Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Chatpata Kaddu / Spicy Pumpkin

The most lovable of all gods ... our golu-molu Ganpati Bappa is here. :-) The day has already started with a festive note ... the rains have abated and the day is bright and clear. The notes of Ganpati bhajans are already wafting in the air ... a few lines from this side merge with a few others from other sides.
And it won't be long before the strains of "Sukhakarta Dukkhaharta ..." will fill the air twice a day ... for ten whole days.
For me it is doubly exciting as Durga puja is just around the corner. :-)
So decided to post something veggie ... inspite of a whole lot of non-veg recipes are lined up in the waiting line.
This kaddu ki sabzi is from hubby's side and I learnt it from my sis-in-law. The novelty of this is the beautiful fragrance that the methi seeds combined with hing give it.
Need : Pumpkin cut into slightly big pieces, with the skin on, methi seeds, a pinch of hing, amchur powder ( just enough to give a tangy taste) , dhania powder, red chilli powder, haldi powder, whole green chillies, salt to taste and a little cooking oil.
How to : Heat oil. Add the methi seeds and wait for sometime ... do not brown them ... just long enough for the oil to soak up the flavour.
Now add the green chillies and hing. Add the pumpkin pieces and fry for some time. Add haldi powder and salt and cover.
Cook till the pumkin is completely done .... it will leave a lot of water.
Remove cover and add the red chilli powder, dhania powder and amchur powder.
Keep tossing till the spices blend in well and all water dries up.
Serve hot with rotis / parathas.
May the good Vighnaharta keep all 'vighna' and troubles away from everybody's life. :-)



  2. Nice one dear..Happy Ganesh Chaturth to U..have a nice day

  3. this is exactly how we make it too. since when do you find hing's smell beautiful;)

  4. notyet & Priti

    :-)) U got me :-)
    I have learnt to appreciate the different flavours in this dish .. but I do not eat it.;-)
    Ab jab hing ke saath rehna hi hai to thoda usko bhi maska marne ki koshish ;-p

  5. hehe..actually hing ka bhi ek case hai yaar, esp agar bachpan se aadat ho to, like me.
    Now I know what to gift you when we meet, a carton of 'hing goli' :D

  6. :-)) Rashmi
    Accha sila diya tune mere blogging ka ... (keep humming this stupid song now .. and let me know how long did it take to get it out of your system) :-))
    Koi baat nahi mere dost .. next post dekh lo .. uska ek carton banau ? ;-))

  7. Looks chatpata, and tastes good too! I have had this at a Haryanvi Frnd's house.

    BTW, I am tired of the loudspeakers here! Like the Omkara song by Suresh Wadkar very much though:) Me too looking forward to Navratri! Do you stay in Mumbai too?

    I like the smell of hing esp. in dal:)

  8. Thanks Sunnymommy ! :-)
    And I stay in Pune .. and the city follows strict guidelines regarding noise pollution .. so we can hear only the songs if we are in the vicinity of the pandals .. that too only till 10 in the night. After that peace. :-)

    And I hate hing ;-p That is what I and Rashmi have been pulling each others' leg about in the earlier comments. :-)

    I must say thanks to you and Rashmi here as you are one of those very few people who actually give time and go thru the whole posts.
    Always love to see your say here on my blog. :-)

  9. My pleasure!! kabhi idhar aaogi to milna zaroor:)

  10. Thanks Harini!
    Will do for sure.:-)


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