Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Methi ke Pakore / Fried dumplings with Fenugreek leaves

 "Hi! I live in the next building.", said the lady when I opened the door to the bell.
I welcomed her in.
She said her husband used to work in the same office as mine.
We had just moved into our new house and I was yet to make friends.
And people already knew about us! Must be the maid.
Anyway I was relieved I need not make any first attempt at introductions ... am very bad at striking up conversations.
And this one looked friendly.
And friendly she did turn out to be.
We chatted over tea for a good hour.
Then she got up to leave and as an after thought turned back and said ...
"I am having a small party the day after. Please do come for lunch."
I asked what was the occassion. ... wondering if I should take something along.
"It is nothing ... we ladies get together for lunch every month. So please do join us."

Yikes! One of those ladies get togethers ... cribbing,bitching,gossiping ... 
All the horrors I had always heard of came dancing before my eyes.
Tongue tied. No answer.
The head never works when you need a quick lie.
But wait.
There is a god.
"Please remember to come on time ... 2'o clock sharp."
"And bring a plate and a katori for yourself."

A double take. A triple take. I stood there at the door non plussed.
I could hear the lift reach the ground floor ... opened and shut again.
And I still stood there ...
still trying to get to the root of what she just said!
I couldn't believe what just happened ... or was said to me.
And then, I collapsed into laughter.
Helpless laughter.

I had no idea why she said that ... then.
I had met many kinds of people after leaving home and stepping into the big bad world.
But the world of housewives ... well ... I was just invited into one.

This lady turned out to be a Gujarati. And a huge help when it came to learning new stuff in the kitchen.
She was the one who had introduced me to this pakora ... the Methi ka Pakora.
Made it from scratch one evening ... just so I could learn.
And we sat with a plateful with a hot cup of tea ... while the monsoon drizzled lightly outside.

Just like any other Gujarati dish, this pakora is slightly sweet ...
the sweetness comes from the addition of jaggery.
Complements the lightly bitter methi.

Need :
Methi leaves - cleaned,washed and chopped very finely
Whole black pepper
Red chilli powder
A pinch of turmeric
Oil to deep fry

How to :

Mix everything, except the oil, with water to make a thickish paste.
Heat oil.
Scoop small balls into it and deep fry on low heat till brown.

Remove and drain on a kitchen towel or paper napkin.
Serve hot.

Perfect for winter or monsoon evenings.
But I had it with lunch. 
What with? Wait and watch. 
Till then .... 


  1. Funny! So you went with a katori and a plate? The pakoras look mighty good!

    1. Vani ... lol .. no ... just couldn't imagine standing at somebody's door with a plate and katori! :-p

  2. I think she must have forgotten to say spoon and glass also :-)..actually any pakoda with a cup of tea sounds so inviting..tu tumi finally meet up korle? ..hugs and smiles

    1. Lol Jaya ... yes ... did visit for a while but without a plate. After I got married Papa had given me a mantra ... visit but say you can't eat, vrat hai. ;-) Works every time I need to avoid eating at somebody's place. :-)

  3. Ha, ha...too good. Notun neighbor ? Methi pakora ta kintu bhalo shikhiyeche, bhabtei bhalo lagche flavor ta.

    1. Lol Sandeepa ... notun nieghbor chilo long back. Eta besh mishti ar halka bitter er taste hoye .. bhalo lagey. :-)

  4. Hi..

    This incident surely brought a smile on my wrinkled forehead :) like you m tongue tied too ., just can't think of something to bluff..n usually have foot in the mouth ;)
    I am absolutely a bad cook so I just read your recepies and salivate ..
    My husband hails from jharkhand.. So u do find a lot of help and ideas from you

    1. Thank you Anonymous! I am sure if you try some of my recipes would love them too ... they are pretty simple and easy.


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