Friday, 20 March 2009

Eggless Banana Cake

I have always envied expert bakers. And after I started blogging ... and realised baking is not my forte ... I envy them even more. But then there are expert bakers who are great human beings ... who do not hesitate to encourage others. And among them is one who I admire much when it comes to baking ... Sunshinemom of TONGUETICKLERS.

So when I thought of baking something other than my usual cake, I thought of picking up something from her blog. Of course, this time it was easy deciding on .... considering the two wee little bananas sitting on my table ... already forsaken for their dark colour.

So I chose to bake her Banana Nut Loaf ... only I will call mine a cake .... for the simple reason that it does not look like a loaf ... and it definitely does not look like anything that she had baked so perfectly.
And also it is sans the nuts.

She was sweet enough to reply to my numerous queries ... and also added advice and tips too. On her tip that "the darker the bananas, the flavourful the cake" ... I let the bananas sit for one more day. I followed her recipe .... except a mistake from my part .... like the adding of cooking oil mistakenly.

The cake turned out to be greatly flavourful and perfect to taste. It did rise a lot ... but fell flat later ... which I will attribute to the heaviness of the bananas ... which I had hand mashed. Of course Sunshinemom assured me that banana cakes/breads tend to be dense.

The recipe for this cake is here.

Thanks a whole bunch Sunshinemom !! :-)

On an update --- Our little Quasimodo ( well ... it has to have a name ) is growing up fast.

I won't be able click any more snaps as it can see now ... the eyes have opened ... and gets very flustered at our presence.

So many people have left nice words for it ... I wish I could pass them on ... and advise for me ... that has left me a little worried ... to be honest , I'll be glad to see the back of it 'soon as possible.

Till then am leaving it alone. :-)


  1. Liked your blog....pore shomoy kore porbo!
    Adding myself as one of your followers!! :)

  2. nice! my banana cake/bread/muffins have always been disasters!

  3. Such sweet words:) Thank you so much. That was very encouraging for me!! I made two different types of banana breads this morning and during the weekend. They were both perfect and I will post the recipes soon. Whos is quasimodo? Did I miss anything???

  4. i can relate to ur bake-o-phobia:) but looking that pic of fluffy banana cake all i want to say is "give me that biggest slice of cake" ;)

  5. well tried,looks mouthwatering!!

  6. quasimodo's soooo adorable!
    you're cake looks moist and it would be perfect right now with my morning cuppa!

  7. The cake looks perfect and absolutely delectable. Like Harini I seem to have missed something, who is quasimodo ?

  8. Hi,
    My first time here :) it was great reading ur thoughts as I too fall in the same bracket :) as u said there are lovely encouraging ladies...who give us the little push to get better and not give up!
    BTW the banana cake is awesome...I used to add eggs, thanks for the eggless version. Tha's a cute little birdie, seems to me that u are being the caretaker for the little fella,great job! God bless :)

  9. cake looks perfect Sharmila.. I also started baking recently

  10. That cake looks really good sharmila. i am very scared to bake anything eggless, but i did try a few weeks back to modify an age old banana bread recipe & make it vegan. it worked!! i think with banana it gets easy, as it binds.

    I wish i could see that little bird. nice name:-)

  11. Great effort Sharmila. It looks lovely. And I agree about Harini :-)

  12. wow sharmila..thats looking so moist...looks great you sure it tasted good!

  13. and yeah quasimodo is soooo cute!

  14. Thanks SGD, Rashmi, Priyanka, Chitra, Ranjani, Trupti, Rachel, AnuSriram, Bharti, Srivalli! :-)

    I mean every word Sunshinemom. :-) Waiting for the recipes for those two. :-)
    Quasimodo is my fav character from Durrell's book .. and now you know who it is. :-)

    That's a good one Sia ... bake-o-phobia. :-) That slice is all yours. :-)

    Thanks Usha! Quasimodo is in my previuos post too. :-)

    Thanks Suparna!I too bake with eggs .. but am glad I tried this. Do give it a try. :-)

    Thanks Soma! It rose very well too ... but then fell flat. But tasted great. :-)

  15. what a gorgeous little bird!! nice cake too!

  16. Thanks so much Bee ... for coming over and caring to leave a line!:-)


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