Monday, 11 February 2013

Peanuts and Kokum Amti

It is a windy day. While the wind howls outside, threatening to blow away my freshly done laundry ... 
that I have entrusted so to the sun ... it is quiet inside the house.
Yes, finally ... even if it is  for a few hours.
I have the kitchen and Jagjit Singh all to myself.
Oh .. I do have Follet all to myself too.
But am multitasking ... and wouldn't want the guy to feel neglected.
So right now ... just my kitchen and Jaggu Singh it will be.

And my thoughts.
Recently I have been a little too rough on people.
But on only those who take me for granted.
I detest insincere people. And those who speak to please me ... I stay away from.
I mean there is a limit to repeating the same things over and over again ... when you don't mean to then why speak wind? 
Since I never expect anything from anybody, I detest anything that comes to my life free of cost.
And I am known for my knack for burning bridges.
Does not take me a moment to know just how well off would I be ... or just how clutter free my life would be ...  in the absence of a particular person or moment or thing.
And switch I off.

People have a knack of becoming friends first, get into your life second and then
tick you off when you do not react to their expectations
 in a predictable way.
And I am a sucker for people crying 'sad','lonely','hurt' ... etc etc. 
Recently a friend's wife left her marital home of one year, called me innumerable times to cry,
 to abuse the husband and his family, to basically lighten herself.
And I am left with the strain of calming her, explaining to her and hoping that she sees light.
All the while keeping in mind that the husband is our friend.
Suddenly ... all quiet.
Last heard ... she is back with the husband and is expecting a baby.
And that explained the husband refusing to return our calls.
Go figure! 

And I refuse to learn.
I still believe in people.
I still welcome them with warmth in my life. 
Soon left to wonder at the 'attitude' or the cold shoulder just recieved.
Soon become a trash can for their woes ... conviniently dumped on me as they walk ahead in life. 
And I am left with this bane of a good memory ... storing every bit of data ... returning to fill me with gloom once in a while.
How I wish at those times my feet reached my backside ... with a good force.

Anyway ... that explains my deleting people from my life.
People don't like it ... can't do anything.
Have to think of my peace of mind first.
Jagjit Singh is still crooning "Dhoop mein niklo, ghataon mein naha kar dekho ...".How true.
But am not in the mood for lectures right now.Got a post to make.

I have a good number of photographs that are waiting to see the light of the day.
But the hitch that comes is I never remember how I cooked that what.
So while I sit staring at the dish, trying to rake my brains to what went into it and how,
 the dish sits and look back at me helplessly.
Amongst them, there are a few ones that I had posted on the notes section of my fb page.
Picked up one today to post.

 I have always liked this aamti that is usually served with simple 'Vrat'  or 'Upwaas' fares.
This is also a part of the Mahaprasad served at the ISCKON temple.
But I had no idea what went into it.

So when Preeti of ISingcakes & More wrote on FB  that she had this amti as part of her lunch one day, I asked for the recipe.
She promptly gave it to me.
And here it is ... what a beautifully flavoured aamti this is.
The blend of fresh green chillies with the kokum gives it fresh as well as tangy flavour.
I have been making this over and over again for a while now.
Thanks Preeti!

Need :
Peanuts/ Groundnuts - half a small cup ( dry roasted and skinned )
Kokum - 3 - 4 pieces
Green chillies - 2
Ghee - half a teaspoon
Cumin seeds / jeera - a small pinch
Salt to taste
Water - a cupful

How to:
Grind the peanuts in a mixie ( I just half crushed them as I like the small bits in a spoonful)
Make a paste of the kokum and green chillies.
(Preeti grinds them together with the peanuts ... I did not ... which is why my aamti lacks the colour hers has)

Heat ghee in a pan. Add the cumin seeds. When they start to splutter add the peanuts and the kokum paste.
Add water and salt.
Bring to a boil and simmer for around 5 minutes.
Check consistency .. if needed add more water and bring to a simmer again. 

Serve hot with sabudana khichdi.
It is a great side with these beautiful Sabudana vadas too.
Makes a vrat worth looking forward to.


  1. There is a name for that kind of friendship Sharmila. It is called toxic friendship. I read about it somewhere about how to avoid such bad vibes and forgot about it. That is life I guess, the good and bad in all people.

    As for the amti, I have not tasted it but anything with peanuts seems to be a favorite around our house and I got to try this.

    1. Indo ... I'd happily give away my left and right arm just to be able to sniff out such people at the begining and save myself a lot of anger and heartache. The incident above is just one example of many.
      Do try this amti ... it is very good with any dry dish.

  2. Robindronath bolechilen manushe biswas harano paap. sotti mithye janina tabe oi kore thokechi anek, shikhini kichui.
    Amti amar kche notun. Bangalore e thakte bhabtam eibar kokum try korbo...hoe othe ni. tomrta dekhe mone hochhe korle hoto.

    1. Sayantani ... true ... we never learn. I still have my stock of very good kokum from our beach trip long back. Wondering what'll I do once I run out of it. :-)

  3. New to your blog.. I had never heard of Amti before! But it sounds and looks yummy. Perfect thing to make on a puja day or navratra..

    1. Naabread .. yes .. it is served with prasads too.

  4. you must be really friendly soul, who people are taking advantage off... I had such issues in college, better now!
    yummy amti...


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