Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pineapple Cake

Another successful experiment ! :-)
I had some pineapple stowed away in the freezer a fortnight back and completely forgot all about it. When I finally took a look at it, it was stone frozen. I was in the process of making my Coffee Cake .... the one I make very frequently. So decided it will be a Pineapple cake instead.

The recipe is here.
I just ran the frozen pineapple in the mixer so that it got just crushed. The small irregular pieces in every bite made it taste even more awesome!
Since the amount of Pineapple was very less ( I had around 1 cupful of crushed Pineapple ), I halved the proportions of everything needed for the cake. And added less than the usual amount of milk ... as the Pineapple would release moisture.
This turned out to be the softest cake I have ever baked ... it almost melted in the mouth. :-) 

Enjoyed a slice with my evening cuppa of my favourite Darjeeling tea. :-) 


  1. what a cool idea to add pineapple pieces to a regular cake. Pineapple cakes are always refreshing.
    next time, yellow cake korlei I'll do this:)

  2. Akele akele hi enjoy kiya!! Tch! Tch! Is it Christmas that triggered off the cake thing? I haven't seen too many cakes on your blog! Great for afternoon tea - when you say Darjeeling tea I feel like it is something from Agatha Christie. The teas Miss Marple used to enjoy - Brit Tea!

  3. This really does look melt-in-the-mouth delicious. And I love the pale-yellow color.

  4. Cake look yummy...Will surely try sometime..

  5. Thanks Soma! Ami ektu impatient hoye cake ta oven theke ber korechilam ... tai pale yellow theke geche .. amar o khub bhalo laglo colour ta. :-)

    No Sunshinemom .. I bake very frequently, but nothing fancy/complicated .. just my coffee/plain/fruit cake ... so no point in posting them over and over again. This was a new thing .. so posted. :-)

    And the Darjeeling tea is a regular to me from childhood. Since it is difficult to get the authentic stuff here ( all those fancy pouches & boxes hold sawdust) I have to get it from Kol.
    Right now I have a good stock ... so was gloating. ;-)

    Thanks Vaishali! I had taken out the cake as soon as it was done .. so it did not get the time to brown. :-)

    Do try Pavithra. And thanks! :-)

  6. Sharmila,
    wow! cake looks so soft and delicious ..
    hugs and smiles

  7. How soft and yummy it looks. Perfect with your tea. Nice epic.

  8. WOW...just what I need right now!! :)
    I love pineapple cake but never tried making it.
    And Darjeeling tea..aaaah!!! Love it...:)

  9. Thanks Jaya and Bharti! Even I was surprised at how soft it turned out ... I had thought the pineapple would bog it down. :-)

    You can make one now Joyeeta ... it is too easy. And thanks! :-)

  10. Hi First time here. You have a wonderful blog.cake looks so soft and delicious

  11. One of my very favorite cake!!!love the flovr of pineapple..I too made one...I also added pineapple pieces in it.I used pineapple juice as the liquid ingredient. :)

  12. I've had pineapple upside down cake and enjoyed it. So I can guess that having pineapple chunks throughout the cake would make it super-yummy. Looks great too

  13. Thanks Jaishree! Do keep visiting. :-)

    Pineapple juice as the liquid ingredient sounds good Ranji. And thanks! :-)

    Must try the upside down cake once Simran.And thanks! :-)

  14. that does look totally melt in the mouth & delicious

  15. amaro chai ek piece! eto tasty cake banao...darao..got to drop in at ur place..this is just too tempting!

  16. wow that sure looks delicious girl .. yum

  17. Perfect n moist! it has got a lovely shade of yellow.

  18. Thank you Rashmi! :-)

    Chole esho Rakhee .. always welcome. :-)

    Thanks Deesha! :-)

    Thanks Vij! :-)

  19. hi sharmila
    ur cakelooks yummy.i tried it once.but i didnt hv the idea what essence should i use while making pineapple cake.i didnt found pinapple essence any of the stores.i have only vanilla essence.but i was not sure of using it in making pineapple cake.i need ur suggestion what should i do?

  20. Hi Somdutta ... I do not use any artificial essence in cakes or food except vanilla.
    This cake will have the original flavour of pineapple ... so no worries. Yes, if you add eggs then you might need a little vanilla essence. Just add a little as the pineapple does have a strong flavour.
    Hope this helps. :-)

  21. Hi....

    I am happy to read your blog more and more.. It's giving me motivation and confidence to cook and experiment more.. I read about ur pulav and tried some my self yesterday.. Turned out well mam...

    I am going deeper and deeper in your blog.. Like daily news.. This has become by daily brain food habit.. ;)


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