Sunday, 12 October 2008

Moong Dal Halwa

Do not steal

These three photographs featured here have been stolen
and is all over the web.
I have got in touch with as many as I could and requested to get them removed.
Some of them have complied promptly.
If you see any of these snaps on any website or blog, please do inform me.

( Disclaimer : This recipe is entirely my own idea. I have tried to simplify a complex recipe for my own self. )

I think I should call it Instant moong dal halwa.

When I posted the parathas I was so caught up in the whirlwind days that I forgot to send it to Sunshinemom for her Brown event. :-(

They were brown alright ..... but she won't allow linking to old posts this time. :-(

I was so absentminded it completely slipped my mind. And the good lady says she finds it the best among my whole lot so far. She has a huge heart ... and I feel like going waaaaaah, waaaaaaah, ..... :-(

So thought of posting this halwa before I forget again.

When I came to know this is one of hubby's favourite, I asked many people as to how to make it. And got so many vague answers.

Later when I looked up the recipe in the net, I found it long and time taking .... always starting with "Soak the dal for a few hours .....".
I wanted to make it ..... and make it real fast.

So came up with my own version .... experimenting as usual. Now I can make this halwa in 10 mins flat, no pre planning .... no jhanjhat. :-)

All I do is dry roast the dal in a heavy kadhai till it is light brown and well cooked and gives off an aroma. This should be done on a low flame.

Then I cool it and grind it coarsely in a grinder. And store it in an airtight bottle.

Whenever I want to make halwa, all I have to do is cook it in ghee and sugar .... just like sooji halwa .... and it is done! :-)

Do not steal

Need : Yellow moong dal, roasted and coarsely ground, ghee, water, sugar and elaichi powder.

How to: Heat ghee in a non stick kadhai ( you need less ghee this way). Add the ground dal and fry for some time. Add the elaichi powder.
Add water and keep stirring till all water is soaked up ..... then add the sugar.
It will release more water .... so keep stirring till it dries up.
Done! :-)
Do not steal

This sweet goes to Sunshinemom's event FIC Brown.


  1. You make me blush!!! Thanks for the kind words about me - I will try and live up to that:) Coming to the halwa, looks yummy! The method is different but seems so much easier than what my neighbour makes! Thank you for the halwa - I could do with a spoon right now:)

  2. That IS a quick version. I remember making the moong dal halwa once and it took hours. Never attempted it again. That's a neat idea.

  3. the halwa looks sooo yummy ... i likes your version .. quick & easy

  4. Thank you Sunshinemom! :-) Whenever I make it I feel proud of myself for coming up with this original idea. ;-p

    Am glad you like it Bharti. Do try it once. :-)

    Thank you Deesha! :-)

  5. Moong Dal is my fav too..I can still remember the first time I had it...divine! hubby loves it too...I have made it only once...though I have to improve on it..yours simply looks so lovely ..will surely try yours sometime..

  6. I tried one of the soak the dal recipe for moong dal halwa.. and it was a disaster...

    Shall try this one..but after a break :)

    I came to your blog for the first time.. nice work..

    Nice to be back in touch wuth you via blog :)

  7. Thank you Sagari! :-)

    Do try it this way Sri ... you will keep on making it ... it is so easy! :-)

    Belive me Swati ... my version works like magic .. it makes making the halwa so easy .. do try it once .. and do let me know. :-)

    Am glad too that you came here .. and we are in touch again.
    Looking forward to more recipes in your blog. :-)

  8. Hi Sharmila, halwa is so splendid..can u pls let us know what is the amount of water used, like - double qty of daal when added to the kadhai..or so. Hub wd definitely try!

  9. Hi Purnima!
    Actually I don't use any measurements ... but I'd say a little more than double the dal quantity, as the dal will soak more water than what usual sooji does. Just keep adding water till the dal is completely submerged ... and then cook till all water is soaked up.

    The best part is ... if you feel you need to ... you can always add extra water ... no probs with that.
    Hope this helps. :-)

  10. Hey Sharmila
    Always meant to try this recipe. Tell me this please, do you soak the dal, drain, dry and then dry roast it or just as it is? Thanks.

  11. No Bharti .. do not soak it ... just put in some dal directly into a kadhai and keep stirring it. You will see it will start to turn golden brown and then brown ... very slowly.

    Do not ... I repeat ... do not leave the kadhai or stop stirring ... it burns very fast.

    When it starts to turn light brown, you will get the roasted aroma.
    Turn off the heat ... but still keep stirring for a while ... as the kadhai will retain heat for a while.

    Cool and then run through a mixer / blender.

    You can store this for a couple of months if you make in bulk ... and can get instant halwa just like sooji halwa ... whenever you want to.

    Hope this helps. Any other questions ... just shoot. :-)

  12. Thanks! will try it soon, hopefully.

  13. Aditi ChakrabartyThursday, August 06, 2009

    Sharmila, i tried ur halwa the very same i read it!! It rocks man!!! thankx!! shobai khub pochondo koreche!!

  14. Thanks for trying it out and letting me know Aditi! Am glad it was liked by all. :-)

  15. Moong Dal Halwa always meant a pain in the arm ... literally ... I made it once(it is also by hubby's fav)and sweared never to make it again because it took hours to slow fry the wet ground dal. Your recipe is quick and easy and there is no difference in the taste with the traditional recipe. Thank you so much for this recipe

  16. i what i plan to do .. is to get moong dal carsely grinded from the grinder(atta chakki),, can it solve the purpose tell >>>>>

    it will save my time also,,,9for roasting & then grinding)

  17. My pleasure Madhu! :-) Do let me know how it turns out when you make it. :-)

    Anonymous ... I really do not care for comments by people who do not bother to leave their names.
    I have not tried it the way you want to ... why don't you make it and let me know?

  18. This looks too yummy :) can you please tell me the proportion of moong dal and sugar. Should i add them in equal portions? sorry for sounding so naive...

  19. Arunima ... I ususally don't measure when cooking ... but I think for 1 cup of dal powder 1 cup and a little more sugar should work fine ( depends upon the size of the sugar grains too ).
    Of course you can taste and adjust as per your liking ... do add a little water if it turns too thick. You can check out the snap in this link for the perfect texture ...
    Hope this helps. :-)

  20. i made this halwa with ur easy recpie and it came out perfect. ca u plz post a BESAN KI BARFI recpie using less ghoo or oil . thanks

  21. Wow this is quick and looks yummy! And I was scared to leave an anon comment! Sad part is I was just google-searching well past midnight. My mom has already soaked the daal so guess she will do it the traditional way. But I have to try this recipe. Dal halwa is my personal fave :) :) thank you and I will b back for more. (I hope u are still around since u posted this one ages ago)

  22. Glad you liked it Meenakshi. Thanks. Will post besan ki barfi as soon am back from my break. Please bear with me. :-)

    Thank you for not posting an anon comment Priyanka.
    Do try this out my way ... it is way faster and hassle free. You can even grind and store the dal for later use.
    Am on a break right now but am hoping to be back soon. :-)

  23. thanks sharmila...was alone at home and getting bored so while going through ur blog felt like trying the halwa immediately...sort of doing something interesting...never thought it'll turn out so well and easy...kudos to you..wanted to post a pic of my halwa anyways...also i used shona moong the tiny golden ones(brought some along during my last trip to kolkata in feb). will look forward to more such hassle free recipes...shubho mahalaya and a very happy durga pujo :)

  24. moong dal halwa is one of the famous sweet dish of Jodhpur. Its a famous Indian desserts.I love it very much.

  25. Hello, I have tried the recipe and it turned out to be delicious..but when I serve the halwa later, it dries up..could you tell me how can I fix it and make it soft again

    1. Hi! I think the moisture content must be a little less.
      Try adding a little milk along with the water ... maybe that will help.

    2. Also do try hot water instead of cold .... that makes a difference too.

  26. Hello, I have tried the recipe and it turned out to be delicious..but when I serve the halwa later, it dries up..could you tell me how can I fix it and make it soft again


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