Thursday, 16 October 2008

Pear Jam

We had bought some pears that turned out to be very sour. My attempts to sober them down with salt and chaat masala did not work.
So decided to add sugar and cook it up. This turned out as a great spread and went well with dry toast or plain crackers.
I did not add much for fear of overwhelming the pears' own exotic aroma .... just broke in some cinnamon sticks.
Need : Ripened pears chopped coarsely, sugar, cinnamon sticks, a little butter.
How to: Heat a pan and add a little butter and spread it well.
Now add the pears and the cinnamon and cover. Cook till half done.
Add the sugar and cook uncovered till all water dries up.


  1. love this stuff...tastes even better with the sweet pears and then no need to add sugar.

  2. This looks really good, who would have thought of doing something this simple yet delicious with pears...
    First time here, nice one! :)

  3. That is a good idea Bharti .. anything to stay away from sugar ... :-)

    Welcome Anudivya!And thank you.:-)Do keep visiting.

  4. First time here,
    Nice blog. Also checked your other blogs.. great going .. keep it up :)

    Do let me know if you have recognized me :),
    Hint : hafiz directed me to this blog :)

  5. Welcome Swati! And thanks for the nice words.:-)
    I do recognize you (I know 6 Swatis but if it is thru Hafiz .. it will be only 1 ... you.) :-)
    And you are doing great with your blog and in your kitchen.I especially loved the Apple carving ... that is awesome.
    I could not leave a line in your blog ... please allow the name/url option. Do keep visiting.:-)


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