Thursday, 5 March 2009

Fruity Scones with Strawberry Compote

The whole lot of strawberries I had got last weekend were so sour I was in half a mind to actually throw them away ... after rounds of shakes (laden with sugar) & smoothies (again laden with sugar). I wonder how such sweet smelling and beautiful looking things can be so devilishly sour.

And then I came across Vaishali's post on Strawberry Compote.

And that saved me ... nay ... my strawberries from the trash bin. :-) Thanks Vaishali for such an easy yet awesome recipe.

I followed her recipe without any change ... the cinnamon gave such a subtle yet beautiful flavour.

The tartness was still there ... I was afraid of adding too much sugar for fear of the whole thing turning into candy. So had a feeling that they would go great with sweet milk buns. But I would have to wait till I bought them fresh.

How about trying to bake some?
Should I ... shouldn't I? Went through a lot of sites for easy bun making. There was always something that did not quite suit me. I wanted a mildly sweet one.

So set off on my own ... of course I had the basic idea by then. Not too many ingredients too.
And came up with these .... not buns .... but crispy cookie turned scones. :-)
And eggless too!!

Another successful baking!!! Almost ....

One look at them and my true blue Rajasthani hubby exclaimed "Wow! Kachoris!!". ;-)
They were very crispy on the outside ... and slightly chewy yet soft inside.

I know they are a cross between a cookie and a cupcake .... so any suggestions for what do I call them?

I did make some mistakes ... but all in the hurry and excitement of baking on my own .... other than my tried and tested cakes.

One of them is forgetting to add shortening in time ... I used vegetable oil .... and added it last ... thankfully I remembered.

I did try my hand with yeast this time ... but I think they did not rise too much because of the weight of the tutti frutti.

I would love it if any of you expert bakers can put in your thoughts and advice on this ... Please.

I'll just give the list of ingredients I used ... will give the measurements when I make them again ... this time it was completely throwing stones in the dark.

Need : Refined flour, baking powder, a little dry yeast (soaked in warm milk), sugar, milk, tutti frutti,cooking oil.

How to : Mix everything together and keep covered for an hour.
Dust with a little dry flour and make small balls amout of it. Spray a baking tray with a little oil / brush it with butter and place them on it. Bake till the cookies are done ( keep checking in between).

I must add that they tasted very good .... I was surprised at the flavour in spite of not adding any vanilla essence. :-)

And they went great with the strawberry compote. :-)

I was clicking them with a disaster post forming in my mind ... till I broke one and tasted. The post immediately changed in my mind ... the new one had a lot of exclaimations & smilies. :-)

Updated : On Sunshinemom's suggestion I did look up Google and found out these indeed can be called Scones.

Scones do not contain yeast .... but I have already mentioned that I added yeast because I had set out to make milk buns.

So can go by Bharti's comment ... these are indeed original stuff. :-)

Thanks gals!!


  1. i m droolin here,,.wish i could pick one from screen,..;-)

  2. Tomar Bun gulo Darun hoyechey... Ki shundor nije nije idea kore combine korecho!! I don't like cookies, & cupcakes, & I like my breads chewy! Thats exactly what u made. I would taste heavenly with the compote. Ami summer e onek compote kore rekhe di.. of different berries. u can have it with about anything... bread, icecream, khabar por chutney:-)
    compote er color ta khoob rich lagchey!.
    deshe alada kore tutti frutti pawa jaye tai na? amar deshe r gulo better laage.. they're just made to bake..

  3. Ki shob banacho, cookie compote hi fi english byapa shyapar ;-)

    Just kidding, looks lovely and am sure must have tempted too

  4. Bah tumi to besh nijer theke bhebe bhebe banie felte paro! Naam-ta ki rakha jae.....cookie cup cake?...nah jomchena bodh hoe...aro bhalo kichu naam bhabo!

  5. cookies ati shundor lagche:) Learnt only that much apart from asho bosho:). Just check up google for images for scones - I think yours fit the looks perfectly!! Only scones are quick breads not made with yeast but yours look exactly like them - I bet they taste too as good!! The compote looks great too!

  6. cookies & compote looks very decliious Sharmila. If you want you can send Compote to MBP: Kids Food event. & cookies to Recipes for Rest of Us: Picnic eats event

  7. Thanks Sharmila for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words. besides these cookies look awesome. never tried my hand in cookie making but it seems easy.

  8. looks so delicious. love the color of strawberry compote.

  9. The compote looks beautiful. Could you call them coocakes? :-)
    They look kinda like the American biscuit or English muffins but they usually don't have yeast. I guess this is a completely original recipe!

  10. Thanks Priyanka! :-)

    Yeah Soma ... we do get tutti frutti in packs here. Ar compoter colourta original. :-) Bun/cookie/scone er joga khichuri ta ja ek khana experiment holo! LOL

    Sandeepa ... ei experiment er por ar kono din o baking er dike jabo ki na shondeho. Ek jinish baniye toh fellam ... kichutei naam dite parchi ... emon dekhecho kokhono? :-)

    Don't ask L ... am also in a fix as to what to call it. :-)
    Next time am not making anything new anymore. :-) Bhebe bhebe here gechi. :-)

    Perfect bangla Harini!! Wow! And thanks for the advice ... I updated the post and the heading. :-)

    Thanks Trupti! :-) I'll try to.

    Thanks Sayantani! And welcome here! :-)

    Thanks Uma! :-) It is original. :-)

    Coocakes sound cute Bhart! :-) And after Harini's take on them how about calling them coocakones? ;-)

    I came upon the idea of calling them cookies when hubby said the cookies at Dunkin Donuts taste exactly the same ( I have no idea of course) :-)

  11. the strawberry compote is such a lovely colour. From the little I have seen, they do resemble scones, and look tastier than the ones I had

  12. this looks so perfect and yummy..i just had my breakfast but i am feeling hungry again:)

  13. Compote is delicious way to use up the sour berries,looks delectable on scones:)


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