Sunday, 24 February 2013

Rice & mutton stew / Mutton Pish pash

 Life is on a fast forward mode these days.
A day starts and ends even before I can blink or say 'Yahoo!' ... or so it seems.
Why I'd want to say Yahoo! I don't know ... especially when there's nothing of much import to cheer. 
And neither am I a big fan of the same.
But yes ... flying by the days are.
And the erratic weather keeps me on my toes.
What with the temperatures swinging like a clock's pendulum,
a sniffle here and
 a hynaaaacccho there prevails.
Had the sniffles a few weeks ago and craved some wholesome and hot, spicy yet bland food.
Home cooked hot food .. the perfect soothe for a troubled soul ...
a soul especially tormented by the unpredictable weather of a new place.

 Ever since I've started getting good ... very good mutton, I've been wanting to try out the Anglo Indian dish called Mutton Pish pash.
It is made of rice and lentils along with chicken or mutton pieces stewed together.
Just like a non veg khichuri or khichadi. 
Very light, very healthy.
The sniffles was a perfect sounding board to this wholesome dish.
I admit the mind did picture a bowl of steaming hot and very very spicy Mangshor jhol,
but sense prevailed.
The idea of cooking it from scratch was not exciting enough ....  not then at least.
This dish was so so easy to make.
And absolutely awesome in flavours and taste.
Just the kind of food and cooking I love ... simple yet flavourful ... and very quick to make.

I did not add coriander or mint as the recipe suggests. 
 I had just one lonely piece of whole red chilli  lying in the paanch phoron bottle.
Fished it out and hung on to it tenderly...
they are my photographs'
saving grace , you see.
And used chilli flakes. A good amount of chilli flakes.

And after I had tucked into two whole platefuls of this steaming manna, I knew I was so right
 in not making that mangsho'r jhol.
And the next time I get mutton, I know I am going to make this with half of it.
The rest half will of course belong to that jhol. :-)

 Need :

Garlic - chopped 
Ginger - grated
Salt - to taste
Slices of lemon
Whole black peppercorns
Sliced onion

How to  ( or how I made it ) :

Put the mutton in a big sized pressure cooker along with the onion, black peppercorns,
grated ginger and salt.
Cook on low heat for 2 whistles.
Cool and remove cover.
Add the rice and adjust salt.
Cover and cook for 3 more whistles.
Cool, remove cover and serve hot ... garnished with fried garlic.

To fry the garlic
Heat a little oil and add the garlic and fry till brown.
Keep stirring and add the chilli flakes after the garlic has browned 
and heat has been turned off ... 
or else 
they'll burn real quick.

Do ladle out a good amount of the oil on the stew too ... adds a beautiful flavour.
Have it with a good amount of fresh lemon juice squeezed on it.
I did ... but forgot to add the same to the picture.

I had made a Liver stir fry too ... so had it on the side.
A perfect meal.


  1. Darun likhecho, Sharmila, sounded so nice and poetic, loved the gulo o khub sundor

  2. bhalo likhecho ar bar bar bolbo na barong eibare complain korbo je kano post ta aro boro hayna...rangooni rice...ami khabo na tabe banabo just not getting the weather right.

    1. :-) Sayantani. I love to write too but too many limitations ... mostly time,time and time.
      Try korbo to write more ... especially for good people like you. :-)

  3. I love pre's clicks and recipes too... What passion! And I love how you made it and described it... Love to read amd savour it here!


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