Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Lau Khosa Bhaja

My blog is two months old today ... maybe it will be considered eligible to be on TOI now. :-) If not still ... no parwaa.

I have so many recipes in draft right now ... still this is one recipe that I'd like to share with my blog friends right away. Translated it means Lauki or Bottle gourd peel fry. Our cook used to make it ... and it is one of my favorite bhajas(fry).

It is indeed a wonder how these simple people can come up with the most simplest dishes from the most simplest things. And they are not so educated to know that it is the skin of any fruit or vegetable that contains the most vitamins .... not to mention fibre too. Our cook used to make an awesome jhaal from the stems of cauliflower ... that we would usually throw away. Of course it is another thing that the vegetables should be very fresh ... which is rare in cities.

For this bhaja you must have a fresh and very tender lauki or bottle gourd.
To peel use a knife instead of a peeler ... cut the skin thickly and then slice it. A small potato must be added to give the dish a little body, else the peels tend to turn limp ... and also have a tendency to get burnt while frying.

Need : Sliced lauki peel, 1 small aloo/potato sliced , 1 small onion sliced, 1/2 tsp kalaunji / nigella seeds, whole red chillies, a pinch of haldi / turmeric, salt to taste and 1 tbsp cooking oil ( I used mustard oil).

How to : Heat oil.
Add the kalaunji and chillies. Now add the onion and fry for some time. Add the aloo and fry again for some time.

Now add the lauki peels and haldi powder and salt. Cover and cook till the vegetables are done.
Do keep checking else they get burnt easily ... add very little water ... only if needed.

Remove cover and fry till they turn brownish.

Goes very well with hot rice and dal. Great with rotis too.
Enjoy !!


  1. How do you do it yaar? everytime?
    I mean, make the simplest subzis look so delicious and unique.
    I love this blog!

  2. Thanks Rashmi!You are the only one who liked my bhaja .. else there are no takers for this I can see. :-)

  3. Even I don't get updated on TOI regularly but I don't think thats due to how long we have been around. Its just a hitch some of the blogs are facing. Mine gets updated every two months!!

    I am a taker for this one - I have two options with the lauki peel now!

  4. Sunshinemom
    The rules in TOI categorically state that only active blogs more than 2 months old shall be considered ... which is why I made that statement. :-)
    And thanks for liking my bhaja ... what is the 1st options though?


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