums are), very thinly sliced ginger and a very little pinch of salt.

How to : Dump the plums in a non stick wok and heat. Add a pinch of salt ( very little). It helps them cook faster and also balances the sweet and sour taste.

Add the ginger.
Cover and cook till the plums have released water and are cooked to a mush.

Remove cover and add sugar. It will release water again. Let the whole thing keep on boiling till everything thickens.

Remove from heat and cool. Store in a dry bottle in the refrigerator.

Enjoy all!!
This jam turned out to be pretty good .... though I'd like to make the other version once more. It had jaggerry and I personally loved it.

With this, am taking a break.
I know I can't stay away for long and I do have a few recipes in my draft ..... waiting to see the light of blogosphere ... so maybe if I get the time I'll post a couple .... must admit, the temptation of hearing from you all is a reason . But there are some things that need my attention pronto. I'll be available on mail though.

I'll be back soon ... till then do keep Kichu Khon company. :-)

TC folks ! Will miss ya all.


  1. i am gonna miss u and all the plummy yummy recipes...
    be back soon and i hope u address whatever is on priority, it all goes fine and u come back sooon :)

  2. uff..plum jam-o baniye felle...delicious!

  3. I will Miss you & ur recipes very much ... Enjoy your break & do come back soon ...
    Oh yes plum Jam looks yumm & will try next weekend .... I can get them here throughout the year ...

  4. Looks great..and do come back soon...enjoy your break knowing you will be missed!

  5. You makes lots of lovely jams. This one looks very much like store bought. Very nice:)

    Have a good break and enjoy!!

  6. Have a nice break. The plum jam looks delicious. Very nice color.

  7. Woww jam looks too great:) Enjoy your break yaar!

  8. Yummy! Hey ..Enjoi ur Break and we will miss U and ur yummy Recipes ..Come back with more Yummy recipes !

  9. arekta jam er idea. I love ginger in jams & chutneys. ekhane ekhon plum uthchey, kortei hobe.. will miss you sharmila, email koro, shomoye pele & enjoy your break.

  10. hi Sharmila,
    The jam looks so bright and appetizing :) superb clicks.
    Enjoy ur break and attend to the primary priority, best wishes and happiness always :)
    Will surely miss ur encouraging comments followed by ur cute trade mark smile :-)
    Hope to see u around soon!

  11. Plum jam looks yummy, what a gorgeous color! enjoy your break dear :)

  12. Sharmila,

    I just love plums. This is a nice one. I think you can even send it to Sunita Think Spice event if you like. I'll try this one at home.

    Will wait to see more recipes here.

  13. Sharmila,
    There is an award waiting for you on our blog, please check the awards page there.

  14. Thank you all for the wonderful words!

    Actually my husband is very ill ... so it will be a while before I am back.

    Will miss ya all. :-)

  15. The jam has a gorgeous hue! Will def miss you, enjoy your break:)

  16. Aditi ChaakrabartyWednesday, August 05, 2009

    tumi khub bhalo raana gulo likhe cho
    and moreovr ur photogrphy rocks!!
    before eating and tryng it on our plates i have eatn a lot from ur pics!! keep it on!

  17. i pray for you dear....get him well very soon as you are being missed here....
    the plum jam is nice with ginger...never tried ginger in it.
    i make my jams in microwave , it's so much easier..

    i just wish there is nothing serious ....take care.

  18. lovely jam.... Seems so simple, worth trying...
    Enjoy your break...

  19. Take care - jut read that your husband is sick... Our prayers with you and him...

  20. Love your jams, Sharmila. I just made a peach jelly that I'm going to post soon. Have a lovely break-- I'll miss you!

  21. Thanks Ranjani!

    Thanks Aditi!

    Much thanks Sangeeta & Somoo for caring so much! Means a lot to me! It really helps to know that your prayers are with us.

    Thanks Vaishali!

  22. Just read that your husband's not well. Hope things are Ok now. Take care, Kalyan

  23. Sharmila, hope you're enjoying your break. I have an award for you on my blog, and a tag. Do pick it up.

  24. Thanks for your concern Kalyan!

    Thanks Vaishali!


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