Sunday, 14 December 2008

Gajar Ka Halwa

Winter is still eluding us ... but then ... "dil ko khush rakhne ko .... " ... I am making all the dishes / snacks that we usually enjoy in winter .... and keep imagining it is cold outside while we dig into that paratha or sip that flavoured milk/tea.
The fog in the early mornings and evenings does assist us in our imagination ... and for a while I would love to forget that it is more of smog.

Got some fresh, juicy carrots of the season. And after a round of carrot pulao, carrot poha and carrot upma each ... not to mention the salads, I made the first Gajar Ka Halwa of the season.
My version is again easy and healthy. I always prefer the Bengalis' way of adding ghee to a dish after it has been cooked. Just a little on the top gives the required flavour and saves us from using huge amounts that is needed if cooked in.
Need : Grated carrots, sugar, a little ghee, half a pinch of salt, milk and elaichi powder.
How to : Heat a heavy bottomed non stick pan / kadhai. Add the grated carrots and fry for a little while.
When the carrots turn a bright orange, add a little salt and keep frying till all the released water has dried up.
Now add milk and let it cook on its own ... yes ... if you are using a non stick vessel you won't even need to stir it.
After it starts to thicken add sugar and elaichi powder and cook till done.

Spread a little ghee on the top and cover and let it stand for a while. You can garnish it with dry fruits too.


  1. Do u have ESP ? cos i just bought 3 pounds of gajar, and now i know whats gonna become of it:)

  2. this looks so yummy,..and perfect for the season,..:-)

  3. Arre wah! It looks like awesome. I actually just made juice and have carrot pulp left over. I just didn't feel like throwing it away and am wondering if I could just make halwa out of it..

  4. Hehe Rashmi ... bana lo .. and have an extra spoonful for me. :-)

    Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Yeah Bharti .. go for it. :-) Since am not much into sweet stuff I make a bhurji type from the pulp or use it to stuff parathas. ;-)

  5. Looks fantastic, loved the picture too...felt like digging into the bowl with a nice large spoon :-)

  6. What a delightful color! I love gajorer halwa. Beshi frequently kori na, the only reason is i am so tempted to eat this all day long. but carrot is a veggie right? I should not feel guilty!
    amar ma er kotha monay pore jachey..

  7. Thanks Usha! I'd love to give that bowlful to you. :-)

    Of course Soma! Anything to get some veggies into you should have no place for guilt. ;-)
    Make some dig in right away ... beshi shomoye to lage na .. olpo kore baniyo. :-)


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