Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Mutton liver stir fry in garlic chilli sauce

 The last week went by in a blur.
A blur of colours, fun and festive.
And even before I realise, we are into the end of the first week of Feb.
The festivity was created by the wonderful people I have in my life.
Thanks to my blog. And thanks to my fate.
The good ... and crazy ... souls actually created a huge stir and celebrated my b'day online.
Cooking wonderful dishes and creating a much loved air.
Making me glow with warmth. :-)
Then the man came up with a trip to the coast.
I have been missing the sea, the beach and the salty air terribly.
For ages now.
So whisked me off to a coast for a funfilled weekend.
Full three days of sun, sand and the soothing balmy air.

 Take a whiff. See what I mean! :-)
 Glorious sun rise!

 There's the coastline for you ... from the rope way ... called the Dolphin's nose.

There were some glorious dishes that I got to sample in those 3 days.
Fresh sea food platters. Good mutton.
Even an authentic South Indian thali.
Some different kinds of coffee and tea thrown in.
And a wonderful pizza and pasta party on the last day at our friend and host's place.
Some kebabs and kathi rolls and samosa thrown in too.
Was indeed in  foodie's heaven.

The Kingfisher Fashion show was on in the hotel that we had stayed in.
Got to rub shoulders with some chirpy and fun-to-be-with girls.
Couldn't help notice how down to earth they are.
Just another bunch of normal,young girls ... having fun and trying out food and the pool with equal enthu.
And working hard in the evening.
Costumes, makeup, ramp walk ... all under the eyes of numerous strangers.
All with a smile.
Braving the stares and the mosquitoes with equal ease.

Discovered a new respect for this occupation ... that looks so much fun but is as hard work as any other.

Coming back to today's dish, it is a simple stir fry.
Stir fried mutton liver.
My very first attempt at cooking mutton liver.
Now that I know how to buy mutton, chicken has been off my table for months now.
Mutton liver cooks very quickly ... almost a no hassle thing to make.
So I settled for a stir as I already had a one pot meal ready.
What is it? Coming up on the next post.
So hold your horses. :-)

 I got the man at the counter selling mutton chop up the liver into small to medium pieces.
Make sure the pieces stay similar in size ... else the cooking time won't apply to the whole lot.
And the result will be unevenly cooked liver.

A shout on FB guided me on how long to cook liver.
Almost everybody said it should not take long ... not more than 7 mins.
And no need for a pressure cooker.
Heard them. Believed and followed them.
And got my perfect stir fried mutton liver.
Not too tough. Not very soft.
Very, very perfect!

Need :

Mutton liver - chopped into small pieces
Ginger + garlic paste
Onion - sliced lengthwise
Garlic Chilli sauce ( I used Ching's)
Salt - to taste
Sugar - a pinch or more if you like it slightly sweet
Oil - to cook
Red chilli powder - a pinch

How to :

Toss the cleaned and washed liver pieces in the ginger garlic paste.
Heat oil in a pan or kadahi.
Add the sliced onions and fry on low heat for a while. 
When the moisture starts to dry, sprinkle the sugar and keep stirring.
Now add the liver pieces and keep stirring.
Add salt. Cover and cook for a while.
Remove cover after a while and check if the liver is done ... 
it should be firm ... neither tough or soft.
If cut with the spatula, it should not leak juices.

Add the chilli sauce and keep stirring for some more time.
Remove when the sides start to stick to the pan...
that will be due to the sugar caramelising.

Serve hot.
Goes great with rotis or parathas.


  1. Yum Yum sharmila, ki darun lagche ei plate ta. Niye nebo?

  2. My version is quite different from this....this looks so giving it a try....

    1. Would love to try out your version too Lubna. Am looking for recipes now that I've started cooking liver. Will hop over to your log soon. :-)

  3. Onek din mutton liver khai ni :( khub bhalobashi ami. Achcha tumi ki oi fashion model der sathe bondhutto korle ?

    1. Fresh pele try koro Sandeepa ... eto taratari hoye!
      Haan ... oi model ra toh okhanei thakto ... dining room,pool,lawn, beach ... kothao na kothao dekha hoto e ar chit chat hoto. Met Karishma Kotak and found her pretty grounded. And the best thing I liked about them was none of them had airs and were also not very very skinny. Normal girls like any other. :-)

  4. :) ki shundor chobi gulo and sounds like plenty of fun in 3 days! amio khabo Sharmila... parota diye.

    1. Soma ... phone e tola photo ... which is why I couldn't share the awesome food. Parota will be perfect with this ... triangle with lots of layers. :-)

  5. Love mutton kids call it Black keema!!
    Ar goto sunday tei complain korchhilo je kotodin 'Black Keema' banai ni!!

    Tomar ei recipe ta will be a nice variaton...ami konodin garlic chili sauce! Try korbo...

    1. Try it Sharmistha ... I dunk garlic chilli sauce into almost every dry bhaja I make. Love it. Black keema ... kids! :-)

  6. Love the sea-views ..kothaye tula eyi ta..and mutton liver to amar bishun priyo and eyi plate dekhe khide pache amaar..hugs and smiles

    1. Jaya .. I think you have a recipe of liver on your blog too ... want to try that sometime. Eta vizg e. :-)

  7. Your blog is a refreshing change from the usual nostalgi ridden NRI flood blogs that have completely inundated the blogosphere.


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