Monday, 5 January 2009

Dankheer / Kheer made from Posto dana or Poppy seeds

Am starting of the New Year with a unique recipe from the in-laws side of the family. I had never heard of anything made this way from Posto / Khus Khus / Poppy seeds. The recipe belongs to MIL's family ... and is a great favourite.
Initially I searched the net but never found a recipe for this. Later, I learnt from SIL.

Dankheer or Danakheer is made from Poppy seeds' milk. It is a kheer ... but not your usual kheer per se ... i.e. it is not sweet. It has a very lightly salted flavour ... so light that when eating it, you can add sugar to make it sweet.
And the rice has to be extra mushy.

It is a full meal by itself ... like a khichdi ..... usually eaten hot with ghee and sugar ..... or with a spicy pickle. I served it with Garlic and Kair pickle.

There was too much of sunlight on my table ... so the snaps don't do justice to this dish. Never again am I going to crib about enough sunlight for snaps. :-p

Need : Poppy seeds, soaked and made into a smooth paste, washed and soaked long grained rice, a pinch of salt, water.

How to : Strain the poppy seed paste, adding a little water at a time to get a thick milk.
In a heavy bottomed pan take water ( it should be a little more than the usual quantity taken to cook rice) and bring to a boil.
Add a pinch of salt.
Add the rice and cook till tender ... but not fully done.
Now add the poppy seeds milk and cover and cook till rice turns mushy and thickens.

Dankheer is best eaten hot. The flavour of rice, poppy seeds and ghee tastes heavenly ! :-)

I did not have the heart to throw away the posto residue .... so made Posto Bhaja or fry. Shall post it next. :-)


  1. You do not add sugar to it while cooking? I have heard of khus khus kheer but this recipe is different! Another unique recipe that looks great!

  2. Eta ekdom notun! kono din shuni ni ami. posto r kheer shunechi, but i think that is more popular in the southern parts of india.

    I am eyeing those kair pickles:-) last time we were in india, we got those packed & at the last moment we did have space even for that small bottle:-(

  3. Kheer looks delicious...Very new to me..

  4. This is really new to me...Very creative..

  5. Hi Sharmila

    A perfect '' kheer '' for new year....

    A very Happy new Year to you and your family.. :))))


  6. oh this is new to me. never heard this..looks very nice

  7. Very intriguing recipe. Would love to taste this.

  8. ur recipes re always simple,..nd yum,..this for sure must hve tasted great,..:-)

  9. No Sunshinemom ... no sugar. It has a very mild salty taste .. so that it allows you to decide whether you want it sweet (add sugar when eating) or spicy (have it with pickles). :-)
    And thanks! :-)

    Soma .. thanks ... eta amader family recipe .. amio biyer aage kokhono shunechilam na.
    Tumi dry kair niye jete paro ... halka hoye carry korte .. okhane baniye niyo ... ami shikhiye debo. :-)

    Thank you Pavithra! :-)

    Thanks Priya! :-)

    Thanks Niya! :-)

    Thanks Vanamala ! :-)

    Try it once Bharti ... does not take much time. :-)

    Thanks Priyanka! It did. :-)

  10. ooohh..but why these buddhus have banned posto in Singapore!

  11. this is new for me........have heard about posto paste being mixed with panta bhaat , peyaj kuchi n all....but never heard of this....nice n interesting.


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