Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Macaroni Salad

The best thing about winter is fresh veggies. Even though we do get everything the whole year through, there is something definitely different about veggies in winter. The carrots are juicier, the green peas sweeter, the spring onions look happier ....

And this is the best time to have them raw. Nothing can compare to that fresh juice or that crunch.
I try to put in as much veggies as possible into anything that am cooking. Or have them as a salad.

I like macaronis ... but not the usual way .... messed up in a gooey white sauce (which I do like once in a while) or with lumpy, elastic cheese ( which I positively hate).
So I make them my way .... will post sometime.

And if I have some already boiled macaroni in the fridge .... I make a salad for lunch ( anything to not to cook for only myself ).

And here's my salad. You can add black olives too. I do not like them ... so did not.
And if you like garlic ... can add a very finely chopped clove. Nonveggies can add slivers or cubes of boiled chicken or cubed hard boiled eggs.

I added some toasted bread croutons .... loved that dry crunch with the juicy ones. :-)

Need : Boiled macaroni or any pasta, raw fresh vegetables like carrots, spring onion, green peas, tomatoes, chopped green chillies, lime juice, bread croutons, olive oil, salt and sugar to taste.

How to : Chop the veggies. Shell the peas. Toss everything together with a dash of lime juice and lots of olive oil.

Done ! :-)
Another closer look. :-)


  1. that salad sure looks healthy girl & soo colorful. loved it

  2. This is the way my daughter makes it! I loved the cheesy way but it is not possible now! Delicious alternative to the usual one!

  3. Real good one! My kids won't eat with cheese. this is just perfect & healthy.

    U are so right about winer veggies. I hate the same things we get all thru' the year.

    chobi change korecho?

  4. Fresh n yummy. This is the kinda stuff I like to do in the summers here. In winters, the tomatoes taste like nothing and I mean nothing.

  5. Looks great. I would like mine with a tad bit of light mayo to hold everything up. Either way looks beautiful and colorful

  6. Looks very colorful.I liked the idea of tossing in some croutons.

  7. a lovely looking and really healthy salad too,yummy!

  8. Thanks Deesha, Sunshinemom, Priyanka! :-)

    Thanks Soma! Hain chobita change korlam ... mondo lagche? :-)

    Thanks Bharti! And I somehow thought tomatoes are best in winters! :-)

    Righto Anudivya! Or just some mustard goes great too. :-)

    Thanks Srimathi, Pavithra, Bindiya! :-)

  9. I'm a lot like you,Hate Mac-n-cheese,would prefer your vibrant salad any day:)

  10. That sure looks very yummy!...and colourful too..

  11. Sharmila,
    aami mac n cheese hi jaan taam LOL..
    this looks really delicious!great way to add green vegetables..
    hugs and smiles

  12. The salad looks colorful and inviting :-)

  13. looks good.. i love salads, but only in summers, delhi type sardi main, i only dream of fried goodies and chai:D

  14. Thank you Yasmeen, Srivalli, Jaya, Usha! Am so glad you liked my salad. :-)

    Rashmi .. Delhi is freezing right now .. but winters here are not at all cold ... and the days are especially warm ... so salads work well for lunch. :-)

  15. Feels like eating a rainbow. Lovely!


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