Friday, 9 January 2009

Creamy Vegetable Stew

I make this stew very regularly ... it is great in the monsoons when it does turn a little cold here .... or in the winter, when we get good veggies. It tastes great when eaten cold too ... in the summers .... but it is impossible to get fresh greens then.

Very simple to make, this can be a full meal by itself if you add some noodles (last snap) or pasta.

Its creamy texture and flavour gives vegetables a completely new makeover ... and eating veggies turn just so delightful.

You can serve it with fresh warm bread. Or just eat up plain bowlfuls. Either way you will absolutely love it. :-)

This can made in a pressure cooker too .... just take care that the veggies are not overcooked.
I make it in a deep heavy bottomed pan ... I like the veggies to stew slowly .... soaking up each others flavours.

Need : Sliced or cubed vegetables ( I had beans, carrots, green peas, mushrooms, sweet corn, cabbage and cauliflower), sliced or cubed onions, chopped garlic, water, milk, a little maida, butter, salt and sugar to taste.

How to : Heat a heavy vessel and add a little butter. ( No yelling ..... you need butter here .... but see .... I have mentioned very little .... so .... :-) )

Take care not to over heat ..... we want no burning here ..... read no sharp flavours.
Add the onions and the garlic and just toss around a little till translucent.
Now add the veggies and stir fry for a little while.
Now add enough water. Add salt and sugar, cover and cook till all veggies are cooked but firm.

Mix a little maida to a cupfull of milk. ( Yes, it is maida .... not cornflour .... we need to give a little body to the watery thinness). Make sure that you do not make a paste. We don't want thick lumpy stuff in the name of a soup/stew.
You can use whole or skimmed milk.

Add it to the stew, bring to a boil (not on high heat) and let it simmer for some more time.

I had some left over boiled noodles in the fridge .... so added some to make a bowlful for myself. Had a creamy, slurpy, healthy lunch. :-)

Loved all the snaps .... so filled the post with all of them. :-)

Do have a go at this friends ... you will love it. :-)


  1. Soupy stew looks great, Sharmila! Yes the snaps are great too - no wonder you could not decide:)

  2. Ki shundor dekhte lagchey, all those colors with white.Ma used to make stew exactly like this in winter, ar majhe majhe shob veggie r shathey mutton dito. Very comforting during chilly weather.


  4. Wow so creative..I liked your idea of adding noodles..So tempting :)

  5. This is one creamy-looking stew! I love all those veggies in there. Nice to find your blog, Sharmila.

  6. tomar stew-er bowl ta jadi ekhuni hat bariye nite partam, gulo fantastic hoyeche...lovely

  7. Sharmila, garbanzo beans is just chana.. I have updated the post.

  8. Beautiful stew and beautiful pics!

  9. Look at that big bowl of veggies. Sounds so healthful and I never say no to a little butter.

  10. baah! daaruunn hoyechhe..both the macaroni salad and the stew.
    I love making soups, if you have any other recipes, nishchoi kore share korish... would love to try!

  11. Thanks Sunshinemom! :-)

    Thanks Soma! Amar Ma o eirokom i banaye .. sudhu cicken dito .. muttoner alada stew korto. :-)

    Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Thanks Vanamala! :-)

    Thanks Pavitra! :-)

    Thank you Vaishali! Am glad you came along and liked what you saw. Do keep visiting. :-)

    Niye nao Indrani. :-) And thanks! :-)

    Thanks Soma for the info. Ami ektu khujte partam .. tomaye shudhu sudhu birokto korlam. :-)

    Thanks Rashmi! :-)

    Thanks Bharti! :-) Great that butter is ok with you ... it is the main thing that lends flavour to this bowl of greens. :-)

    Nischoi korbo Joyeeta. Khub bhalo lage jokhon tumi ekhane eshe o comments dao. Thanks! :-)

  12. Sharmila,
    stew looks so delicious ,perfect for this winter season ..
    pics looks full of life and color ..darun..
    hugs and smiles

  13. first time on your blog, very colourful stew!! pretty

  14. Thanks so much Jaya! :-)

    Welcome to my blog Rajani!am so glad you like it. do keep visiting.:-)

  15. Great pics!! Looks so Yummy! Must try this out. I think Girish will love this one..

  16. Thanks Meghna! How nice of you to leave a line here. :-)
    Do try the stew ... and lemme know how it turns out. :-)

  17. Lovely stew...,all pics r really awesome.. Real creamy...

  18. darun stew recipe!

  19. Stew khub bhalo lagche...oto sabji diye healthy o bote


  20. I have come across a similar stew made with coconut milk, though did not try it. As Soma has pointed out its very colorful an appetizing.

  21. Thank you Neha! :-)

    Thank you Arundhuti! :-)

    Thank you Sandeepa! Khub bhalo laglo tumi amar blog e ele. :-)

    You are right Madhuram .. it can be made with coconut milk too. And thanks! :-)

  22. This is such a simple and lovely stew and looks so beautiful:-)


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