Sunday, 7 September 2008

Rosogolla / Rasgulla

No introduction needed for this sweet I guess.:-)

I learnt this from my cousin N didi ... having two much older and much married cousins in the same city has helped me a lot as far as cooking is concerned.

N didi makes the biggest sized rosogollas one can ever imagine .... but then again ... the perks of being the wife of a C-in-C includes a huge ration allowance.:-)

I had a lot of milk in the fridge ... and it has been a long time since I have made some proper sweets ... so set about making rosogollas.

Contrary to what most people believe, making rosogollas is very easy ... and the whole process takes just about an hour.

Just a few pointers to keep in mind -

Rosogollas should always be made from cow's milk and it is better if fresh lemon juice is used to curdle the milk .... though vinegar too helps as a substitue.

The milk, once curdled, should not be boiled for a long time .... this tends to harden the paneer ... for rosogollas we need soft paneer.

The syrup for rosogollas is thin ... unlike that of gulab jamuns/jalebis.

Most people add a little rawa/maida to the paneer for fear of it breaking ... I do not. Nothing happens .... as you can see. :-)

I am giving the measurements ... for a change .... so that everybody can try.

Need : 1 litre cow's milk, 2 cups sugar, 2 cups water, crushed green cardamom/elaichi, 1½ tbsp vinegar / lemon juice.

How to : Boil milk and curdle it using lemon juice / vinegar.

Hang the paneer to drain of all water for about half an hour. Alternatively you can dump it into a sieve and keep a heavy pan on it.

( Don't throw away the whey ... it is high in protiens ....use it to make dals or add to the gravy of dishes ... gives a beautifully rich flavour).

Mash the paneer ... for a long time ... till it is soft and fluffy.

Make small balls , using a very light hand .... unlike when you make gulab jamuns.

Put water and sugar in a cooker. Add the elaichi and bring to a boil .... don't fix the cover ... just keep it covered so that it comes to a boil quickly.

Now add the rosogollas and fix the cover.

Set to two whistles on high flame and two more on low flame.

Remove from flame and wait till the pressure is released ... on its own ... do not force release ... else the rosogollas will harden.

Done. :-)

1 litre milk yielded exactly 11 of this sized rosogollas.

Enjoy !!


  1. wow thy looks so yum,.u can send them for swc west bengal hosted by lakshmi...;-)..hppy weekend...

  2. terrific. i never thought making rasogullas is that easy. will definitely try that.

  3. Hey u're right I always thought that rasgullas are hard to make. This looks easy but I won't say more until I try it. Your picture made my mouth water. I love rasgullas. I have to have to try this.

  4. This one is the best post ever...what lovely rasogullas! Absolutely perfect, it is a misconception that rasogullas take a long time...BUT I do find it hard to gather the interest and will to make them. :(

    Your's came out so soft and spongy..great effort and very good tips! :)

  5. woah girl..that is just brilliant!!
    I don't have much of a sweet tooth,but these rasgullas look lovely

  6. That is a really detailed recipe on how to make rasgullas. Nice work...they looks perfect.

  7. Thanks notyet! :-)

    Thanks Siddharth! Do let me know how they turn out. :-)

    Now you have no worry Naina. :-)
    Do try at least once.

    Thanks Joyeeta!:-)

    Neither do I Rashmi .. but my better half makes up for it .. he has not one but all 32 sweet teeth. ;-)And thanks. :-)

    Thanks Bharti! Glad you liked them. :-)

  8. ummmmmmmmmmmmm Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  9. wowwwwwwwww deleciouss rasgullaa sharmila

  10. I make this exactly the same way!! Same pinch:)

  11. Kitchen Flavours
    Thaaaaaaaaaaank you! :-)

    Thanks! :-)

    Same pinch! :-)

  12. the roshogulla looks perfect...i make it in the pressure cooker too , it's so much easier this way...

    the paneer butter masala is easy and healthy...i could not post my comment there though.

  13. Oh ... why not Sangeeta?!
    Thanks for liking the rasgullas. :-)

  14. Sharmila,

    Have made rossogullas for a long time and have tried many iterations - adding rava,maida,adding cold water intermittently, cooking in a cooker without the weight etc.

    This is the only recipe i have seen for rossogulla without any binding and i was skeptical about it.

    I can now vouch that these are the best ever!! Perfect taste and texture - these are so easy to make and wonderful to eat, they could become habit forming!!

    Thank you very much for sharing it with us.

    My notes - I used whey to curdle the milk ( a bengali neighbour taught me this). It makes a fine grained and softer chenna.

    It took 4 minutes to knead the dough

    Was impatient and removed the weight before the pressure had released fully - a little bit of pressure was left. No nasty repurcussions.


  15. Thank you so much for trying it coming back to let me know Uma. It is such feedbacks and words that make me so glad I started blogging my recipes. :-)
    I'll definitely try with whey .. but can't let youknow as I can't access your profile.
    Thanks again! :-)

  16. Aditi ChakrabartySaturday, August 22, 2009

    sharmila di am back agn!! i wantd to knw whch brand of milk u used?? coz d brand i use dnt thnk will gv so mny!! i dnt mean to advertis bt wish to knw so dat i cn mke gud 1s in qty!

    tomar pics gulo khub ii bhalo!! tumi ki professional phtotgrapher?? n r u in mumbai?? coz m too frm mumbai!! c ya!! bhalo theko!! cudnt folow u much coz of studies bt i herd all wsnt fine wit ur fmly!! hope all well!! bye tc

  17. Hi Aditi!
    I used the Katraj milk.
    And thanks for the nice words. :-)

  18. Thanks for this recipe Sharmila. I can now make rosogollas this way and they turn out quite well. In addition to your tips, I'll add the following:

    1. Once I add the lime juice to curdle the milk, I switch off the gas at once, else the paneer becomes hard and the rosogollas don't turn out spongy.

    2. For those of you in the UK: I used the blue (full-fat) milk. One pint of milk yielded 11 rosogollas.

    Thanks again, Sharmila.

  19. Thanks for writing here too Vaishnavi & for the tips ... nice words here mean a lot to me. Am so glad you can make rosogollas successfully now. :-)

  20. Thanks a lot for such an easy recipe for rosogolla :)
    I never thought that I can make rosogollas at home. Forget about making so spongy ones :)

    onek onek dhonnobaad :)
    I loved your blog a lot.... it contains pretty simple but tasty and healthy recipes :)

  21. Thank you Tanuja! Am so glad my blog is of some help and you got to make great rosogollas. :-)

  22. Hi Sharmila...

    I tried your recipe and the minute i took it out it was sooo soft but a little later it became slightly chewy kinds...

    Can you plz tell me what cud have gone can you tell me whats the time approx needed for kneading?


  23. Hi Dew!
    The paneer should not be boiled too much, it should not be too dry after draining and should be kneaded till it get a soft fluffy texture.
    Hope this helps. :-)

  24. Thanks a ton for a prompt reply... i shall follow your instructions strictly this time :)

    Thanks much!

  25. Hi Sharmila,
    I tried this today.
    It's cooked well & it's tasty too.
    Uttara Deshmukh

    1. Very happy to know that Uttara. thanks for coming back to givea feedback. Stay well and stay safe.


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