Thursday, 4 December 2008

Thieves are on the prowl :-(

I've just found out that a number of my snaps are being downloaded and used. Makes me mad. Real mad.

Why can't people do their own stuff? What fun is it when you get credit for something that is not yours? Aren't such people ashamed of themselves at the end of the day?

I have been reading how fellow bloggers have been traumatised at seeing their own stuff adorning somebody else's page ... and have always felt very strongly against it.
Today I know how it actually feels.

I wish such people knew that nobody is going to criticise them for a bad snap that they click ... or that they are not here to excel and get awards if they can post a recipe. There is no competition going on in blogosphere, for crying out loud.
There is enough place for originality.

We are all here to share ... recipes, moments, thoughts ... get a feel of togetherness amongst women all over the world who spend so much of time in their kitchens with so much love. If you are not a genuine person, sooner or later you are going to be found out.

So why steal in the first place?
If they do not know how to cook ... why at all are they interested in having a food blog? And who is going to keep patting their backs forever?

And if they do not know how to click a snap ... well ... I really do not know what to make of this.

Do be careful dear friends ... and all you food bloggers who put in so much of time and efforts into your blogs.

I really wish there was a way to protect our photographs. For text at least there is Copyscape.

I am going to warn the people who have stolen my stuff .... and after giving them a few days ... will publish them here.

And to wind up, I think the people who steal find the word Plagiarism a little adorning or maybe they confuse it with a Title. Or worse ... may have never heard of it.

So... to make things clearer for them .... I'll call them Thieves.


  1. Oh ! Sharmila u too?!!
    This is pathetic... But how did u find out? I never go anywhere to check. may be I should!

  2. Yikes Sharmila
    I'm so sorry you have go thru this. I'm a little naive but I can't believe people are so unethical. Like you said, it's not a competition. I don't see what they stand to gain from doing this.

  3. I've tagged you for a Breadline Africa. Visit my blog for details.

  4. Hey I have been taking your snaps for the round up just in case you are going by the number of right hand clicks!

    I would like to know how you found out because my own knowledge in these matters is so minimal, I can't even disable it! Will look for the code now.

    This is getting really bad. Can't understand this mentality of unscrupulously taking away hard work!!

  5. Was searching the web for Rosogolla recipe n stumbled upon your blog. Its really well-maintained and I loved ur simple way of explanation n great pics... Well I blog too (but its like my online journal) and I have disabled right click on images... and also installed a statcounter javascript (to track visitors). I wouldn't say its the best way to protect images... but it really works in my blog...

    hope this helps n take care!
    cheers 4rm PayaL.!!!

  6. Thanks Soma, Bharti, Sunshinemom! And no Sunshinemom ... am not counting your downloading.

    Thanks Payal for the info. Disabling right click sounds good. Am glad you like my blog and gave time to it. :-)

  7. Now I see big thieves are on the prowl my dear! But I think we as a blogger community know how to fight them! I am sorry to know you have gone through it too.

    1. Thank you Preeti. I was new then. HAve gone through this again and again. Now what hurts especially is the stealing of ideas.


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