Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Fish Kheema Stuffed Bread Roll

Whenever I make Fish Kheema ( I make it to use up the parts that have too many bones to pick ), I make some snacks out of it. Of course, other than having it by itself.

This Bread roll can be done with any vegetarian stuffing too ... the commonest being the aloo or paneer. If you want to get the above look for the vegetarian stuffing .... use besan. Fry it well and add whatever masalas you want to. :-) 


Fish Kheema, bread slices, cooking oil for deep frying, a little water.

How to :

 Soak bread slices in water till completely soft. Squeeze out the water well.
Hold the soaked slice in your palm in the shape of a small bowl.
Fill in the stuffing and close your palm to make a ball.
Press well so that any water left would get squeezed out.
Heat oil. Slowly drop the balls into the oil and fry till golden brown .... like the ones below.


  1. This is very interesting....never made with bread, the click looks awesome.

  2. daaruun idea!!!
    ..have never made fish kheema before.

  3. breadroll with fish keema,...perfect...:-)

  4. I do see the copyright.

    U are coming up with all my favs. every single time. esp. the dishes which i haven't had for so long or the ones which i do not make as my hubby does not share my love for it:-) - this being one of those. maach ami praye ekal i khayi:-(

  5. Thank you Malar! Try it once. :-)

    Amar fish kheema post theke dekhe nio Joyeeta .. ar shiggiri baniyo. :-)

    Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Thanks Soma! Amar o tomar e story ... maach ami eklai khayi .. amar bor to non-veg touch o korey na. :-) Bhalo non-veg dish gulo ami guests elei banai. :-)

  6. This sounds delicious Sharmila. I can imagine the taste.

  7. Sharmila,
    These looks great and the idea of putting fish keema in rolls is awesome...
    hugs and smiles

  8. the pics are perfect......nice idea......i am thinking of baking buns with a stuffing like this....in our locality we don't get good fish...so i have to wait .


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