Thursday, 3 September 2009

Ilisher Dim Makha / Fried Hilsa Roe tossed with onions and chillies

I know, I know. This Hilsa thing is getting way too much. My comments section too is reflecting this monotony.
Haven't heard from my veggie friends at all ( Updated : oooooops ... some of them ... not all :-) ) . And I don't blame them. But what can I do?

I have got this fish ... am cooking it ... am trying to eat it. Trying? Yes ... am done now ... no more Ilish for me the whole year now. But when I am cooking it after all, how can I not post the recipes?

It has been ages since I posted a recipe a day ... but I really want to get this over with now.

Unfortunately I have no vegetarian substitute to give for these recipes. So please bear with me ... there will be only a couple more posts on this ... promise. :-)

This time, since I got a huge bulk of Ilish roe, I made good use of it. After enjoying the plain fried roe, I still had some more left. So decided to make a makha (mix) with some fresh onions and mustard oil.

Makha is very common in Bengali cuisine .... rather ... daily meals. The raw mustard oil gives a perfect flavour and turns any bland and boring stuff to simply exotic to taste.
This is called the Ilisher dimer jhura too.

I really wish I had some fresh green chillies ... but I had run out of them. Instead I dry roasted some whole dry chillies and broke them on the makha. That turned out great too. But if you are trying this ... do make it with fresh green chillies.

Need : Ilisher dim / Hilsa roe, marinated with salt and turmeric, chopped onions[ and green chillies], whole dry red chillies, some mustard oil.

How to : Heat a little mustard oil in a kadhai / wok and fry the marinated roe.
Remove and cool.
Dry roast (or fry with a little oil) the red chillies.

Break the roe ... it will crumble easily. Now add the chopped onions [and the green chillies]. Crush the red chillies on it.
Pour a spoonful of raw mustard oil. Mix well.

Done!! :-)
Great on the side with plain rice.


  1. hey not fair..i m a veggie :)
    i have quite a few bengali friends and i know their love for fish :)

  2. I do think bengalis fish dishes are so delicous. Just a pity i don't have a bengali neighbour, to taste all these dishes.

  3. Oooops .... sorry dear Parita. :-)
    And you have indeed left wonderful lines always. Guess I made a mistake. :-)
    And oh yes .. I have been not been able to leave a comment on your german roasted potatoes ... everytime the page loads it crashes. :-(

    Great to see you back Happy! :-)

  4. another fish post...its getting pretty fishy out here ;)
    i agree with Parita...some veggie bong recipe puhlllleeeaseeee :)

  5. no it is not becoming too much:-) it is a treat from far away.. also a push to go & get one ilish for me.. i will have to do the same thing if i get one.. cook every day to finish it:-)

    kintu ami maacher din khete chai, gorom gorom bhat diye.!

  6. How can you have too much Ilish maach? I can eat it every day.Have not eaten this version of dim. Would love to try it. Will remember this recipe.Very simple.

  7. Just the recipe I was looking for. Your pic reminded me (read saliva-drooping!) of Patua (if I am not mistaken, it is also known as Patra-poda). Yummy! Will try this with Tilapia this evening coz that is the only fish I have with me right now :(

  8. Hey not fair!! I am a veggie..but i have other bengali friends, I am sure they must be liking this very much..

  9. Veggie bong recipe coming up next Rush. :-)

    The finishing part is the trouble Soma. Amio shotti bhule giyechilam ilisher dim ato tasty hoye! Onek bochor por khelam. :-)

    Aparna, earlier I had a lot of relatives in the city and sharing or eating it together was fun. But now I have finish it only by myself .. and honestly am in no mood to invite over and cook for ungrateful people. :-)

    Pragyan ... the patra poda has mustard paste in the recipe. I had wanted to make it too .. but it was ganesh visarjan yesterday and so could not get any leaves. :-)

    They are A2Z. :-)

  10. Are you kidding about it being too much, I am feasting myself on the pix here....
    Each one looks wonderful...
    waiting to go to India to eat fresh fish...

  11. Invite me, I will be forever grateful.

  12. You are my latest addition on

  13. Thanks Somoo! I really hope you get to taste some good ilisha. :-)

    Hey Aparna, you are always welcome. Come over while the ilish season is still on. :-)

    Thanks Rush! Love you too. :-)

  14. congrats I think you have just invented scrambled ilish eggs :)

    I went out with some readers of my blogs whom I met for the first time for some amazing Muslim food last night

    One of them was telling me about his love for Ilish roe. I have a box full of it. Wish I could have given it

    Today's lunch menu ...bhaat, mushurir daal, alu bhaja, ilsish bhaja

  15. Eta to darun recipe..konodin dim makha khaini...khete darun habe, idea karte parchi...I think my fish event reminded many of you eating fish for some time...

  16. This looks so good. I have tasted roe a long time ago that I really don't remember the taste. I have read so much about Hilsa, its time to go find some.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Looks interesting..I just love the mastard smell...must be gr8 rite?

  18. Lots of fish recipes! You bongs do love your fish, don't you? :) Unfortunately I don't eat fish or any seafood for that matter. Tried crab cakes and a spicy shrimp once at a seafood restaurant and did enjoy both. SInce then though, wherever I've tried them, I haven't likedthem as much as the first time.

  19. hey!!

    amaar didima shob shomaye eita banato!! ei season-e o aami eelish kheye chi!!

    khub bhalo ranna bt nothng beats instant moong dal halwa! m alrdy so sold away to it!!!


  20. Thanks Kalyan! Sounds like fun. No ilish roe with lunch? :-)

    Indrani .. ekbar try koro. I eat fish regularly .. and am lucky to get a good ilish this time. :-)

    Indosungod ... hilsa has such a distinct flavour .. am sure you'll like it. And thanks for leaving nice lines here. :-)

    Thanks Priti! :-)

    Right Vani .. can't live without them. :-)

    Ami bhablam ami e prothom banalam Aditi. :-(

    Anyway I can safely say that my version of the moong dal halwa is completely mine ... nowhere on the net did I find it made that way when I had searched. :-)
    Am glad you like it. :-)

  21. Yummy!!!!

    Maane, you are making me miss Ma's cooking like anything! ilisher dim makha..nothing like it! Aar ilish maacher tel with bhaat. YUM! :):)

    First time here and LOVING it. A very good blog for a typical bheto bangali like me. :)

  22. Yummy... I want to try it out right away.

  23. I am so jealous of your iilish maach feast. Love the posts!

  24. Thanks Miss M, Tomz, Mohan, Creativecook! :-)


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