Monday, 1 September 2008

Baingan Bharta / Roasted Brinjal

The Begun Pora!
I have been wanting to share this for so long ... ok, ok ... it was only last week ... but am so completely in love with this dish ... I want everybody to try it at least once.

It is simple, easy to make and this time there was no oil / frying of onion/ tomatoes etc etc .... that is usually used to temper the roasted brinjal .... thus successfully killing all the smoky flavour and its actual taste.

Hubby donned the apron this weekend and came up with this rustic dinner. He also made a slight change like stuffing the brinjal with chopped garlic and then roasted it ... something I have never done.

I roasted some green chillies too .... the flavour was awesome!

Need : Big brinjal, chopped garlic, chopped onion, 1 tbsp mustard oil ( for flavour ... can be skipped too), chopped / crushed/ roasted green chillies, salt to taste.

How to : Make slits in the brinjal on both sides .... they should be more deep than long.
Stuff in the chopped garlic .... like so.
Try to stuff it real deep.

Apply a little oil on the skin of the brinjal and roast it from all sides till well cooked and the skin turns flaky.

Remove , cool and skin it. Check for any unwanted little friends inside.

Add the chopped onions, chillies, salt and mustard oil and mash well.
Done !! :-)

I did not add any coriander leaves as they would have overpowered the smoky flavour.
Serve hot with rotis.

To go with the rustic flavour we decided to make thick rotis on our earthern tawa .... our most precious possession .... that we had picked up from a dhabawala on the highway to Udaipur. On asking how much to pay for this tawa, the simple man had taken a long time and then demanded the princely sum of Rs.5. And no ... am not talking of any ancient time .... just a couple of years back. :-)

A perfectly smoky flavoured and hot dinner for a dark, rainy night.



  1. combo looks nice..nd earthen tawa, for me,,:-)even i luv bingan bharta :-)

  2. Wow..I like the roasted garlic idea, and this quick smoky version of baigan bharta. The earthen tava- ur so lucky!

  3. I am so making Bharta like this now..the earthen tawa is a great find, what a sweet man.

  4. Baigan Bharta looks yum and the roti also ..
    hugs and smiles

  5. Hi Sharmila,
    That was a mouth watering dish. I love Baingan bharta very much so whenever I feel like having it I just ask the near by iron wala to roast it onhis coal oven . The smell of charcoal gets a better taste to the whole dish.
    I hope you'll send some etries for my blog event.
    Catch u soon

  6. Baigan love this too and does the same way too..but now a days using microwave to roast the baigan..Tawa is interesting too ;)

  7. I do love those tawas for bringing out the true bhakri and roti flavors! your version of the bhartha is quite nice.

    cheers, trupti
    The Spice Who Loved me

  8. notyet
    Thanks!It was nice tasting too.:-)

    Actually the garlic gets steamed inside and since it is already chopped there is no fear of a sudden 'too much garlic in a mouthful'. :-)

    Do try it ... am sure you'll love it.And yes, the man was really sweet for he fed us the most amazing and simple dhaba meal. :-)

    Thanks! The rotis were thick but soft ... and they did puff up.:-)

    What a great idea! I can imagine the flavour of the coals in the roasted brinjal. I used to have roasted potatoes that way in my grandpa's house that the cook made ... never tasted anything better since then. :-)
    Of course I'll contribute to your event. :-)

    I know the MW has made life a lot simpler for us ... but I somehow prefer some Indian food to be cooked the traditional way ...
    If the brinjal is not burnt then it just is not roasted ... right? :-)

    Very true. :-) I must try making bhakris in it ... thanks for the idea ... and for coming over. :-)

    And a Big Thanks ! to all of you for loving my earthen tawa ... and leaving behind such nice words for it. :-)

  9. Thats one of my favorite dishes...and I haven't had it for a loooong time :(
    Thanks for posting this yummmmmy recipe. I never roasted baingan with stuffed garlic. Very unique idea, it must come out sooo good!!

  10. Thanks Joyeeta! Do try it once ... ekdom alada taste. :-)


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