Monday, 15 September 2008

Dahi Karela / Bitter gourd in curd

For this dish I scraped and fried the karela ... something I usually don't do when am making karela masala or plain fried. But too much bitter would not go with the slightly sour curd.

This actually turned out great. Hubby likes it with parathas ... but for me .... always rice. :-)
Need : Karelas ( scraped , cut into long slices and marinated with salt for about an hour ),
beaten curd, haldi powder, red chilli powder, dhaniya powder,
jeera, a pinch of hing, cooking oil and salt to taste.
How to : Drain the karela and wash it well. Heat enough oil and fry them till done.
In a different pan heat about a tablespoonfull of fresh oil.
Add jeera and hing. Now add the curd and haldi and red chilli powder.
Add dhaniya powder.
Cook in low flame , stirring gently.
Add the salt and the karelas.
Cook till gravy thickens slightly.
Or you can dry it up completely, like a sukha dish.

Great with hot rotis / parathas / steamed rice.
Am sending this to Sunshinemom's event FIC GREEN.


  1. karela does taste best fried, dahi karela looks yum

  2. lovely recipe!! looks yum...this is my first time here...jus popped in to say a big hi to u :-)

  3. bitter gourd in curds is something very folks love bitter new one to try..

    btw don't bother leaving your details, I have already taken it myself..:)

  4. Both of you like karela?? That is surprising! Here husband and daughter love it, me and son hate it! In fact the vipakshi dal often complain about that. Maybe I should floor them with this recipe - I actually do not know how to cook karela:)

    Thank you for sending it to me!

  5. notyet
    Thanks. :-)

    I agree. :-)

    Thanks. :-)

    Thanks. And welcome. Do keep visiting. :-)

    So sweet of you. Thanks. :-)

    Hahaha ... I like the tag vipakshi dal.Maybe I should create one for myself .. for chicken and fish ... and be hubby's vipakshi dal :-)
    I know it is not proper green .. thanks for accepting it. :-)

  6. Bitter gourd wow. This recipe looks nice and yum. Will try this soon.

  7. yummy,I came across this blog and this recipe searching for doi begun and subz bhaja,nice blog

  8. i made the gatte ki sabzi it turned out to be good..
    will also try the dahi karela looks interesting :)


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