Thursday, 12 March 2009

Vegetables Stewed in Coconut Milk

Considering whatever little favour winter ( if we can call 30 degrees winter ... in a place that is used to 9 degrees or less once upon a time ) did on us .... read get some absolutely fresh vegetables, I should feel grateful. When in fact I am not.

No matter how hard I try to imagine it is winter, it is no fun having soups or stews when it is so hot & sweltering. :-(
Even the Chinese dishes that I usually make for dinner seem dreary .... the veggies with an almost pleading look to let them be ... and are being preferred cold.

And the most depressing part for me is the disappearence of fresh green peas ... almost as soon as they had entered the market. They did not last even a whole month ... not to mention them almost dryish and having a strange flavour. Whatever happened to the days of sweet baby peas bursting with juices?

Anyway ... I think I just made the last stew of the season ... holding on to some winter veggies for the last time.
I usually make veggie stew this way ... but this time I had some coconut milk packs in the refrigerator .... so decided to empty one into the veggies.

The stew turned out great ... mild yet flavourful.

Need : Veggies cut/cubed and the green peas shelled, sliced onions, sliced garlic (optional), a small stick of cinnamon, butter, coconut milk, whole red chillies and salt to taste.

How to : Heat a little butter in a pressure cooker. Add the cinnamon and the whole red chillies.
Then add the onion and garlic together and stir for a little while .... do not brown either of them.

Now add the veggies and stir. Add the coconut milk and salt and adjust with a little water.
Pressure cook till the veggies are done.

Seve hot.
Updated :

Do not add tomatoes / lime juice. It will curdle the coconut milk.
And this will taste slightly sweetish too ... because of the coconut milk. So adjust the salt accordingly.


  1. Sharmila tumi bishash korbe na.. Kaal ei ek jinish ami post korbo:-) ami eta reader e dekhe, ghabre gelam, du tin bar dekchi.. bhabchi amar post ta ekhane ki kore cholay elo!! I roasted some veggies before making the stew. kintu ccoconut milk diye besh bhalo laglo:-)
    GREAT minds think alike!!

  2. The veggies look bright and pretty even if the temperature's not as low as it was:)
    Love the addition of coconut milk, am sure this would be great with rice or perhaps even a dosa of some sort!(can you tell I'm hungry?!)

  3. wow Sharmila Vegetable stewed looks very delicious & healthy

  4. I love veggies in coconut. Yum.

  5. Eta ki Avial er moton hoy ?
    C. Milk deyni kokhono stew te. Dekhte fata fati lagche

  6. Sharmila, I am a huge fan of coconut-milk-based curries and stews. Your colorful stew looks so very appetizing. Thanks for a lovely and delicious recipe.

  7. i had potato stew at one of my frnds house that was delicious..and i love the idea of using mix veg for the stew..

  8. yum!veggies in coconut milk stew is the ultimate comfort food

  9. Bisshash korchi Soma ... eto hoteyi pare ... not only two but more people around the world might be cooking the same thing at the same time. :-) Wait korchi tomar post er jonne. :-)

    Right Ranjani .. it goes great with dosa or appams .. especially neer dosa ... but am not sure about the rice ... it might be a little too bland for plain rice.:-)

    Thanks Trupti, Bharti, Vaishali, Preety, Rashmi! :-)

    Na Sandeepa .. avial e fresh coconut paste use hoye ... with some spices. Eta te shudhu coconut milk add korechi. Ekbar kore dekho ... bhalo lagbe. :-)

  10. lovely click,..with the veggies,..:-)nd the stew looks healhy

  11. I love this. It is so much like olan (pumpkins in coconut milk stew). Goes so well with aapams and sevai too:) How about trying those and pairing them, Sharmila? You will have a typical Kerala lunch:)

  12. Hi Sharmila, how are u doing? I have been enjoying ur simple and delectable recipes. I loved the strawberry compote colour and tempted to do it. Love the fruity scone too.

  13. Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Wow Harini! That sounds so good ... am definitely making them very soon. :-) Thanks a bunch for the suggestion. :-)

    Hi Shibani! So glad to hear from you again. :-) Thanks for liking my stuff ... the scones were a hilarious, albeit tasty, experiment. But warm good souls like you all liked them. Thanks!:-)

  14. Sharmila all your gravies are so colourful with so many veggies..looks lovely

  15. This stew sounds flavorful and yum, looks so colorful too !


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