Monday, 20 October 2008

Bread Thalipeeth

Too many things on our minds and much more in our life has been bogging us down for a while now. Hectic days and work pressure has been stifling ... we just could not take it any more. Has been quite a while that we had taken a break ... so took an impromptu break at our favourite beach getaway.Came back fresh after a heady dose of the salt air and water. :-)

This is another great way to use leftover bread. As a healthier option I use atta or jowari ka atta to bind the soaked bread. This can be done real fast ... with just chopped onions and green chillies. You can also grate in vegetables if you want to or add chopped methi / palak.
Great as a snack.

Need : Well soaked bread pieces (in water), a little atta, chopped onions, chopped green chillies, haldi powder, red chilli powder, salt, a little cooking oil.

How to: Knead everything, except oil , into a soft and sticky dough. Wet hands and take a medium sized ball of dough and flatten it on a cold non stick kadhai / tawa. Make small holes in between and place it on the stove.

Let it cook for some time. When it starts drying up sprinkle / spray a little oil and flip it over.

Let it cook for some more time .... till brown.
Serve hot with dahi / butter / achar.


  1. You seriously come up with stuff I've never heard of or could imagine! Bread in a dough? Ok..I'll try it when I have bread lying around waiting to be used up. UR break sounds good..I could use one as well.

  2. Thanks Bharti!:-)A little break does make everything seem hunky dory again. :-)

  3. That is so innovative, never heard of this before... awesome!

  4. dearest kichu,
    how and where do you learn such unique recipes?
    Because I love, love, love them all!

  5. Sharmila,
    good to see you back,will check your travel blog also.
    Very innovative, it must be very delicious as a breakfast/snacks.
    hugs and smiles

  6. Nice left over idea Sharmila, I always have bread stocked up at home, thalipeeth sounds good for breakfast:)

  7. Thank you Anudivya!Do try it once. :-)

    Thank you,thank you, thank you Rashmi dear. :-)

    I'll put up the post only after Diwali Jaya ... and yes, this is great as a breakfast or brunch too. :-)

    Thank you Yasmeen .. do try it once .. it is really easy. BTW I can't access your profile .. so can't visit your blog.

  8. Hi Sharmila


    Advance Diwali wishes

    Take care


  9. Thats so lovely sharmila..would want to try this sometime!..breaks are always good right!

  10. hey.this looks great.thanks for dropping by my blog and enquiring abt me. am fine and back. already posted something.
    happy cooking!!

  11. wow .. nice dish .. very creative ..

  12. This is a different Thalipeeth.Looks good and nice pear jam too.

  13. Is it soft or hard ? pls let me know as my inlaws dont like hard stuffs

  14. Well ... they do turn out crispy Manidipa. And have to be had that way. Else they won't taste good. :-)

  15. Thanks sharmila ... i love to have crispy stuffs.. atleast i can prepare it for myself :-)

  16. How did I miss this? I am irregular now but back then I was pretty regular!

    Anyway, a great idea to use up bread like this!

  17. Hi, lovely recipe.. Just wanted to know the reason behind making holes in the thalipeeth.. Is it for a reason or only design ??. Please specify ..

    Thanks :)

  18. Nupur ... since the mix is very dense, the holes are made to add some oil when frying ... that way it stays moist in the middle too. Traditional thalipeeth mix has a lot of grains and needs this way for all round cooking. For the bread thalipeeth you can skip this part.

  19. I loved your recipe using left over bread slices. I will definitely try this soon!


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