Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Gulab Jamun

The festive season is slowly coming to an end and I can breathe a sigh of relief now. The hectivities (?) had started almost a month before Durga Puja and are now slowing down ... albeit gradually.
It has been much fun ... the preparations and the celebrations .... brightened by heart warming wishes and boisterous visits from good friends and family. We are a quiet couple and those who know us know that everybody is welcome in our life ... they only have to step in.... or even barge in. :-)

Over the years I have learnt the traditions and what to make on Diwali .... and try my hand at them. This year too I made a few goodies .... and all keeping up with the tradition of deep frying and sweet stuff.
But that is what Diwali is for ... gorging on calories that you might feel blocking your heart as you are sleeping ... but then find yourself hale and hearty the next day .... and craving for more. :-)

And then there is always the rest of the year to walk/run/bend/stretch them away... punish your body well for reaching for that extra gulab jamun/laddoo. What say ..? ;-)

I have a lot to post .... but am starting with the all time fav Gulab Jamuns as I want to send them to Sunshinemom's event.

I did not do much to make them ... as I used the store bought Gits instant mix.
Just added milk instead of water to knead the mix ... they turned out real creamy and rich in texture.
Another tip .... if the sugar syrup turns out too thick and is not enough for all the gulab jamuns, just heat the bowl ... yes, gulab jamuns and all .... with some added water. That should do the job and the sweets will soak through.
Need : Gulab Jamun mix ( I use Gits), sugar syrup ( boil equal quantitites of sugar and water ... add a few crushed elaichi),a little cold milk, cooking oil for deep frying.
How to : Knead the mix with milk to make a very soft dough (remember ... the softer the dough, the softer the gulab jamuns). If it sticks to your hands, apply a little cooking oil.
Heat enough oil in a kadhai. Make small balls from the dough and deep fry them on low flame till they are well cooked and turn brown.
I did not have the time or the patience ... so made medium sized balls and got huge sized gulab jamuns. :-)
Drain from oil and dunk them into the hot sugar syrup.

This bowlful goes to Sunshinemom's event FIC Brown.
And to Sudeshna who is hosting Satisfy your sweet tooth.

Updated :

And to dear Srivalli ... who is just too nice for words. In my hurry I completely forgot her event inspite of me saying that I'll send something for it. But the nice person she is, she actually reminded me of it ... and with a smile.

Since this post is not even a day old, I am sending my Gulab Jamuns to dear Srivalli too for her event JFI Festivals .

Happy Diwali all !!


  1. hmmmm..yummy! aami pantua baaniyechhii...dekhte onekta gulab jamuner motoi kintu ranga aalo diye baanano!! :)

    Happy diwali!

  2. Those are said you are sending me some sweet??>..:)

  3. Good tip ..

    I was going thru your travelogue. very nice.. I had been to Lonavala Loooong time back.. I will read more.. all of it. We love travelling too.

  4. Hi Sharmila,
    It was great to have this post for my blog event. I would be glad if you can add the event logo along with the post. Here is the link to the event

  5. Thanks you Joyeeta .. ar arnga alur pantuar kotha mone kore dewar jonneo. :-)
    Kotodin khaini ... shiggiri post koro ... amio banabo. :-)

    Am so sorry dear Sri ... no excuses ... completely my fault ... can I send them now please?

    Thank you Soma!Am glad you like my ramblings. :-)

  6. ah! Sharmila looks so mouth watering .I just want to taste it right now ,But cant , Ki Jaala Bolo to ?
    hugs and smiles

  7. I have tried gits too with added khoya long back. Used to be a favourite with me until sometime back - you know why!! Thank you:)

  8. Chole esho Jaya .. tomar jonne bati bhore rekhe dicchi. :-)

    Hehehe Sunnymommy! ;-)
    Hope you are feeling better. :-)


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