Monday, 28 September 2009

A little Durga Puja fervour for all .... Part III ... Shubho Bijoya !!

The highlight of Dashami is the Debi Boron and Sindur Utsav ... of course after the morning puja, pushpanjali and the visharjan pujas.

Debi Boron is a kind of send off ... the daughter is leaving for her home back in the Kailash Parvat. So she is sent off with a lot of affection and "mishti mukh" ... married women offer her sweets and paan/betelnut leaf.

Sindur Utsav is the offering of sindur / vermillion by married ladies to Durga ... and then to each other ... it is considered auspicious. Back home everybody would be smearing everybody with sindur. ... it would be like another holi all over with only the colour red. Faces and dresses and sarees would smeared. Out here people are pretty sedate .... so only a few indulge in the game.

And then .... it is time to go.

I clicked this by zooming in from afar ... had no idea what I was clicking. Turned out as this .... my favourite in the whole lot ! :-)

It was night by the time we returned from the immersion. I cooked a very simple yet flavourful meal of Mishti Ghee Bhaath, Cholar Dal and an Aloo Peanuts in Lemon juice.

I'll post the recipes later.

Am so tired right now I have no idea if I am even typing correctly ... I'll update this post tomorrow with some very beautiful movie clips of the immersion.

Want to hear a little dhaak and lots of people talking all at once in Bengali? Then stay with me friends.

Tomorrow. Same place. Promise. :-)

Till then ... Here's wishing you all a Shubho Bijoya and Dusserra !!

May the good always prevail. :-)

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  1. ki darun expression in the first picture. Debi boron & sindur daan dekhlei amar kirokom mon kharap hoye jaaye.. monay achey ei shomoye sindur & smoke shob miliye i used to think Durga ma is really crying.. & I still feel tjavascript:void(0)hat emotional. Sharmila thanks a bunch for posting these & I am staying so tuned to hear the dhaaker awaj:-D

  2. a great and happy dussehra to u lady...have been missing out on blogs...catching up now!!

    a great account what dussehra means to u and the significance of all our customs...loved the describe and the pictures and the treat ended the post just perfect!!

  3. I knew there would be an update after I got ur mail, so came rushing here :-)
    Maayer prothom chhobita khoob ii shundor hoyechhe, maatir protima te aito bhaab kii kore aashe re?? aamraai baa aito emotional keno hoyii jaani naa. there is some strange mysticism abt the whole thing...
    yes, waiting till morning to hear the sound of dhaak. hope you sleep well and dream beautiful :)

  4. Beautiful pictures & nice prasad.

  5. No matter what, I never miss out on the boron. Amar shoshur baarite strangely boroner chol nei. Amar baaper barite abar boron ta is really huge. Since childhood I had seen my mother do it. Now I go on my own. It is a strange feeling. Very difficult to explain this emotional moment to my non bengali friends.
    Tomake Bijoyar onek, onek shubhechcha.

  6. Great pics and a lovely post,Sharmila!

  7. Soma & J ... amar ei series er first snap ta notice koro ... same murti ... kintu ei snap ta te kemon chokhe mukhe dukkho ar ektu tired mone hocche na? Ek ek shomoye bhabi amar moner bhul ... na Ma shotti chole jawar dukkhe chokh chhcol chhol korche? :-)
    Video ta post korte dom beriye jacche ... boro size bole onek shomoye lagche. :-(

    Thanks Rush, A2z, Somoo, Priyanka, Shri! :-)

    Tomakeo Biyojar onek shubheccha ar priti Aparna!
    Sindur boron ta amar kache khub khushi khushi ar fun diye shuru hoye ... kintu ektu ektu kore mon kharap hote shuru hoye jaye. Very true ... amra bangalirai bujhlam na ... non bengali der ki bojhabo. :-)

  8. Bah eta darun hoyeche. Kal ke half day chuti niye sindur khelte gelam :) Tobe toto khon e bisorjon er pujo hoye gechilo, Ma chilen tokono, ghot e sindur dan kore bondhu der sathe sindur khela holo.

    Aaaj lal matha niye office esechi :)

    Kal tomar Kundru sabzi korlam, khub bhalo hoyeche, ami kalo jeera-kancha lonka foron dilam, baki ja bolechile tai

  9. Sharmila,
    Tomai janai Bijayar anek anek suvecha.

  10. Hey Sharmila, great to read about a real Durga pooja celebration, and to see the lovely pictures. I've never had a chance to actually be at one, so this is great. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi, lovely post and nice pics. Trying to catch up with everyone after my long vacation.

  12. The first picture is just too good! The kumkum smeared all over and the expression is beautiful! All the Bengalis in my office were on leave whole of last week!

    That is a lovely account and beautiful picture essay:)

    I am looking forward to the recipe of the aloo peanuts - new to me!

  13. Ore baba Sandeepa ... lal maatha niye office!
    Kundru te kancha lonka kalo jeere foron er idea ta darun toh ... ami gota jeere ekdom bhalobashi na. Next time ei bhabei korbo. :-)

    Tomakeo Shubho Bijoyar onek shubhechcha Sudeshna! :-)

    Am so glad you liked it Vaishali! :-) Thanks for saying it ... made my efforts worthwhile.

    Thanks Avisha! :-)

    Thanks Harini!
    Arey ... the aloo peanuts was made in a one minute decision ... I had nothing but aloo ... and did not want the usual jeera hing tempered stuff with the sweet rice. :-)
    Will post it soon. :-)

  14. Ei je, kaal bhule gechi. Tomake Shubo Bijoya'r anek bhalobasha o shuvechcha, poribar er baki der jonyo o roilo amader priti o shubhechcha ar boro der pronam

  15. Lovely pics and write up...I had a Bengali friend in Bangalore and would always go with her for the Durga puja, never seen the visarjan, but went to feed Durga the sandesh...Saw one in Bombay this time at Shivaji park, was beautiful, with a competition of the aratis being done...really beautiful !

  16. Thanks Sandeepa .. firey eshe wishes deyar jonne. :-) Shubho Bijoyar shubheccha tomakeo. :-)

  17. Hey! Good to "see" you again. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. Now that I'm back, it feels good to be back :-)
    The pictures are amazing Sharmila. Enjoyed the video as well. Thanks for posting this. Lovely.

  18. Same here Bharti ... hope you stay put now and don't disappear again. :-p

  19. Saw the video, bhishon bhalo laglo.

  20. Dear,


  21. ai sharmila, 2nd video ta dekhte parchina, bolchay private video, permission accept korte..

    prothom ta te dhaaker awaj went straight to the heart, i could feel my heart from outside.. ki oshombhobh effect holo, thik barir moton.. towards the end the faster the beat went.. so did mine:-) durga ma ke jole fele dile amar ki koshtho hoye.. barite gonga r dhaare jetam (gonga was 2 minutes from our home:-) ).. bhashon diye shobai cholay ashto ar amar monay ami okhane boshei thaki.. ki rokom bhabhe murti ta bhenge chure pore thakto.. never ever thought I would ever write about these feelings:-)tao eto bochor pore. Thanks a bunch for uploading this. ar 2nd tar setting ta ekbar check koro, if i was the only one who could not see.. i might be doing something wrong.

  22. Sharmila,

    Ami kicho teyi ,visarjan E chobi tolte parinaa ..jeno kemon lage ...

    ast year Boron korechilaam maake ...bhishon koshto hoye chilo ...
    eyi baar korte parini sindoor khela O hoye ni :(....

    jaag tumaar Jonne royilo Vijaya Priti O shubecha ...
    hugs and smiles

  23. Am glad you like d it Aparna! :-)

    Well done Malar. :-)

    Sorry Soma ... 2nd tar access rights change korte bhule giyechilam.
    Hope ekhon dekhte pabe.
    Moner kotha share korle khub bhalo laglo ... chotobelar memories shotti shara jibon mone thake.
    Am not sure .. tobe ekhane bodhhoye POP diye protima banaye ... kokhono bhangte dekhini ... shotti boddo koshto hoye.

    Tomakeo Bijoyar onek onek priti ar shubheccha Jaya! :-)

  24. Sharmila

    Finally kon Pujo shankhya gulo porle ? Positive review dile kinbo kina bhabte pari :)

    Tobe Sunil Ganguli'r pujor lekha amar kono din bhalo lagto na. Desh er dharabahik gulo anek bhalo likhten(Purbo-Poshchim etc.)

    Sirshendu, Bani Basu ar Suchitra Bhattacharya amar favorite ekhon. Nabanita Debsen to Pujoy temon lekhen na ? Amar ager onar shob lekha khub bhalo lagto, notun kichu porini.
    Ekjon notun Sukanta Gangopadhya porlam last year, Ma niye eshechilo, bhaloi laglo

  25. Sandeepa ... ami toh shob pujo shonkha kine feli ... except Anandamela & Anadalok. This time Anadalok o kine felechi.
    Amar main aim is to get hold of something Bangla to read ... :-)

    Naba Kallol o pori ... prochur short stories thake .. jodio shob gulo khub bhalo lage ta noye ... ota abar ekhane pawa jaye na ... tai bari theke ashe.

    Ami Sunil Gangulir onek kichu e porechi ... ashole boroder kaach theke hype ta shunte shunte amar o bhalo bole mone hoyeche.

    Barite Desher dharabahik gulo kete bind kore rakha hoto ... dadur library te ...

    .... shekhan theke amake select kore dewa hoto ... amar khub boi porar nesha chilo. :-)

    Tai SG Nillohit hoye jegluo likeche shegulo o porechi. :-)

    Ebare temon kono tatei temon bhalo lekha nei ... kemon jeno ...

    .. surprisingly Sananda e joto gulo boro choto golpo amar ebare bhalo legeche. Shobai notun .. ar light reading er jonne besh laglo.

    NDbsen desh e article type er likhechen .. golpo na.

    S Ganguly o ekta short story e likhechen .. no boro golpo ... I think dujoneri toh onek boyesh hoye geche .. tai maybe.

    Desh is disappointing this year. Patrika teo temon kichu nei. Sananda is ok. Naba kallol ekhono pai ni ... tobe eshe jabe in a few days. :-)

    Sananda has Suchitra Batthacharyar ekta short golpo.

    Desh has Shirshendu, Somoresh Majumdar, Tilottama majumadar, Binayak Bandhopadhyay and Nandita Bagchi's Upanyas.

    And Desh has Suchitra Bhattacharya, Sunil Ganguly, Sukanta Gangopadhyay, Sangeeta Bandhopadhyay, Harsha Dutta, Maniratna Mukherjee's short stories.

    Hopefully you can decide now. :-)

  26. Thanks Sharmila

    Sananda i better choice mone hoche.
    Naba Kallol ami kokhono portam na, Ma porto age.

    Amar husband Anandamela'r khub bhokto, last year abdi poreche. Amar Anando mela te o ajkal sudhu Sirshendu'r upanayas ta bhalo lage, age shob i bhalo lagto

    Tobe amader bangali der moton pujo shonkhya kothao hoy na bolo ?

    Tumi bangla poro shune khub bhalo laglo, ami to purono je boi gulo niye esechi ba Ma niye ase sei guloi repeat kore kore pori. Notun ekhane pai na, pele o dam anek beshi thake

  27. Bijoya'r shubhechcha tomader poribarer jonyo. ebarer pujote desher bari giechilam khub bhalo keteche. tomar chobigulo dekhe se sab kathai mone porchilo.

  28. Totally missed this post Sharmila.. hope you had a good Durga Pooja.
    In regards to using besan instead of urad flour, I guess it will turn out more like Sev :-)) But definitely give it a try.

  29. Ekdom thik Sandeepa .. amader pujo shonkhyar moton kichchu neyi. Mone hoye jeno pet bhore darun darun khabar khete pacchi ... eto shundor shob lekha porte pere. :-)

    Thanks Sayantani! Desher barir pujor mojai alada! :-)

    Much thanks RC! Will give it a try this Diwali ... and will let you know. :-)

  30. Hi Sharmila, I was wondering if you've put up the recipes for the peanuts and potatoes someplace?
    Am going to be trying your Ilish recipes soon. Love it!

  31. No Skay ... did not get 'round to doing it. I'll do a post soon. :-)


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